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Everything posted by adamposs01

  1. I play Eve Online as we I wish there was an AJSA corp
  2. That's perfect I live in Caldari space to. You most likely know more then me I've been playing off and on for a few years. My pilot's name is Adam Isaac if you want to contact me on Eve
  3. I play Eve online. For those who don't know what Eve is I'll explain. Eve Online is the biggest Subscription MMO on earth, in Eve your the captain of a space ship. In Eve there are thousands of stars to explore, mine and wage war in. Just one huge sandbox with over 30000 players in one server. In Eve there are corporations most are run and controlled by players some are computer run, these corporations either work together or go to war. Capitalism is the main driver in Eve. The only down side to Eve is Subscription fees Eve online is a fun game I would highly suggest that you give it a try (it is subscription based but it does have a 30 day free trial). I have been wanting to began an AJSA Corporation in Eve. If you are interested in the game and would like to be in a corporation together contact me at adamposs01@gmail.com. After I start to getting replies I'll create the corporation.