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  1. Sounds good, but I play on the Xbox One as well chumbry. Sorry I didn't clarify properly. I only use my PC to capture it with the capture card.
  2. Chumbry, I sometimes play it for stream on mondays for my mondays since that is the day I stream most multiplayer games. I'll be more than happy to join you sometime on a monday or friday. To be honest though, I don't have any gods unlocked, and I pretty much only play arena. If your still interested, I'll be more than happy to play with you. Also, if we could do voicechat through skype or teamspeak so I can better cap and balance the voices for the stream (ie, i use a capture card and run voices through the computer chat client to better balance it in OBS).
  3. Thank you Treeps! Look forward to playing with you guys during HoT. Looks like I need to grind my chevo points to be top in guild. At 6700 I'm like 10th place or so lol.
  4. Alright, now that a point has been clarified to me by Treeps, I would love to sign up to the guild! Hector Ironayous is my main.
  5. Excellent list of reasons, you nailed the trailer analysis/gameplay analysis on the head. I expect it a be a great game, but even as a fallout fanboy I think the AI is going to be just as dumb as every other Bethesda game before it. One thing I would like to also note is that Bethesda does, indeed, ship broken games. Not broken on Master Chief Collection levels, but broken as in save bugs, quest bugs, potential story line progression bugs that prevent further advancement. Fallout 3 had plenty of game breaking bugs, many not addressed until months after initial release. I know many gamers don't remember them, but I do since I was one of the first to... have the quest line advancement bug happen to. Yup, 15 hours in (thankfully not longer) and I had to restart. So yes, I remember it very well: Bethesda does ship broken games.
  6. Twitch already has names for them, I like OJ (Other Joe) and Del is already NotJoe. I kind of like both the names, but deal should get a better name because he is awesome!
  7. I got mario maker yesterday. While it is lacking in some areas such as being able to change unit behavior other than shaking them, it has been fantastic and already has some good kaizo mario-esque levels on day one, as well as some great community content. Have you made any levels yet? I have made a few and I'll be more than happy to share some codes for levels. As a matter of fact, it would be fun to put together a full topic of AJSA community map codes. I'll stream my runs through them, as I plan on making this one of those games I stream quite often anyways. Hope you guys like it, and any levels you want me to play just send me the code!
  8. Hey Joe, I know your probably not wanting for any help for Polaris civil war, but if you need one of your boys from the Angry Army to help you represent, I would love to help you dominate Team Biscuit. Thanks Joe or whoever else reads this. Even if I don't make the team/team has already been chosen, I'll support you from the chat if you guys stream the civil war! Angry Army, lets come and show them that true gamers play any and all games, no matter if they are console or PC. Viva la Angry Army!
  9. I'm very much looking forward to it, but conversely better bring back a grifball/ricochet playlist.
  10. Awesome! Any fan of Guren Lagaan and Kill La Kill is a friend of mine! Great linework Sadly you did Ryoku so I couldn't prove my worth by knowing where your sig came from. i am not worthy lol.
  11. My first box redringed about 3 year after I bought it. I just bought a new one before they announced they will repair all red rings regardless of being out of warranty. Oh well, it didn't matter to me that much. Still, sad because when it died it scratched the heck out of my Fallout 3 disk. Luckily it still worked on install, but I re-bought it on PC on steam sale anyways.
  12. I would always trust the official website over a merchant listing. Merchants provide information to sell and are not required to update store pages to reflect current informantion, official websites can face FTC regulation violation fines for putting false information about a product on their website.
  13. I was SO strongly against this, and I"m actually worried what impact this will have more on KH3 and FFXV than the bonuses listed here for Deus Ex. I despise this, but the podcast I host actually... had quite a different reaction to this news. I think its deplorable, and argued the point, but I got told by two of my podcast members that its not that bad and its standard business practice. I don't find it standard, nor do I want it to be standard.
  14. Its really fun, I got into the closed beta and I have a few vids uploaded on my channel of the playtime. Its raw unedited footage pulled right from my twitch stream though, so feel free to skip around.
  15. I'll see if I can make it to some PC night stuffs and record them for you Jayson. I can stream/cap 1080p. I don't have a Ps4/xone yet, but I have pretty much everything besides and I can cap using an Elgato. I should have a Xone coming up soon, and i can start making it to events for Xone as well.