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  1. aj.jpg

    From the album cnc

  2. 2020 will Henceforth always be known as The Year Chaos reigned supreme!!! The only good thing is I have been cancer free for 2 years and I have sucessfully avoided Covid-19 Hope everyone else is ok!
  3. About a month ago i was diagnosed with cancer and now after a sucessful surgery I can now say I beat cancer!!
  4. Heres the news report and he was at the table right behind us! http://mycbs4.com/news/local/gainesville-man-accused-of-waving-realistic-looking-bb-gun-in-oaks-mall-food-court
  5. I could tell you stories!!
  6. I'm gonna tell you all a story you ain't gonna believe we were having lunch at the oaks mall when some jackass started waving some kind of gun around saying he was going to rob the place. Then he looked at us and said just kidding its a pellet gun and took off. Well Mall security and about 50 police officers didn't find this funny at all the went across the street police caught up with him and he went crazy flipped them off and was screaming next thing he was arrested and had to be tackled to the ground. What a day we then spent 2 hours talking to the police!
  7. I just want to let everyone here know That I have read and understood all the rules! Im not here to personally interact with Angry Joe himself or Any of the higher ups. Im leaving that move to them.But to talk to him would be nice dont get me wrong but when I post somthing its to simply have fun of shoot the breeze about the latest video games or what not. Not to gain merit or recognition from Angry Joe or anyone else. I have absolutely no problem following any rules that are laid down. My sole purpose here is to make new friends and share a common hobby! Video games! So now that we got all that squared away. Let all have some fun!
  8. Has anyone noticed on Angry joes videos That he gives you this look that says You are going to have a very very bad day! or it says Im gonna mess you up beyond repair. Then launches into a angry rant! Kinda like that look your girlfriend or wife gives you If you screw up! LOL Scary!!
  9. It's been quite a long time but A lot of things have been going on! I have been busy playing Bioshock aliens colonial marines and Alien Isolation! And we managed to get through hurricane Irma unscathed. So hows everyone been?
  10. I know! It really breaks my heart seeing all the devestation! So I have decided to volunteer and do anything I can to help out! Hopefully I can help make a positive difference!
  11. Everyone Please cool out! I personally did in no way take any offense to this question! All theme parks were opened the very next day! and As far as Im concerned all we got were some trees and limbs down! There was minimal damage and we still had power after it was all over! so we got lucky! Very Lucky!
  12. Hey Everyone I just wanted you all to know that this may be the last time that I am online for awhile! As some of you may or may not know Hurricane Irma is about to hit Florida this Sunday and I am in the direct path of the storm! In fact the eye of the storm may be passing over my house so we are expecting maximum damage! and Our power may be out for a long time! All we can do now is ride it out! so thought id give you all a heads up
  13. Well its finally happening took a little longer but I am about to experience My very first hurricane ever! Hurricane Matthews track keeps coming closer and close and it almost to the point where the eyewall will be passing right over us! And it will be a catagory 3 hurricane! ill keep you all lposted
  14. Went to Medieval times had a knighting ceremony and had fun!