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  1. In case of BF4 is the game itself not the console you know even PC version has this problem too.
  2. I agree with you that GTA V is overrated but I agree with his list but if he's has PS3 his opinion with GTA V will be change drastically GTA V has potenial but not good in term execution especially story and MP and if you see this http://gotypicks.blogspot.com/ you'll see dispite GTA V is being praise by a lot of game media critic but The Last of Us still had received Game of the Year award more than GTA V and Skyrim (The Last of Us got 227 GTA V got 142 Skyrim got 226) ND prove that New IP always get good reception no matter what time it's release if it live expectation and hype and ofcourse this game is not for everyone but this game is deserved Game of the Year award because It's show that how to make game with good gameplay blend with good ciniematic experience and this is a few game that I care about charactor in the game especially Joel and Ellie.
  3. That game is multiplatform and it's game from early gen is doesn't drain much resource but if you play first party game like God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us it drain a lot of resource especially ND game because they bleed PS3 hardware as much as possible and I guarantee emulator can't run Uncharted 1 and ofcourse The Last of Us.
  4. I thought The Last of Us nad GTA V can toe to toe my best game of this year but when I played GTA V The Last of Us is the my best game of the year (and definitely game of generation).
  5. Acordding to this blog http://gotypicks.blogspot.com/ The last of us game of the year award recently had pass Skyrim game of the year award (Skyrim recieved 226 awards, The Last of Us recieved 227 awards).
  6. Sure but It depend on the game what it present for the game like The Last of Us and Uncharted is prove that the game can be the form of art and presentation that any medium never reach before especially The Last of Us.
  7. because terrible marketing and lack of third party support shitty dev tool (from what I heard) PS3 had on situation on early launch day but because third party support they still strugging and turn around in 2009 and a lot of customer is casual game which is gone and despite Nintendo have amazing exclusive but it's same franchise aside from Nintendo fan some gamer has tired their gam.
  8. For Epic Moment For Emotional Moment (Spoiler Alert)
  9. I recommend player who want full immersion in The Last of Us first play Hard mode and turn off listen mode (you can turn off in option menu) and then Survivor mode which this mode have less supply than Hard mode and disable listen mode completely and of course how do you forget Left Behind DLC.
  10. I know a lot of people hate IGN but this article is pretty interesting "The History from Studio of the Year" It's long article (currently 16 pages) and have 4 parts. Part 5 is coming soon and in that part forcusing The Last of Us development. Part 1 - The Beginning http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=1 Part 2 - Crash Bandicoot http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=5 Part 3 - Sony Acquisition / Jak and Daxter http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=9 Part 4 - Uncharted http://ca.ign.com/articles/2013/10/04/rising-to-greatness-the-history-of-naughty-dog?page=13 from what I read I found interesting note 1.Sony seem to aware they lost Crash IP but they take the risk to acquisition the studio. 2.Sony buy the studio without negotitaion. 3.They seem interesting on PSP at some point even they want split 2 team for PS3 team and PSP team but they scrap because the brutal Uncharted development on PS3. 4.During original Uncharted development they didn't import code from PS2 to PS3 they start from the scratch. 5.They admit that they rushed UC3 and they were promise it'll never happen again in UC4. 6.Universal only funded the first Crash game but after first game Sony funded the rest. 7.A lot of people in their studio always left studio when they start making new IP (not in The Last of Us case) that's why they split in to 2 teams studio because they don't want to lost talent people.
  11. Good News to all Killzone Player new patch has been live and this is changlog. Note: Voice Chat is not enable by default you must enable it via option. enjoy New personalization menus:
  12. Nintendo are notorious about monetization their content they said they want to protect the IP even they said the Content ID system is work as it should that is biggest BS I ever heard.
  13. I don't have PS4 yet but I have PS3. Forum/PSN Name: kratosgow/peck_godofwar
  14. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...-in-uk-history http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/ps4-has-sold-over-250k-ps4s-in-the-uk/0125169 PS. Xbox One sold 150k in 48 Hours in UK (Currently 170k in 2 weeks) WiiU sold 150k in entire LTD in UK. PPS.Nintendo Fan gone crazy after heard that Knack outsold Mario but this is show that how poor Nintendo marketing on WiiU.
  15. UC3 it's not better than UC2 because during development time ND decided split dev team too 2 team 1.UC team 2.LOU team(and the key people that doing UC2 is in this team) that's why UC3 it's a bit rush because deadline but it's not bad game.