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  1. Will anyone be running Gambit for the new weapons and armor on the 5th of March?
  2. PSN: SneakyGumbo Games currently - Fallout 76, Destiny 2, Anthem, Far Cry New Dawn and Division 2 demo
  3. I don't blame EA at all, if anything people should already known what they are getting into if you decide to sign on with them. I know it is Biowares fault, kind of like when people say "Its Activisions fault Destiny has issues!" No its not, that falls on Bungies shoulders. They made a plan that they could not keep up with and keep content rolling out to keep players happy. Yes, you will have people defend the game and keep playing it no matter what and using mtx. Good for them, if you like it and want to support them go for it. But don't expect to reach the 1 billion dollar mark that EA seems to shoot for each game. I don't think EA will step in and save it if its not going to be cost efficient in the long run. Apex will be their cash cow now for a long time. I believe they knew Anthem was not up to par which is why they released Apex to pick up the monetary loss of mtx in Anthem. And so far, at least in the UK, the sales numbers are not even half of what Mass Effect Andromeda has sold, which is somewhat concerning. Depending on what the sales are in North America, we shall see what BioWares outcome is. As Joe also made a good point, they are not going to keep a full team working on Anthem anymore. Its now up to the live team to keep this game a float. Just like they did with SWTOR. Most assets I assume are being moved to work on the new Dragon Age game for later release. Now, EA could pull an Activision and allocate other studios to help Anthem survive, but I just don't see that happening at this time.
  4. The extend version is even better and I have to agree with everything Joe said about Anthem. Even if EA doesn't close down BioWare, their reputation is ruined when it comes to making game. The next Dragon Age better be a hit with everyone, all though if EA is involved at all, it won't be.
  5. I also submitted to join the clan.