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  1. is that a FF:ARR Avatar I see!
  2. Add CMRD Kinky if you are all not already bored to death of lux routes and find other stuff to do in the game.
  3. Is this a thing? Please let this be a thing... Wife and I play this as our "Us Time" game, would love to find a good FC.
  4. Sup.... No but really, hello AJSA. I have been watching Angry Joe's bits since 2008, along with allot of other you-tube reviewers like Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, pretty much the big list. Never really thought the AJSA was such a big beast until I saw AJ's copy-right claim videos, and his 2014 top 10 controversy video just released. The GG debate, (Although I had never heard of this movement before the video and play to stay far away from it.) kind let me know that if that's the kind of mentality he brings to the show, hopefully like-minded people are within the AJSA, just people trying to play games, sick of all the heavily layered on bullshit being done by publishing companies and the internet as far as "Gamer Culture" and maybe I can make a few friends to boot.. So, that's why I am here. Signed up the other day, really was convinced to DO something with it just now. Although maybe it's due to no sleep and I am starting to hallucinate, who knows?!? So, while I am feeling extraordinarily transparent and vulnerable! Name: Jason Age: 24 Status: Married, Sorry ladies. Kids: First on the way. ( Hope for a boy folks) Gaming: Since I was in the WOMB, NES, Sega, Etc, the culture raised me. About: Spent the last four years in the USMC, yay. I am separated now, living in Montana now, because why the fuck not. I am from Ohio, traveled allot of my life, currently I am a railroad conductor who enjoys run-on sentences and long walks on the beach. I am a non-combat vet, just to clear that up. I play all games, except the bad ones. I despise mobile games and micro-trans business models. I fucking HATE Kick-starter and Early Access Games, feel it's a devastatingly unfortunate demographic that over shadows honest game devs who need those mediums to make it, but I feel it's to far gone to be saved. PC Games: (Mostly) Steam: LoneAngelic Elite: Dangerous FF:ARR Scrolls Heros Of The Storm PS4: (Rarely) PSN: NosajIRL Destiny (because I wanted a white ps4, don't play it anymore.) COD:AW (It's not HORRIBLE... come on guys.) Wareframe (Just starting... afraid of the P2AvoidGrindingEndlessly) DCUO (Actually love it enough to pay for it, surprised by it.) Dying Light So there, hell AJSA, be gentle I bruise, and see you on TS3... I think? Lastly....