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  1. I've been off the scene for awhile so this probably won't be new, but I can't seem to find my Origin games. You see, I only own three: Battlefield 4, Titan Fall, and Star Wars Battlefront. Of these three, Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront have been uninstalled. When I went back to reinstall them, I didn't see them in my library. I searched around to come up empty inclusive of directly searching for them in my library search bar. Finally, I decided to visit the games store page to see if I could install them from there to which I evidently couldn't. It is as if I never owned them. They are not in my library nor does seem I can install them without buying them again.
  2. First, and amazing standalone Skyrim mod. Now, an amazing New Vegas mod. What's next?
  3. Damn it...not old enough.
  4. This is probably one of the most promising titles I have laid eyes on in a long while.
  5. No Man's Sky has a great amount of potential and continues to retain it. I was really hyped for this game but did not overestimate its capabilities, but I don't believe there is enough content to keep me playing if I were to purchase it. A lot of things seem lesser or absent from what I originally conceived. That doesn't mean its a bad game, and I sure that the devs will patch any launch issues, but I will not be purchasing NMS until I see some possible content and gameplay patches.
  6. The evidence is quite implicating, but I shall abstain from passing judgment at this given time.
  7. I think mine is definitely MGS 3. I enjoy Big Boss a little more than Solid Snake and this game goes to his origins and marks the beginning of the end for him all at the same time.
  8. I'd rather save my money for a game Like Escape from Tarkov which is hopefully set to release soon.
  9. No Man's Sky will be releasing in approximately twelve days and a lot has been discussed including the presence of black holes as I have read. We have also seen a lot of information about the weather and environments possible in the game, but do these procedurally generated worlds hold the potential for massive storms...or waves(Interstellar). Normal storms in a video game tend to be lackluster because your not really there, but super storms can still be terrifying. Massive tornadoes-unheard of weather?
  10. Overall, I didn't expect people to really answer me or even bother reading all of it. Thanks for the info! I was surprised to find that you actually taught a bit more than I was expecting! I also realized that I was an idiot with some of the questions about the gliders considering that each glider comes with a never exceed speed and considering that I am actually in the process of studying for a private license exam I should've known some of the things I was asking.
  11. Today, I am incredibly bored, and with boredom comes my peculiar imagination. With that being said, here are my present thoughts which I am dispensing for no logical reason but to say them. Perhaps, if you find yourself with nothing left to do, all your work completed, and all your games played out, you will come here to ponder...or not read any of it and tell me I am insane... A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts.-But I am not drunk. ...If you put a tow hook on an F-22 or any military class jet and towed a expensively aerodynamic glider, how fast could it go before its wings or other various protrusions were torn from it leaving it a flying tube? At what speed would the gliders deflection become ineffective on tow? Once released, how long could the glider maintain its high speed considering it wasn't torn apart? How slow would the fighter's acceleration have to be to not break the tow rope? [Random thoughts] (In Soviet Russia...) Hm...If this joke/meme were true, Russia would be a very weird place...nor would it have much of a military left [No offense of course if you are Russian-just a joke] You know-in Soviet Russia, AK-74 shoots... Wait, but Soviet Russia no longer exists..... Would it really be terrible if Donald Trump won the election? When you really think about it through all the media's propaganda whether left to right wing, let's look at both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. While both presidencies would be very different, would either of them really be that terrible (Ignoring propaganda and examining just the facts)? People say Donald Trump would start a third world war and some say Hillary (Hitlery to some of the opposing side) has no integrity or leadership capability... I'm not going to go to deep into that too far... If a world war began, what is the likely reason it would begin? Fuel/ Resources Simple Disagreement Economic Recession Lack of proper leadership If you were to combine every type of food in the world into one compact package...how would you think it would taste? Would an EMP Bomb be deadlier than nuclear capability due to the fact that it would destroy any nation's key infastructure tasked with producing equipment for a war effort and any other equipment. It would literally bring the modern technology of the nation to a stop. i.e. America is a wealthy and powerful nation. If it were hit with an EMP weapon large enough, military infrastructure would be crippled. Comms would be destroyed, adv. systems and equipment would be terminated and the U.S. would fall into disarray. What are your thoughts on today's society in the America's and in Europe? I had no idea No Man's Sky was such a technological wonder considering that my father who is a doctor read about it in one of his medicine related E-mails... The funny thing is that if you dove for cover from a grenade, you would more likely survive on the ground than diving into the water since water is no compressible like air is. You wouldn't take any fragments to your body but you would implode to a lethal extent. But hey, I'm just an ignorant gentleman who is bored...anyone have the answer to the first couple questions though?
  12. This man is on my top 10 list for the most awesome food innovations ever.
  13. If this succeeds, then I will be one of the happiest men around.
  14. OHHHHHHH YEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH....Please have a good launch....