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Everything posted by Tidell

  1. I did this tattoo today , what do you guys think ?
  2. Hello AJSA ! Has anyone played the F2P game Paladins ? It's a free game on steam that is alot like Overwatch . I have to say , it's a very fun game and the best thing is that it isn't pay to win. I suggest to check it out if you like games like Overwatch / Tidell
  3. Thank you Shagger , i'll look into it
  4. Hello AJSA For the last 2 weeks my PC has been very slow to startup. I type in my password and the welcome text pops up for about 15 seconds and then the screen goes black for around 1-2 minutes. I can still see my cursor and move it around. Does anyone know what is causing this , is it my SSD maybe? Thx
  5. I just want to wish AJSA a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Be careful on new years eve and try not to drink too much Take care and i'll see you in-game / Tidell
  6. Christmas is acually today (sunday) . Christmas is the 24th here in Sweden
  7. I would recommend Into the dead 2 Hill Climb Racing 2 Score! Hero
  8. Hello AJSA , i'm hoping your day is fantastic so far ! I'm really looking forward to The Witcher tv-show but i'm pretty scared that they will mess it all up. What is something that HAS to be in the show for it to work for you guys ?
  9. Hello AJSA. I need some suggestions for games to buy The games i own right now is The Last Of Us All the Uncharted games Mortal Kombat XL Ratchet & Clank Thanks and have a great day
  10. I've played both Tomb Raider on PC , great games. I've seen some gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn and it looks great . Thanks for the suggestions I prefer storydriven 1st/3rd person action/adventure games. Horizon Zero Dawn and Until Dawn might be something to look for . Thanks for the suggestions
  11. Hello AJSA , how are you guys doing today ? I need some help . When i start my computer and type in my password my screen goes black for 1-2 minutes before i come to the desktop. It started doing this 3 days ago , it's nothing major but it's very annoying . Does anyone know what's causing this ? Thank you and have a great day
  12. I know that most if not all games turned to movies are horrible but if you could choose one game that would turn in to a movie , what would it be ? I def want the diablo games to become and movie.
  13. So sorry for the late respons . When it's freezing everything stops . I bought Overwatch a few days ago and on that game i don't have any issues with the game freezing and i find that pretty strange.
  14. Hello. For a while now i've had trouble with every Blizzard game i've played . Heroes Of The Storm , WoW and Diablo 3 . The problem i have is i get these lagspikes , the game freezes from 1-10 seconds and when it happens i can't do anything and this problem makes the games almost unplayable. My Specs : OS: Windows 7 CPU: Amd FX - 8320 Eight-Core 3.50 Ghz with a hyper 212 plus fan GPU: Gainward GeForce GTX 970 4GB PhysX CUDA RAM: 12 Gb ddr3 PSU : 550W ( it's bad , i know ) so , does anyone know why this happens ? Thx
  15. i acually bought less than i thought i would . I've bought Mafia 2 , Fear 3 and God Mode . When i heard about the steam summer sale i thought it would be RIP Wallet xD
  16. Thanks for the all the responses , really appreciate it <3
  17. Hello ! When i'm in-game my GPU Temp is 80 celcius ( 174 fahrenheit ) is that to hot ? if so , what can i do to cool it down ? Thx and have a good day / Tidell
  18. It's only 80°c when i'm playing , when i'm just surfing the internet it's around 40°c . Thank you for the help
  19. Hello and welcome to the AJSA
  20. I acually enjoy the new Nuke . it's more balanced now , the old nuke was very CT sided but not anymore
  21. What games are you playing ?
  22. Hello Gallagher and welcome to the AJSA
  23. Hello there , welcome to the AJSA
  24. I agree , ranks doesn't mean anything . Remember when i played pcw in cs 1.6 and back then you didn't think about what skill you were , you just played because it was fun
  25. Hello and welcome to the AJSA