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  1. Okay, but these tweets are inherently disrespectful and I totally get the outrage. I can't believe anyone in marketing thought that #JustWW1Things was a good idea.
  2. In its current form... There's no way it's even close to competing. But hopefully they iron some things out and make it a better system overall.
  3. I just want a fucking option. 720p60/1080p30. I'd be at 720p60 every single fucking time.
  4. I swear, everything YouTube has been doing recently has been a back-handed (and extremely poor/open ended) way of trying to get rid of Drama channels. I mean, I want them gone too. But they should just pony up and ban them. Heroes has the constitution of a decent idea gone awry. Encouraging reporting bs and adding captions is a great thing, but who the FUCK thought that mass flagging videos was a good idea. I can only point to the idea that it is in attempt to get rid of drama channels. And again, they just need to ban them outright on their own. Pony up and take the hit. Far too many YouTubers are going into the negative without highlighting the positive. Including Joe. Yes, it's a poorly executed idea. Yes, there is some absolute bullshit within it. But the only two people I've seen discuss it rationally are Jim Sterling and Boogie. (Also, if you try to make a clickbait-y title and add on the all-caps, get fucked. That is the most annoying shit I've seen. Yes, that includes gratuitous cleavage in the thumbnail)
  5. Yes, and I'm fucking STOKED for ROI
  6. Wait... So an OBJECTIVE BASED GAME MODE only gives you points for PLAYING THE OBJECTIVE??? PRAISE THE SUN
  7. Hello friends of the AJSA! I have now been appointed as Commander here in this wonderful community as the "Community Content Manager" which is fancy speak for "He does the YouTubes" as well as dabbling in other areas. It has been a fun ride since I joined back in February of 2015 and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon! It all started when Commander Withastick took me under his wing and showed me how I could use my talents to not only further my progression in the community, but also how those talents could help the community in areas that lacked direction. If ya got any questions about me or what I do, shoot! Until then, this is Jayson signing off. Also, you beautiful bastards stay sexy out there.
  8. Song: Keep Singing Artist: Rick Astley (Yes, really)
  9. I was worried, especially hearing about the whole "No review copies" bullshit. Thank god it turned out okay
  10. Laugh all you want. Doesn't make it any less true.
  11. Okay, as the resident CoD fanboy, I'll speak. Maybe everyone can shut the fuck up and we can enjoy our game in peace? My enjoying a solid shooter doesn't take away from your enjoyment of a different solid shooter. There is a reason CoD is basically the definitive small-scale MP shooter. Because that is what it is best at, and many other companies have tried and failed to duplicate that. We get yearly installments that keep the games fresh and relevant, while seeing what 3 different companies can do with a single IP. We have yet to have a launch as disastrous as Brokenfield 4 had. Each title has been significantly stable from launch onward. Each release guarantees a built-in playerbase, so we know online will be populated. With Treyarch, we know we'll be getting a MASTERPIECE with Zombies. CoD is easily accessible to hardcore and casual gamers alike. I'm not saying CoD is THE best FPS out there, but I am saying that there is no arguing that it is not ONE OF THE best FPS games out there. I truly don't understand why CoD get so much hate when each game is a stable, viable product from day one. If you don't like it, play something else, but you have NO right to say it's a shit game when... there's no evidence to back it up. Is the online community garbage? Sure. That's not CoD's fault, that's idiot parents' fault. Are some, if not most of the campaigns less than stellar? Sure. But that's not what CoD is made for. It's like saying Doom is a bad game because of it's multiplayer. THAT'S NOT THE REASON FOR IT EXISTING. I know these are just jumbled points, and I have a lot more to say on the subject, but I'm just so fucking tired of hearing this. Nobody is going to change their mind so maybe we can all just shut the fuck up and leave fellow gamers alone?
  12. So, I wanna start showing off a bit of my musical work, from every style I do. So It'll probably be best to keep it in one topic. FIRST UP: I just threw this together today, and I definitely plan on continuing it, but I'm proud of the base of it so far.