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  1. http://www.medianama.com/2016/03/223-youtube-joins-binge-on/?utm_content=buffer802fa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer ... ... ... Thoughts?
  2. It is interesting and somewhat hilarious to listen to. "BETMAN" "BAT-TLEFIELD" ( No offense People laugh over my Germish too ) For those who cannot speak English they can now ' understand ' his points and see what the game is for themselves, IF their localization and translation is on point. However, I feel like that simply writing down "Angry Joe Show " XYZ is not enough. They should a link to AJ's channel to prevent newcomers subbing to copy cats ( Don't lie, there will always be someone who does that. ) But this is just one mans opinion.
  3. I feel like that was the intention when they have drawn that version. After all, she is a succubus. Drawing her victims close to her and drain the life out of them.
  4. So you are telling me that they are working on this VR ala Sword Art online, so I can recreate myself as busty a anime chick with a manly voice? ... Should I do some drugs?
  5. Except even that is not a guarantee that you won't get hit by a claim. For example, Boogie spoke of an paid advertisement of a game, only to be copyright claimed a year after. Makes me think if they had this in mind from the beginning. At this point, as soon as someone even mentions something not in positively - and even if you do - you open yourself up to a claim. I think these claim tactics are also used to bully people into MCNs, so that these can profit of the people who otherwise would have to stand on their own, for themselves. It would make sense from a business perspective. Remember, MCNs are not always there to help you EVEN if you are a member of an MCN, they will focus on those who bring them the most money, which also makes sense. I remember a german youtuber who had to give up his YouTube channel just because he didn't get the aid from the MCN he asked for. That guy had to pay for all the trips to various locations on his own (and if he was to be believed, not even being helped out when a claim notice affected him) while still paying them their share that they did not deserve. Sigh... This is no more Wild West shit. This is war. -- Edit: A lawyers perspective on these things.
  6. Heya, I stumbled upon this interesting video. It's not really related to the #WTFU movement but I think it still worth to give it a try.
  7. Fallout 3 was banned? When? As far as I know, I still have a copy of Fallout 3 right beside me. In German. And the other day I saw Fallout 3 copies in various stores. I think they misunderstood something, perhaps because of accents, or someones writing style is too artistically imposing or something. What would be interesting to see is, if they could make Fallout 3 and New Vegas compatible to Fallout 4 instead. Something like the mod "Tale Of Two Wastelands" does. Hey, one can dream alright?
  8. Despite the fact that this is very well known, I will not stand for this insolence. So here's Nostalgias video about Fair Use.
  9. I watch 'em seldomly. Those that I have watched are: Hellsing Ultimate and the TV adaption, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Code Geass and some more, which I don't remember.
  10. There are alot of games that should get a remaster. Those imo that deserve it the most: Warzone 2100, Emperor Battle For Dune , Colony Wars Series, Jedi Knight Series. Earth 2150 Escape From The Blue Planet and its Add-ons, The Moon Project and The Lost Souls. If I have to pick one: it will be the last one.
  11. I have been in many communities but when it comes to the MOBA ones, I have only joined League Of Legends. And League Of Legends has proven itself time and time again, how much toxic waste comes out of peoples fingers. So much, that as soon as some idiot decides to piss anyone off, I resign and instantly ignore them without giving them a second chance, or I get so lazy that I don't and instead enjoy the warzone that becomes my chat. Or I troll the toxic person into a 2vX and leave them there to die. What I have noticed during these situations is, that when I start to ignore all those who flame (even it means ignoring the entire team), I tend to win much easier. Almost as if I'm carrying the game. Not very sportsmanlike I know, but I just don't care anymore.
  12. So... Here he goes. https://soundcloud.com/totalbiscuit/disconnecting I have nothing to say.
  13. The best way to handle this is via planning. After all "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Start by waiting for reviews.
  14. Sup. Welcome to the armada of the Angry Joe Show.