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  1. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Shagger in The corruption of Smosh   
    I'm trying to help you, I'm sorry you don't see that.
  2. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Find out how much money youtubers make in this website.   
    Kaz32, I don't like this link-bait title for this post.  Social Blade is not even remotely accurate on the "estimation" of revenue. If anything, the website is useful for tracking follower and view data over time.  
  3. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in Find out how much money youtubers make in this website.   
    Seriously, nobody should care about this unless you are the Youtuber making the money
  4. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Copper Hay in Find out how much money youtubers make in this website.   
  5. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Find out how much money youtubers make in this website.   
    I think they can make less or more, really depending. They have sponsors too and get paid on many other occasions for different things. Also if I'm not wrong, Socialblade basically counts how much you earn per video, pre view and so on, like the default. If you partner up with a network tho, you get a contract and earn the way it says in the contract so I'm sure those prices aren't 100% true. They might be true in general like default, but not if you count in sponors or if they are in a partnership network.
    Still, that's a shit ton of money, damn. For anyone who says this isn't a real job, well look at their fuckin pays, plus they get to do what they love, so you can call it a real or fake job, but at this point it doesn't make a difference. 
  6. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Find out how much money youtubers make in this website.   
    Frankly, I don't think it's any of my fucking business how much these people make!
  7. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Should you trust WB or not?   
    Nah, Konami had a cave in, their dead.
  8. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Muzenza in whats the meaning of life   
  9. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Copper Hay in Microsoft and Windows 10 Fuckery (Rant warning)   
    If previous versions of Windows have taught me anything its to leave it atleast a year before even touching the newest model, and even then to use the 10 foot barge pole.
  10. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Beatmaster A.C. in Steam: You can now permanently remove games you don't want   
    that's why i did some clean up in my steam wishlist. From 80 to 32 games. And i bought only those which i really play, not because of "nice to have" or "hunt and collect everything on sale".
  11. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in Which country do you wish to go to?   
  12. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic   
    Well, we all knew it was going to happen eventually...

  13. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in What franchise needs to DIE???   

  14. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in IBM Japan Just Funded a VR MMO Inspired by Sword Art Online   
    Wait, do you mean I can finally live out my dream of being a kawaii 12 year old school girl with wings and a magic stick in my hand? 
  15. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in Where's The Fair Use? - Nostalgia Critic   
    He takes clips from movies and tv shows and comments over them for satire and review. How is that not Fair Use? That's the same as saying all of Joe, TB, Wisecrack, and every other gaming, film, or written media based critic is violating fair use, as well as let's play or tournament casters and streamers.
    So if you know the law so well, explain to me why every Youtuber out there I mentioned isn't taken to court for every video they post?
  16. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Bethesda has three new "big and crazy" projects in the works   
    Oh yeah...
    Instead of telling us to help other settlements, this DLC will be about helping Preston Garvey gather information on finding even more settlements that need our help. Holy crap, how did I miss that...
    God damn it Todd!
  17. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Mr. Molotov in Devil Daggers   
    So anybody hear about this game? It seems to be like Quake or Hexen on speed:

    In other words, it looks really awesome.
    Here's the current best run on the game, by b0necarver, or "The Michael Jordan of Hell" in the words of PC Gamer:

    Here's the full PC Gamer article on it:
    This world-best Devil Daggers run will alter your sanity and self-esteem
    And the Steam page:
  18. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Funny game related pics   
  19. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Mr. Molotov in Newest DOOM will have around 13 hours in the campaign. Like Wolfenstein New Order. YES!!   
    "Oh fuck the hell yes."
    - Seras Victoria, "Hellsing Abridged"

  20. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by GLXLynx in Fallout 3 could be getting a HD remake for PS4/XboxOne   
    Fallout 3 was banned? When?
    As far as I know, I still have a copy of Fallout 3 right beside me. In German.
    And the other day I saw Fallout 3 copies in various stores. 
    I think they misunderstood something, perhaps because of accents, or someones writing style is too artistically imposing or something.
    What would be interesting to see is, if they could make Fallout 3 and New Vegas compatible to Fallout 4 instead.
    Something like the mod "Tale Of Two Wastelands" does. Hey, one can dream alright?
  21. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Bethesda teases F4 DLC on twitter   
    I guess people forgot what Expansion packs are. This must be the same people that thought Blizzard was destroying the game industry.
  22. Santaclawz liked a post in a topic by GLXLynx in How many anime watchers here?   
    I watch 'em seldomly. Those that I have watched are:
    Hellsing Ultimate and the TV adaption,
    Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust,
    Code Geass
    and some more, which I don't remember.
  23. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Worst Gaming Community?   
    OK, my first MOBA game is League of Legends. I played some DOTA 2 back in 2012 and I quit it after 2 days. 
    1. I sucked.
    2. I was playing alone and it was a little more boring and harder to learn and less joyful.
    "Apex fucking noob gtfo and uninstall the game"
    "fucking noob gtfo"
    "Learn to play kid"
    "omg gtfo fucking kill stealer"
    That is the only things in chat that I saw in those 2 days. Of course I quit the freaking game.
    Now hold on and calm down, I'm not saying DOTA 2 community is the only one that sucks, but so does LoL's just as much and I'm sure all other MOBA communities are as bad, but some maybe less.
    The only reason that I'm  STILL playing League after 5 months since I started is because I had friends to play with and one of them constantly played with me until I hit 30 and he still does. Less now since he started Ranked.
    Anyways, I've played MP games with HORRIBLE communities....
    Counter Strike 1.6/Source/GO- Assholes, cheaters, kids, l33t and that kind of shit. Less in Global Offensive though.
    Battlefield 3 - Ok, I don't hate Polish and Russians at all, but damn, these guys in BF3 always used the most annoying tactics, guns and vehicles and they never spoke English. All they did was curse at you in Russian or Polish and I knew they were cursing at me because I saw my name there. Not to mention all the dudes with their playstyles...overall same crap like CS, but with less cheaters.
    CoD MW2 - I don't think I have to explain myself.
    And several other games with pretty bad communities, but a little better than the ones above.
    Now let's get to the number 1 of the shittiest and most poisonous communities of any genre and game that I played...
    Since I played LoL the most, let me try to show you an example of this community...imagine yourself playing a certain role you never played and you want to learn it.
    Me: Hey guys
    Your team: Hey
    Me: Playing Kata mid for the 1st time, I will do my best
    Your team: Don't feed
    Me: Ok
    *10 minutes later you get killed*
    Your team: Kata stupid noob l2p
    Me: Sorry man, I'm learning
    Your team: go play custom games with bots noob
    Me: Ok...
    *You finally get a kill*
    Me: We were killing that guy at the same time and I hit him last, not a KS.
    Your teammate: I attacked him first idiot fucker
    Me: I came to help you, he would of run away
    Your teammate: He wouldn't fucking noob gtfo and uninstall the game
    Me: Nope
    Your team: Kata noob feeder gtfo
    Me: Alright...I died 2 times only, you died 10
    Your teammate: Kata reported for noob
    Other teammate to enemy team: Every1 report our kata noob plz
    Enemyteam: Why?
    Teammate: bcz our kata is a fucking nuub feedr
    Enemy: Ok
    Me: Dude, you have worst KD than me and you are not even doing objectives
    Teammate: stfu and l2p
    I could go on forever and forever and forever...the amount of idiots, kids, criers and what not in LoL community is just beyond me. And that's just EuW...I heard that OCE server is like League's prison pit for worst of the worst players.
    Players make fun of each other in-game, forums...example:
    Some guy opens up a thread that a champion needs a buff/nerf and most people will just dislike the post and start insulting. 
    I've never witnessed or heard of a worst community...I mean if LoL had a in-game VoIP, Call of Duty wouldn't even be close as bad as League of Legends. I'm sure it's same in DOTA 2 and most MOBAs...and I might have a simple explanation as to why.
    Team size / Teamplay
    Unlike BF3 or some shooter where teams are bigger, you will get less shit on by your team simply because the team is bigger and the team's victory and success doesn't depend only on you. Same with most shooters where teams are a little larger or any game with a little larger team. In DOTA 2 and LoL for example, teams are composed of only 5 players and almost everyone's effort and gameplay is important. If your support fails, you might lose Bot lane. If your top fails, you might lose top lane and the game, if you can't organize yourselves. If one or 2 more teammates feed in your team, you might lose the game. One player has huge impact on the outcome of the game in MOBA games because the teams are smaller, meaning everyone needs to play their best.
    Nobody likes to lose in these games as they are very competitive so having a bad player will piss off some "l33t victory pro" he will act like a giant ass dick to you, if you fail...that's when all hell starts to break lose.
    That is my simple personal explanation as to why the MOBA community is probably the worst...or is it?
    In my opinion it is because I haven't seen more assholes that made me quit the entire game than in LoL and DOTA 2. I've talked to a few friends who play DOTA 2 and they say the community isn't any better than LoL's and it's basically the same shit. If anyone said, "I don't want to play League/DOTA" and I asked why, they always said, "Because of the community." And I agree 100%.
    Luckily, I really enjoy LoL so I can look past all the idiots in the game and I simply use mute, but if I paid attention to every idiot in that game, I would uninstall the game at this moment.
    What's your opinion on all this and do you think MOBA has the worst community? If not, please tell me which community is more poisonus, I really want to know lol
  24. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Imperial Commando   
    Well it's EA, so it's most likely going to be shit.
    I mean, just look at Battlefront EA. 
  25. GLXLynx liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in Should you trust WB or not?