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  1. i meant to put this in pc gaming, if a mod could move it plz lol srry
  2. First ill formely introduce my self, i have been a member of ajsa for a few years now, though havent been really active for a while. I started a youtube channel of my own two years ago to help support games like space engineers. I am an 11 year veteran account for world of warcraft. Battle for Azeroth is a sever love hate relationship right now. The questing and story telling have improved a bit and as always the art work is good as well as the music score. Pve seems to be doing ok but it appears to have a lack luster to it. Nothing real challenging in this catagory right now but could improve later. The main area the expansion falls apart is Warmode or blizzards new version of world pvp. The apparent difference in active horde players vs alliance players has recently caused a snow ball effect that has rendered alliance participation almost mute. People aren't opting into this mode cause they feel like lambs to the slaughter as there are situations as bad as 10 horde players to every alliance player in a shard with this mode activated. When asking for help from blizz in the forums these players are constantly bombarded with retaletory posts from horde players and other alliance players to "Git Gud", form a group, or turn it off. seeing as shard balancing issues are the root of the problem getting active groups is either doesn't happen or moves the player into a different shard thus disabling the ability to retaliate against the people that attacked them. Frusturated alliance players are opting to turn this mode off to avoid all the greviance and horde players are starting to complain that there are no alliance in wpvp. I do intend to do a official video on this as a review, i know joe posted an other review video on bfa recently, ill have to go watch that.
  3. Hello everyone its been a while since i was active on the AJSA forums. I have returned, for better or worse, who knows. I play mostly indie titles, Space Engineers being a huge focus but i play Ark: survival evolved, Subnautica, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, DOOM, and many more titles.
  4. Haven't been able to try the game for my self yet but after a bit of footage from other youtubers I can say to me it seems like $60 is a rip off for what the devs are actually offering in gameplay. It looks like a simple laid back space exploration game, ....hey that's great....not worth full AAA price tag though, the delayed and horribly buggy PC launch is just an other sad testament to game devs playing favorites with the console systems.....don't buy pre-orders......ever! Glad I didn't. Joe needs to get a review out on the game, there are parts that are great and stuff that is just bad.....it will be interesting (I'm sure comical ) to see what he has to say about it.
  5. If you are still waiting for a review stop, get it on steam, its $35 for summer sale, and its 100% worth it, I agree Joe needs to play it for a review but I'm sure he'll give it a high score, the game is everything we wanted doom 3 to be and some more. If you need convincing check out my channel "Bullslayer Channel" on youtube I just started a playthrough series of it last night, first vid this morning and so far so good from Bethesda as far as CR goes. =)
  6. I use Shadowplay currently, got tired of Fraps trying to kill my HDD all the time since I upgraded my GPU. OBS is good but I had windows 10 issues with the mp4 format, I couldn't get sound to record and some games don't get picked up by the "record game" scene setup.
  7. This post might be a bit old but only one I could find on this game. So a week or so ago Empyrion had a free play weekend where the game went on sale for $10 but you could try it free for the weekend to see if you liked it...I liked what I played so I got it. Been playing nothing but Empyrion ever since. I would like to see the AJSA active in this game however I must note the potential problems that the community most likely will run into. Empyrion is run off the Unity3d engine which although a power and robust engine that it is, doesn't play well with Peer to peer mp so a DS would be needed. AJSA ran into problems with SE on Dedicated server a while back and the server was let go due to lack of interest from what I best understand. Empyrion is still very much in its infancy and ds issues are a huge problem right now. That being said let me get into the actual meat of the review: Empyrion is much like SE in many ways, its open world sandbox giving players creative control over the structures they build with a multitude of blocks at your disposal to customize designs. This is shoved into a neat easy to use UI system that doesn't have you filling up quick bars with different block subtypes. The game itself focuses on survival and exploration. The structures you build need to be functional for survival purposes. Resources aren't as abondent as they are in SE so building within your means is really important. Online on a public DS you aren't the only one fighting for resource control and yes, there is pvp and faction warfare, and thus grieffing is a thing that will happen. The game does its best to combat this with an offline protection block that can be acquired threw the tech teir system as you level (just like ark). This block emits a shield around your base or Capital vessel when you are offline preventing grieffers from attacking you when you are most vulnerable. The server options have the ablitly to remove structures owned by players who haven't logged in for a while giving incentive for people to be active and reducing clutter. After planet resources have been exhausted metorites will begin appearing occasionally with specific resources so players can still get resources. All in all its a great game with lots of potential but for the community to be active on it we may have a while to wait before mp issues get resolved first.
  8. Attention to multiplayer is most deffentley welcome as some of the games largest bugs are in MP, however i'm personally concerned about the idea of official persistant servers, if they are planning on doing official servers like the ones in Ark then they could be setting up for nothing but headaches as trolls tend to flock to these. Now granted that space enginees would be different in the sense that the worlds are infinite so it would be really hard to claim the whole thing under one faction but if the AJSA where to get envolved on such a server we would literally need a fleet to protect our sector. I also would imagine Official means non-moded so theres that as well. I saw that they plan on more weapons, i hope that includes ship weapons as well as firearms. And they really need to add guided missle systems as a thing, the tech in the game is based 64 years from now and we have guided systems today. Xbone is welcome but i would like Keen to work out a deal where xbox players can play with pc players, windows 10 and xbox one are designed to go hand in hand so no reason two microsoft products cant pair together to offer a more connected gaming experience. Edit: I'm not nay saying the official servers, this would actually be a good opportunity to re-vitalize AJSA interest in the game, often times its up to player guilds or factions on these servers to inforce rules and educate as devs are too busy most the time. I could see the AJSA being one of those kinds of Factions, hunting trolls and grieffers, enforcing borders with fleets of ships and all that cool stuff. My concern comes from the fact that unlike private worlds and player hosted stuff these are public always on servers and are subject to greiffers, trolls and all the dirty laundry that comes with playing on a public server anyone can join. Until Keen releases more info on exactly where they plan to go with the idea I'm going to hold back on being excited for it.
  9. So i haven't touched ESO in a while and i actually do really feel bad about that but i did kinda burn my self out on the game and had to take a break, now that i got a better graphics card i have been debating comming back and starting a little lets play series on my youtube channel for ESO. I have mixed feelings about doing playthroughs for mmos just simply cause they tend to have alot of content that is spread out over a long period of time making them at times boring to playthrough with the level grinding but im considering giving it a try anyways. If i was removed from the guild because of inactivity i have no hard feelings (games paching now cause i haven't been on in so long).
  10. The only real way i know for the AJSA to have its own server is if someone was willing to privately host using the DS on their machine, this would allow the server to be private so as to avoid griefers and problem children outside the AJSA. (DS worlds are still buggy though). As to your previous attempt, Maghorn, to revamp SE for the AJSA, i had a fighter ready to go and would of joined.....if not for fact your meet time came out to 9'clock in the morning for me. Hosting specific events at a single time is hard because not all AJSA members are in the same time zone as you.....this is why i butted heads with several raid leaders back in WoW....lolz.
  11. So now that i have a new grahics card that can play Space engineers whilist i record im gona be doing more showcase videos. As not to flood this forum with all of them im just going to simply say to keep an eye on my channel for new ship showcases, i just added one for my little Pocket Falcon i uploaded this morning. Channel name is Bullslayer, if you have problems finding it just use the link to the video above and it will take you to it.
  12. Here is the showcase video for my recent upload to the steam workshop, I called the ship the Skybreaker in refference to the Alliance airship that flys around Icecrown in Northrend.....idk, ship looks nothing like it just wanted to make an Alliance refference. https://youtu.be/m1A7XpKI3T4
  13. Its sad that the old server died (well rather the desire to play on it). If the AJSA renews interest in Space Enginees I'll join in, probably drag a few of my friends with me too. Been looking for an excuse to get them to join the community anyway.
  14. Invite recieved, Ty
  15. There is now a count down timer on Keens website along with posts claiming Planets confirmed on the 12th, could we see ourselves making planet fall this thursday? Hype Train Confirmed!!!