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    My name is Colby but for my alias I go by KnockoutSushi, you must be wondering why that's my nickname, well if you are reason being, is because my favorite sport is Boxing and my favorite food is Sushi so therefore embrace and hence the name KnockoutSushi! Anyhow, besides the point from my name, my friends tell me that I'm an easy-go-lucky guy that's rarely found not smiling, that's right guys! I have a derpy smile, so don't hate! Proven fact that smiling uses less muscles than frowning so more props for me! Anyway xD... I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends, cause without them I wouldn't be here, they mean the world to me and I'll do what ever it takes to protect them.

    To follow back to art, my dream / goal is to become the best Graphics Designer and Pixel Artist in the world, obviously that dream is way to ambitious at a point where it's impossible but, I keep myself in check and stay humble to make sure I can always improve upon.

    Anyhow, I CEO/Founder of a company called CCG (Creative Core Games) and with this company we're working a Game Development called Liberation Discharge, it's a 2D Fighter that share promising mechanics and inspiration from Smash and Street Fighter being able to have the pace movement and the free roaming movement and a lot of space to work with like Smash on top of having flashy / rewarding combos like Street Fighter with these two core focuses that we've put in the game mixed with our own unique twist, gave us a very well polished game of what we intend on doing.

    If you are interested in talking to me directly, you can add my Skype: KnockoutSushi or my Discord: KnockoutSushi#2351
  1. When you accidentally rate your own thread 1 star and you can't change it again ahaha!!
  2. What's going on Gamer peeps, this is a Youtube Series that I'll be working on, hopefully you enjoy the content, I'm going to keep everything real and give you my honest opinions about everything, I intend on playing this and doing duo collabs with other Maplestory 2 Youtubers! Watch Me: http://knockoutSushi.deviantart.com/ Follow Me: https://www.twitch.tv/KnockoutSushi/ Add Me: https://www.facebook.com/KnockoutSushi/ Location:Canada Part 2 is here, hope you enjoy, sorry about the audio, didn't realize the BGM for the boss was overlapping my voice, I promise part 3 will be a lot smoother from connection and audio, so stay tuned for that.
  3. We welcome you with open arms and hope you enjoy the community.
  4. Revised
  5. This post is removed, editing with a newer verison
  6. I was already registered here before with the alias of Tekneek but had some trouble accessioning the account but that's quite alright. I'm glad that I'm back and I hope you guys enjoy my visit as much as I please yours.