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Everything posted by Namelesspric

  1. Doubt I'll make the cut, but I want this team to exist. LOL IGN: NamelessPric Roles: Support, Fill
  2. Sounds like some interesting stuff. Looking forward to more info.
  3. I'm up for a second go. SN: NamelessPric
  4. LOL IGN: NamelessPric Rank: Bronze Experience: Over 1 and a half years Roles / Mains: I'm a fill, but I mostly play Support. I usually play Sona, Nautilus, Ashe, Lux, Singed, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Soraka and Veigar. What I Know / Can Teach: The basics and some advance tactics What I Want To Learn: How to play more champs and how to play the ones I know better Other MOBA Experience: None
  5. I'm interested in participating in this tournament, but am not yet in the club. My summoner name is NamelessPric.
  6. Looks like Teemo has some competition for most annoying champion in LOL!
  7. I am interested, but I live in NA. Summoner Name: FictionAddict Mains: ADC & Support
  8. I just keep forgetting when people plan on doing game sessions together. I would like to play with with or against members of the AJSA, but I haven't gotten the chance to yet.
  9. I agree whole-heartily with you mate. The focus of a stream should be on the game-play and/or personality of the streamer, not their looks.
  10. That's amazing! Had to watch it twice!