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  1. TheTitan liked a post in a topic by Namelesspric in AJSA LoL Club Update   
    Sounds like some interesting stuff. Looking forward to more info.
  2. Namelesspric liked a post in a topic by TheTitan in League of Legends 1v1 Tournament EVENT   
    I would like to take a moment and welcome you to the AJSA NA League of Legends 1v1 Tournament. The inaugural tournament will be hosted on July 10, 2016 at 6pm Est. There will be 16 spots available in this tournament. Prizes will be handed out for first through fourth place finishes:
    1st place wins $75 2nd place wins $50 3rd place wins a 3500 RP code 4th place wins a 1380 RP code  
    To sign up for the tournament you have to be apart of the AJSA League of Legends Club and respond in the forum announcement with your in-game name. Seeding will be randomized Check in will be at 5:30 pm Est in the club chat. If you are not present by 5:45 pm Est your spot will be forfeited to the reserve list. The opening rounds of the tournament will be single match ups. The semifinals and finals will be best of three.
    Match Rules: The 1v1 matches will be played on Summoner’s Rift (in the mid lane) and the win conditions are first blood, first tower or first to 100 CS. Selections, Early Rounds: The selection process will include a “chat ban” phase before a blind pick during the opening rounds of the tournament. During this process each contestant can ban up to 3 champions. This ensures nobody has an unfair advantage in the single match ups. Selections, Finals: The semifinals and finals will have a draft phase. There will be a coin toss to determine the order in which sides will be picked in the best of three. Winning: Once any win condition is reached, both participants take a screenshot of the scoreboard to submit for review if your game is not being streamed. If the score board is suspicious, the match up will be replayed with an observer. Suspicious scoreboards include reaching 100 CS before 9.5 minutes into the match which is the realistic threshold for 100 CS without missing a minion. Global Bans: The following list of champions are unfair to play against and currently have absurd win rates (54%+) while maintaining an unhealthy ban rate (30%+). This list is subject to change; Malzahar, Swain. Streaming: Games will be broadcast on https://www.twitch.tv/thetitan18 and/or https://www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming. Every semifinals and finals match up will be broadcast. Broadcast match ups in the opening rounds will be chosen at random and participants will be informed if they are selected. Non-broadcast Matches: All Non-broadcast matches in the first round have to be underway by 6:20 pm Est. All Non-broadcast matches in the second round have to be underway by 7:20 pm Est. This allows for remake time if necessary. Disconnects, Hardware Failure, and Bugs: In the event of any of these situations, the game will be remade if neither side has hit 60 CS. If one side has hit 60 CS, the CS delta has to be under 15 for a remake if the player affected is behind. If a remake is the outcome, the game will have an observer, and has to launch within 5 minutes of the decision. If this happens two times to one player in a match, that player will forfeit that match.
  3. TDKSparda liked a post in a topic by Namelesspric in Unofficial team (WIP)   
    I am interested, but I live in NA.
    Summoner Name: FictionAddict
    Mains: ADC & Support 
  4. Namelesspric liked a post in a topic by RavenKitsune in So they are buffing my boy Azir in patch 5.5   
    That parody made me laugh XD I like it...But
    Trust in Shurima; Trust in greatness!

  5. Namelesspric liked a post in a topic by Sonny in So they are buffing my boy Azir in patch 5.5   
    Riot employe posted saying they know they over nerfed Azirs kit and are making a few slight buffs to counter it
    Since Azir was released i played him non stop in ranked i never play normals anymore... xD. but ya i played him non stop even with his bugs and glitchy playstyle. Then after a few major bug fixes and small ones he started to feel like he was working. I started to notice i could  play him very good his style and i was beginning to feel my new main coming on then BAM OUT KNOW WERE riots nerf hammer came down hard on him its not so much the ratios or ap lowers its more of the range on his kit  that they hammered hard on
    It now makes him play like a fat guy who cant be assed to send his soilders that 2 feet from where he stands  its like ARISE CHAR.........MEH then they go like 2 feet away
    anyways! ya i heard he was getting buffed
    Il just leave this here for my happy thoughts

  6. Namelesspric liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Your reactions when lol says "attempting to reconnect"   
  7. Namelesspric liked a post in a topic by RavenKitsune in Your reactions when lol says "attempting to reconnect"   
    Hey guys I was searching for lol wallpapers but found something rather hilarious and it made me think.
    When you guys ever have the dreaded "attempting to reconnect" bar of doom appear during say..a promo ranked match what are you reactions?
    Mine is a little like this..