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  1. Much appreciated
  2. So the other day a guildmate said he wanted to start a show called Charr Grill sponsored by Moutain Dew! I was at work thinking of recipes that could be found in Tyria. So I came with up with - Charrzestor! Ingredients: Ooze fluid, Hylek saliva, Karka legs, Saffron Thread Directions: First get a pot and fill it half way wiith Ooze fluid and boil for 20 minutes. Once it has boiled drop fresh Karka legs and let it soak for another 10 minutes. Add a batch of Saffron Thread that has been soaked in fermented Hylek saliva. You may add other fresh vegetables of your choosing to make the broth to fit your personal taste. This dish serves up to 4-5.
  3. Thank you so much! It is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply but I am on the NA server.
  5. Hello everyone I'm not sure where to put this so I put it here you can move it if it is in the incorrect place. Anyways I am in Korea and so my time zone hurts me a lot for the guild missions. Currently, the time is set at 4 PST for runs but that is 6am here. I know I cannot ask for a time change as i am in the minority but would it be possible to have 2 runs? One more run that would be set at a time where most people could still play and where i can join? I love this guild and would love to do everything with people but this is one thing I cannot join but really wish to...I love the guild bow skin I want that more than any legendary our there.