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  1. Menelaos liked a post in a topic by Redeyeflight in The Game Industry Might Make Me Quit Gaming   
    The basic philosophy shift that occurs within any entertainment industry when investment bankers get involved has hit this particular industry like a two ton truck.
    Any entertainment medium starts with a cool idea.  Something fun.  Production begins under the following premise...
    "Lets make a product, so we can make a bit of money, to make a better product."
    You can apply this principle to the start of just about any industry since the industrial revolution.  From rail trains to power plants.  This is the "Product focused" phase.
    The moment any product or industry shows the potential to make money, it gets noticed by people who's goal in life is not to produce, but to aggregate wealth.  The philosophy shifts....
    "We need more money.  Lets whip up a product we can market to this demographic and sell."
    The differences in these to philosophy's may seem semantic at first glance.  It's just a couple of words flipped around right?  No.  That small change in mission statement dictates the values of production.  The product is no longer conceived to be a good product, but a tool that can be used to collect wealth.
    Creativity stifles.  Where risk used to be the name of the game, and path to success it is now antithetic to the primary goal.  It must sell.  Budgeting is shifted from production to marketing.  Products are rushed, under funded, and cloned from other products.
    Just keeping the studio open and the payroll covered isn't enough anymore.  Making games is no longer the reason to make games.  Games are now a tool for people who care nothing for games to make money.
    That's what it means to be "main stream".