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    RPGs, Nintendo-fanboy stuph, gmod, and youtube gaming channels.
  1. Granted, Saint's Row 4 hardly takes itself seriously. You're fighting aliens in a virtual reality as the president of the US, after all
  2. sorry to bug you again, but can you resend it? It said I had a clan invite, but nothing showed up in the notifications...
  3. This right here. In fact, you put it a bit more eloquently than I did XD Granted, I don't necessarily mind being put on a specific path as long as the story and characterization are good. But don't make it seem like there's an actual choice! who's going to want to take the middle ground if you get less from it than adhering to good or evil?
  4. (If this is in the wrong place, please let me know and I will gladly remove it) To give a little context, I recently started playing Mass Effect 1 (looking to play the whole series, regardless of opinions on the last game). So far, I have a goody-goody Paragon Shepard who would gladly stick his arm in a fire to save a basket full of orphan kittens. In most respects, I love the game. Bioware always seems to rub me the right way with its games and storylines, and this one was no exception. One of my only problems with it though, was Shepard himself. While I'm grateful that he actually has spoken lines, most of them seem to be delivered so flat and without real character. Even though the Paragon side of him is a stalwart hero who stands up for the weak and innocent, he sounds more like a bored office worker reading off notecards for a business presentation to me. I'm not saying it's the voice actor's fault. I mean, yeah, he could've added more personality and zest to the lines, but then that causes a problem of creating an inconsistent Shepard. His Paragon lines might sound completely optimistic and friendly, while his Renegade lines might then sound like he wants to rip out your tongue and shove it where the sun don't shine. You get a little bit of that with how the lines are delivered in the game, but it's not enough to really sell it. However, if the guy reading the lines did try to sell it, that would just make Shepard seem bipolar unless you always followed the good or always followed the evil dialogue options. So why am I bringing all this up? Because it makes me feel like you can't have a morality system in a game without sacrificing the main character's personality, and that giving the player the "freedom" to choose a character's conversation options just turns his or her character into a grey muddle of slightly good and evil thoughts and expressions. Now I'm not saying that I hate having the option to choose between good and evil altogether. I do find that system interesting, and it's cool to think that you can drive a story down one way or the other. But then the problem is that, if you really make your own decisions in the game and have some good and some evil decisions, you don't get those little rewards from being all-good or all-evil; there's no real reason to take things halfway or neutrally without sacrificing bonuses and other story options. I remember one video game critic (whose name I can't remember at the moment) that wished that those kind of games just gave you a good or evil path to begin with and stick to those paths, and honestly, I'd love for a game to do that. I'd be fine with playing a game where the decisions are made for me if it meant that the character could have a little more personality. TL;DR: I hate it when a game gives you a morality system with an utterly boring character, and I feel like (for the most part) you can't have a morality system without sacrificing the personality (and vice versa). You want a character with personality? Gotta take the moral choices away from the player. Want to have the player choose the character's morals? Gotta get rid of their character's personality. What do you guys think? Agree, disagree? Do you think there are games that disprove what I'm arguing?
  5. Thanks! (late post because of the posting limit XP) This community seems even bigger than what I thought it would be, so I'm kinda excited to get in the relevant groups and clans
  6. I started watching Angry Joe. I like Angry Joe. I found his forum. I like forums. Now I'm doing an introduction. I suck at introductions :V ...so yeah, hello and stuff! XP
  7. I want to be angry and in an army :V Kamaro12. Also, just joined the forum, woo!