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Everything posted by hornedturtle

  1. Have you found a decent mobile game then post it here ill start with wazhack And sir! I'd like to report a bug!
  2. Deceased crab. Only lets player I watch, I used to watch proton jon when he was doing custom mario games/kazio
  3. Coming from a vice city/liberty city fanboy, extremly well. There the first protagonists I've actually liked since Tommy
  4. As someone with shit data capped Internet I will avoid it like the plague
  5. I gave up on joining the xbox crew.
  6. the 9th doctor ftw
  7. gametrailers gave it best multiplayer....
  8. I'd rather them improve frame rate. sorta reminds me of a sunglass add I saw advertising they made the world look high definition...yes that's right, high definition glasses...because there are to many pixels in rl
  9. Nice original title with what the fuck is...
  10. prove it
  11. Wow, I need a new keyboard. Takes way to long to type stuff
  12. The slow poster always wins...im at a masive 10 leters per hour. This post took me over 6 hours to write
  13. Wait, I think I just won.....damnit. well if I can't win... I just lost the game
  14. Had to start again. 10 billion with nothing to buy is no fun
  15. Ahhh. Kinda complex. . Well. Im starting from lvl 1. Hardcore master 5. Hopefully you can join in
  16. Well, so much for the xbox party
  17. 2 in the one race
  18. I randomed it
  19. The amount of servers required to run a service like youtube would be huge. The investment needed is not worth the risk, especially when the risk for drm breaches would be huge. It would be near impossible to compete with youtube.
  20. emulators are a huge drain on cpu, and problems with framerates due to that.
  21. Talking of hacks, when you see it you will go wtf
  22. The snow is already gone for me
  23. Real men don't cry, although on some occasions my eyes sweat. vegeta being killed by freza. Best speach ever.
  24. the only way I know how to make money is races. Got 18000 from survival, spent 26k to replace the ammo. Although I did rank up
  25. Iron maiden was the first band I saw live. All I remember is it was awesome.