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  1. Planetary Annihilation is good, its pretty much supreme commander 3. The rest of the mentions are primarily hardcore RTS - other than AoE2. SC2 barely has ANY variation in what you can use to be good at the game; most of it costs too much for you to manage through being rushed by someone else or to successfully enjoy the detail in battles, or have large scale wars. There are AoM events; or at least I have seen one. Now that is a game for everyone to enjoy; the advantage of the scenario builder with all of its triggers and events... If you have played it since it came out you would know some great online "game modes" - The RPG maps where you level units and buy upgrades with gold you get from kills... Mythodea, myth war, original castle blood... Deku; individual players play as characters from the Zelda series and have different units... Empire at War was a good one to consider, mainly due to the length of the games, where you are trying to take a few planets and then the other guy takes your planets... Of course its all dependant on what you prefer to play. I dont mind starcraft but as I said it is VERY linear. I prefer things like age of empires because where it has the rush options and civilisations that enhance those rush priorities you can also turtle effectively, build a nice looking city or a large upgraded army to trample someone.