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    Gaming - AD&D, Shadowrun, Risk, Cards Against Humanity, anything for four or more people really.

    Video Games - (Top 5 franchises, in order) Half Life, Fallout/Elder Scrolls, Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Daxter, Tomb Raider, StarCraft/WarCraft/Diablo

    Movies - Star Wars: A New Hope (before Lucas butchered it). Any other favorites are cataloged by genre.

    Books - Allan Dean Foster and Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child are among my favorites.

    Music - Eclectic. Anything from Mozart/Beethoven to Daft Punk/Glitch Mob and especially game soundtracks/remixes. Dislikes: rap/hip hop and country >_< (with VERY few exceptions)

    3D art. I went to school for computer animation and work as a graphic artist, so this is natural.

    Web series - Angry Joe! Nostalgia Critic, Zero Punctuation

    Web comics - Order of the Stick, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Girl Genius, Faux Pas

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  1. Actually, I'm 70% certain massive game sizes are less about content than they are about piss-poor coding that expands the file size. The problem is the coding is part of the base engine design magnified by whatever workarounds were used to bypass the shortcomings the developers ran into. The result being a knarled angry mess that is a miracle it even runs.
  2. While the concept always sounds good on paper...yeah, there's a reason armies don't walk around with swords and shields anymore.
  3. So...my sister got me hooked on Subnautica. I had heard snatches about it a few years ago, but now the game has officially released...and has an ending! I love it! While I generally consider myself a person with few fears and the ability to manage the ones I have...deep open water scares the crap out of me! Even though I'm well aware that most of the really big sea creatures on our own planet aren't all that interested in little old you (whales and such), the very idea of looking down past your feet and seeing nothing but deep blue fading to black is terrifying! Needless to say, the bigger creatures in Subnautica DO very much want to EAT YOU! And I had a blast finding ways to survive while staying as far as possible from reaper leviathans. I won't spoil the storyline, but I thought it was well written, and I really appreciated that there was an actual end to the game. Usually, survival games just give you the goal of "survive and explore" or "horde phat loot", and for me, the fun wears out really quickly when there's no endgame. I wish more open-world survival games would do what Subnautica does, and it gives me a small amount of hope for Fallout 76...but only a little. And at $24.99 on Steam, I thought it was a really good value. The graphics are nice, I ran into few if any bugs and the development team seems dedicated. 8/10
  4. Well, the only reason I still hang out here is because, generally speaking, I like the AJSA community. Now if only I actually had the drive to join them in online games, but I really prefer single-player games.
  5. There's a mod for that... Of course, it doesn't change the fact that there is essentially no "bad" choice. Even the snarky responses push you toward being a "good" guy/girl. I have a journal mod installed that allows you to write your own player notes. I tried playing once where my personal journal made the character out to be a real ***hole who didn't care about her kid and was pissed that someone got to shoot her cheating husband before she could. It didn't mesh at all with any of the pre-written dialogue options, and I eventually gave up trying.
  6. That little fan film is fantastic! I loved Stephen Lang as Sully and Nathan Fillion...come on, Nathan is good pretty much any time he shows up on screen.
  7. That is mostly my feelings, but I'm worried that in the past Bethesda has shown an eagerness to "follow the crowd" with some of their decision-making processes. Fallout 4 is actually a good example, as much as I grew to like the settlement building, the only reason it was put in the game was that, at the time, pretty much every other successful game had some type of base-building/crafting system. And to be honest, I think the story-telling in Fallout 4 suffered for all the emphasis the settlements got.
  8. I don't know...am I the only one that's not getting a good feeling about Fallout 76 after watching all the promotional material released so far? I was willing to give the multiplayer aspect a chance, but now it looks like it's going to be just another boring copy of RUST and who knows how many other "survival" shooters, just with a Fallout theme. The idea of exploring the wasteland with your friends is cool, the knowledge that some twelve-year-old jackass can ruin your whole day just because he feels like it is not. I would feel a lot differently about this game if it was strictly PVE.
  9. Joe is surprised that it felt geared towards investors? Um...that's what E3 IS. It hasn't been about the gamers in a looooooong time.
  10. I still need a little more detail on how Fallout 76 will play...but I'm actually looking forward to it. Both my dad and I are huge fans of the series, and being able to explore the wasteland together would be so much fun! DOOM is definitely on my list! I love the first reboot they made and would love to play more! RAGE was a good game, but really short. I'm curious what they will do with this new one (which looks good). Elder Scrolls 6...ok. I mean, I think we all knew it was in the works, so this "teaser" is actually kind of lame. I won't get really excited until they reveal more about the game world, which appears to be...Hammerfell? It would be REALLY cool to revisit the city of Daggerfall! Maybe with a few easter eggs for those of us who started our Elders Scrolls adventure way back then?
  11. That bit with the cake was hilarious! As per upcoming games...I have so many games on my to-be-played shelf I haven't really looked at new games in a long time. I did recently play God of War, which was amazing, but that's the newest one for me. For Elderscrolls 6, my hope is either Blackmarsh or Elsweyr! OR...take it off Tamriel altogether and give us a brand new continent! Nirn is a big place, after all. For Kingdom Hearts 3...well it's about time! ...but now I need to go play the other two so I can remember what the storyline was.
  12. Sweet! The only thing I didn't like about the first game was the bland story and it was REALLY short, other than that it really had potential and I'm happy to see that it looks like Bethesda has done just that! Bethesda has been doing top-notch with their FPS games. Both DOOM and the Wolfenstein games have been fantastic so far.
  13. Meh, I played Unreal Tournament 2004 with bots all the time. ... Of course, that wasn't in online play...
  14. This is all very sad, but I have to be honest...I will continue to watch NC until he disappears entirely. But the real question I have is...how much Lupa did I miss??? There must be dozens of Radu Reviews that I missed out on because I never looked her up on YouTube! This must be corrected!
  15. Yay, hardware is driving the industry again like it did in the old days! Oh wait...that hardware is going to require everything to be touch-screen compatible, which limits controller versatility and playability, and despite the power of the modern smartphone it still isn't up to speed with a mid-range gaming PC with graphics card support. Yeah...hate to sound like the grumpy old man, but I really don't like where this could potentially go.