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    Gaming - AD&D, Shadowrun, Risk, Cards Against Humanity, anything for four or more people really.

    Video Games - (Top 5 franchises, in order) Half Life, Fallout/Elder Scrolls, Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Daxter, Tomb Raider, StarCraft/WarCraft/Diablo

    Movies - Star Wars: A New Hope (before Lucas butchered it). Any other favorites are cataloged by genre.

    Books - Allan Dean Foster and Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child are among my favorites.

    Music - Eclectic. Anything from Mozart/Beethoven to Daft Punk/Glitch Mob and especially game soundtracks/remixes. Dislikes: rap/hip hop and country >_< (with VERY few exceptions)

    3D art. I went to school for computer animation and work as a graphic artist, so this is natural.

    Web series - Angry Joe! Nostalgia Critic, Zero Punctuation

    Web comics - Order of the Stick, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Girl Genius, Faux Pas

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  1. This is all very sad, but I have to be honest...I will continue to watch NC until he disappears entirely. But the real question I have is...how much Lupa did I miss??? There must be dozens of Radu Reviews that I missed out on because I never looked her up on YouTube! This must be corrected!
  2. Yay, hardware is driving the industry again like it did in the old days! Oh wait...that hardware is going to require everything to be touch-screen compatible, which limits controller versatility and playability, and despite the power of the modern smartphone it still isn't up to speed with a mid-range gaming PC with graphics card support. Yeah...hate to sound like the grumpy old man, but I really don't like where this could potentially go.
  3. Actually base on what little I've played of The Witcher (haven't finished the first one yet...) Geralt is actually one of the best guest characters they could have put in there. The combat mechanics of The Witcher lend themselves very well to a fighting game like Soul Calibur.
  4. This is probably most relevant to fans in the US and Canada over 30, but I'm sure the fandom has spread overseas. Back in the early 1990s there was this AWESOME cartoon called ReBoot, the first completely CGI TV show ever (and a year or two before Pixar released Toy Story). Check it out here. By today's standards the animation and graphics are terrible! But what it lacks in technical ability it more than makes up in great characters, writing, and just plain geeky fun. Spoilers: season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger, which fans have been longing to see resolved (I think they did that in some comic books, but it just isn't the same). Then Rainmaker Entertainment announced there would be a "reboot" of the series. Fan's were skeptical to say the least. Then they released a trailer... Needless to say...well...you can read the comments yourself...
  5. Yeah, pretty much what crab said. Despite some advances the tech really isn't there, and honestly I'm not sure it's even close. However, when it is...I fully expect to be able to play a game where player responses are actually voiced by the player and the AI reacts to key words in the player's response! It would be the most awesome and infinitely re-playable RPG EVER!
  6. Hey Joe! Wanna play a zombie game???
  7. I think I had, and they were better. The other thing that always bugged me about Oblivion was they only had about eight voice actors. That's an exaggeration, but I knew, whenever I spoke with a male wood elf or high elf or dunmer it was going to be the same guy. Every. Single. Time. Not that they weren't quality actors, but the lack of variety really dragged. It does a little in Skyrim, too. But at least they have a broader mix.
  8. Dude! This is awesome! TR 2 is still my favorite in the series. I still remember my heart racing at the start of Forty Fathoms when you had to escape the sharks and find a way into the shipwreck!
  9. Reloading...every. Single. Time a party member died, not just Dogmeat. Fallout 2 is still the best game in the series, followed closely by New Vegas. Vegas just really nailed some of the feel of those older games. I have yet to finish Tactics, but that was mostly because I tried to pick it up immediately after playing through 1 & 2 and learned it was such a different play style that I couldn't adapt. But I really want to try again.
  10. *drool* Been playing a lot of Skyrim lately. The only thing keeping me from going back to Oblivion is the potato face characters...even with mods. (although it's been a while since I hunted Oblivion mods, maybe somebody fixed that?)
  11. Adobe After Effects and Premier. What? Oh, those aren't free? *whistles out the door* ...(actually they're very old versions I got years ago)
  12. If handled right. Lately most of the AAA developers have focused less on good storytelling and more on mass market. But that's not to say they don't try. Last year we got Horizon Zero Dawn, which was fantastic from beginning to end! Even the side quests were interesting and made me want to explore and find out more about this strange new world after the fall of civilization. Aaaaaand then there's Overwatch. Millions spent on marketing and creating this rich environment with interesting (looking) characters...and the game itself is nothing but a moba arena shooter that does little to expand on it. It irks me every time I hear fans go on about Tracer's "backstory" when the only way to learn it is supplement materials that aren't a part of the game itself. Such a waste of the medium.
  13. But...we already have a Star Wars where everyone dies! I guess more blood and nudity is the next step...
  14. Good question... ...I think I should replay them again to find out. Of course I'd have to make sure my own PS2 still works after I get the dust off it. About the only thing I do remember is that I liked the gummy fighters more in KH1 than I did in KH2.