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Everything posted by PlasticFrogCG

  1. Actually, with the Time Stone in play all that cool stuff with everyone dying COULD be what happens, then Strange whips out the Time Stone as the "last resort" and cut to credits. I can't wait to find out!
  2. We need a revival of adventure games. I'm sick of the CoDs and Battlefronts. I bought Tesla Effect two years ago, but haven't played it yet. I really should.
  3. Someday! I already spent all my leave time going to Germany to visit family this year and it will take a bit to build it up again. I figure planning around a con in Melbourne will give me an excuse to both see the beautiful country and make friends.
  4. Do I guess they were...eVisceralated. ...ok, that sounded better in my head...
  5. Have I ever mentioned how much I really want to visit Australia? I think most of has to do with being on the complete opposite side of the world, but it's always fascinated me! And I really miss Steve Irwin
  6. You could argue that Minecraft was what started the whole "crafting sandbox" craze, which meant everyone had to somehow squeeze a crafting system into the game whether it called for one or not...which led to the ultimate downfall of Fallout
  7. Already started buying the LEGO sets. So whatever Disney is doing...it's working.
  8. Whatever happens...I guarantee it will be 100% more awesome than Justice League!
  9. That's exactly what I've been thinking about ever since I posted. I think what's really bothering me is the idea behind all this. It doesn't feel right to me that voting with our wallets didn't work, even though you're clearly right that it hasn't. Having to call in the big guns with legislation makes me feel small and powerless, like maybe Corporate Commander isn't just a caricature created by Angry Joe. In the long run I honestly don't know what to expect, but if I really think about it...could it really be that bad? I mean if they do start regulating games by content, by the time it's in place I'll be an old man who is content to play the latest VR Puzzle Quest. And I already ignore new online shooters like CoD and Battlefront, so what am I complaining about?
  10. Ok, just my two cents worth... While I absolutely HATE this whole loot box band wagon that major AAA game developers have jumped on...getting the government involved is a VERY bad idea in the long run. One thing I love about AJSA is we have something of an unspoken rule to keep discussions on politics brief and civil if they pop up at all. But this is an area where I think there is massive potential for it to spin out of control. Personally I am very suspicious whenever the government is eager to "help". Usually its a pretext for them to get their grubby hands on it so they can regulate the hell out of it. I'm sure some of our Australian members could share some horror stories on the regulation of violent video games and what a mixed bag it is. As the old saying goes: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  11. Jokes aside...why can't we see our feet yet in FPS games? The old "less to render" argument is moot with todays engines and gaming systems and I know for a fact that almost all the Fallout/Elder Scolls games have mods to give you a first person body and they are generally well received (still waiting for a Fallout 4 one).
  12. If she ends up somehow related to Skywalker OR Solo I will consider it some of the LAMEST writing ever! It's way too obvious and cliche, and Star Wars deserves better. I got my ticket, but honestly? I'm not all that hyped for this one like I was for Force Awakens, and I definitely consider myself a Star Wars fan. When I watch this trailer...all I can see is dollar signs in the eyes of Mickey Mouse as they roll out the toys and other merchandise based on all the new stuff.
  13. Whew, I forgot how hard this game was! Made it through the original campaign just fine, but Brood War? OK, Protoss and Terran weren't so bad. But about half way through the Zerg campaign... I hate defilers, lurkers and ultralisks...when they're used against me. Anyone else rediscovering this great game?
  14. I've seen a couple of behind the scenes clips for his shows. Ramsay actually is a nice guy, but he likes to see people succeed and doesn't spare them the humiliation when they royally f-up. He's definitely a "tough love" kind of guy. Don't think I'd ever eat at one of his restaurants just because it's too pricey.
  15. Same here. It looked very cool, but once I discovered that you actually had to leave the game and go to the Destiny website (with a registered account) just to view the background files you unlocked when exploring really killed all my interest in the game. Would it really have been that hard to include the world-building information in an in-game database like Mass Effect??? Beyond that gripe, I found the game itself to be very generic even if the setting was mildly interesting.
  16. I just finished reading the Dark Tower novels...well, listening to the audio book versions. I still can't call the movie horrible, it just didn't actually DO anything with its source material. It threw many of the key parts into one pile, but didn't bother to explain any of them. And after learning that they wanted to make it a franchise all I could think was "why didn't you just make The Gunslinger then???" If they turned Dark Tower into a TV mini-series like the Stand it would probably work.
  17. Thanks, I was hesitant to post a link because I wasn't sure if their might be an objection to what would essentially be me advertising. The book is titled "Mark of the Tiger's Stripe" and you can find it on Amazon here. I think the Kindle version is only available in the US and Canada because that's how I set it up, but maybe the print one is available overseas? You order it through Amazon, but CreateSpace handles the printing, and that is still set for international...I think. Only the first time I've done this, LOL. Straight up, it's an action-adventure novel featuring furry characters (if you like that sort of thing). My overall goal was to capture the spirit of a 1990s sci-fi action movie, but with talking animals! Here's the jacket text from the back cover: "Welcome to the world of Amarthia, where lions, tigers, and bears roam the city streets, and nobody bats an eye. Here, the sentient animal inhabitants live in relative peace with their neighbours; at least as long as they stay within the heavily fortified walls of the cities. Outside, harsh storms, marauding bandit tribes, and savage creatures rule the wilds. Of course, civilization is only fur deep, a fact which international journalist Sedric Barnes learns all too quickly after delving into the criminal underworld of Pytan to expose the elusive slave trader Assad Alabwaq, the Black Horns. But Barnes may get more than he bargained for when he discovers another world hidden even deeper beneath the mask of Amarthian civilization. A world of cloaks, daggers, and creatures of nightmare thousands of years old. And when his path crosses with that of a beautiful white tigress, and the hunters who keep the monsters in check, he learns something more: it’s a world he was born into." Thanks for sharing. If you like it, I'm already working on another one.
  18. Beyond that I'm hesitant to say more without moderator approval. But yeah, I wrote a sci-fi action adventure book. Unfortunately it is currently only available in US and Canada because I really don't know enough about foreign markets yet. I guess I'm actually asking if anyone here has ever tried to sell a product and can provide some tips. Or maybe we have some closet storytellers here and they've been holding out on us!
  19. You weren't the only one. And then I remembered seeing this when to the movies recently.
  20. Is this where I post The Who? Meet the new boss Same as the old boss
  21. youtube haters, content

    When this whole mess started I purposely avoided all videos related to it, for or against Joe. I started watching Joe because he reviewed a game I wanted to get. I kept watching, even on games I had no interest in, because I thought his videos were funny. I didn't join the AJSA until years later because I wanted a place to talk about games with other gamers. It might not show it on my profile, but I always love chatting with people like ApexSpartan, CrazyCrab, Legolas_Katarn and many other regulars. I don't really game with them because of time zones and not being big on multiplayer games, but the conversation is nice and I like being here. *shrug*
  22. Really hard to tell. I never really got into the sonic games. However, most of the OC Remixes I've downloaded are from Sonic 3.
  23. 100% agree with Horizon Zero Dawn. Just an amazing game! One of my favorite aspects of it was that even after collecting all the best weapons and armor and unlocking all the skills, the game was still challenging! I couldn't just mow through the baddies with impunity because it was balanced to the point that every type of enemy had a set of strengths and weaknesses that required changing tactics. Even at the end of the game there were enemies that I tended to avoid because they were still difficult to take down. Also on my best list: Haven't finished it yet, but I love it. It feels like a beautiful combination of Bioshock and Half-Life 2. Great story, great sci-fi setting. Worst...um...I don't buy bad games. So I don't have a worst.
  24. Drought? What drought? I have 200+ games on my Steam list alone, and I've only played about a quarter of them. And come August I won't even be focusing on new games. I'm waiting for StarCraft Remastered to release so I can have a marathon from the first game all the way through Legacy of the Void!