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  1. CD PROJEKT RED's 2015 Legendary 10 out of 10 classic the Witcher III is a monumental achievement in game crafting and story telling. Though amid it's successes, it had many failures. The Witcher 3 is not a "detective/investigation" game. Although Investigations play an important role in advancing the story. Though the developers didn't create a particularly rich experience. The Investigation Mechanic Is Almost Infantile when juxtaposed against the Witcher's themes. The Combat is nothing revolutionary. Fighting minor monsters is generic and repetitive, and fighting humans has no weight other than having to survive or slaughter. The Fast Travels System Is Novel But Can Be Tedious For New Players. Also, the crafting and mutation systems have never been tested in an other game. The Witcher III is not the brightest example game of any one system. In fact, most of the systems, when examined individually, can be an example of a poorly implemented one. The Witcher III Became A Legendary Entry Into The Video Game Archives was by delivering a powerful narrative that was cohesive enough to determined the game's systems. The Narrative of Witcher III is delivered with such conviction, that the simplistic game systems and untested innovations don't interfere with the delivery of the story. The Strength of Witcher III is convincing players they are a Witcher. And Although the Witcher III's systems are often bland, because players are convinced they are the only person who can solve monster human conflicts, players don't notice. In fact, if the investigation and combat systems were more delectable, they would have taken away from the experience. The systems would have gotten in the way. Witcher III Wild Hunt is a Fantasium of Imagination Because The Fantasium Was Allowed To Determine the Systems. PLAY MY GAME SPACE UTILITY LABOUR FORCE AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD aND wITHOuT mICROTRANSACTIONS WWW.GOVERSUSSTOP.CA
  2. I Have An Art Section On My Website Go There If You're Looking For Inspiration My Style Is Classical And Angry Army www.GoVersusStop.ca
  3. Tell Me What You Think, Leave a Comment on my Webpage accepting applications for graphic designer positions Space Utility Labour Force Official Version Available on www.GoVersusStop.ca view details when prompted to - not trust file - run anyway - zip folder contains my game.. Space Utility Labour Force GoVersusStop - Alpha1.0 - SpaceUtilityLabourForce.zip
  4. The video game industry is new and very important sector for developing culture. Interactive educational software and video games have a powerful effect in shaping culture. The use of randomized content lootboxes is game crafting bad practice. Players are forced to comply by consciously suspending their agential control for the sole purpose of increasing a games profitability and revenue cycle. A large majority of gamers are aware of the peripheral, time-gating, nature of these loot box microtransactions. There is little benefit presented to gamers for participating in these craps shoot, grab bag, content packs. The neglected majority of gamers are conscious of the contributions they make to support a game. Gamers enjoy exploring storefronts to buy content items that customize their character. These purchases can be catered to support seasonal themes or in-game global events. Being forced to buy, mystery box, content grab bags is simply weak. We all believe these to be nothing but bad deal scams to grift us out of our money. Money that we spend meticulous calculated measures to spend diligently because it is crucial for all aspects of society! The practice of using randomized content lootboxes, symptomatic or diagnostic, is having a detrimental effect to our economy. The practice is no more than petty grifting. Game publishers should be held to a higher standard for providing fair deals (transaction opportunities) to their customers, micro or otherwise. When I first arrived in Canada with my family I noticed that Canada had two things that we didn't not have in my country: Candy and Toys. In my country we value things like might, wealth and strength. These are wonderful things. But there also needs to be things that motivate us to live like Play and fun. The issue of microtransactions in video games will affect western culture profoundly. It is important that you get involved because your country can be a jewel. We have stared into the void of space for eons and to this day we haven't found a world with life on it. Here, on earth, we have wonderful things.
  5. John Carmack said that story in a video game is like story in a porn video, it's not necessary but you expect it to be there. I believe he meant that when you consider the story told by clothes, setting and category of porn, a porn without a story would be people bumping caught on camera. In fact the person watching the porn has a perfectly clear idea of what is happening in porn-meta terms. If not implicitly told, the story has to be meticulously suggested. The failure of both F76 and The Division is that they are not communicating enough context to substantiate the player's actions/decisions. How many times did you see a pile of corpses in the Division and thought nothing of it. The story in both F76 and the Division is dispensed in flat, un-imagined, unintelligent information bites that fall short of making a satisfying whole.
  6. First I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Bamboe, a member of the AJSA since 2015 gaming primarily with the xbox community. I am writing this mainly to share my experience with a game a loved. TBH I'm disappointed to hear about Fallout 76 flopping (for full disclosure I haven't played any of the betas or anything). Frankly I felt that Fallout 4 missed the mark. That said IMO Fallout 3 is a great game. Perhaps not technically, or aesthetically but it captured my imagination. It let me role play my character in a world with modern themes that made my decision and game actions mean more to me. The depth in the dialogue system was great for echoing that. On my first play through I went through the subway tunnels with a hunting rifle i found on a super mutant. That was a lot of ammo management at first, but when I got comfortable with VATS and when every other super mutant started dropping least 4 rounds, it got boring quick. On my second play through I had a different approach. I used mellee weapons. I was using a tire iron at first. It took a million hits to kill every thing, and I had to choose whether I should engage stronger enemies. After some exploring I found a lead pipe. That lead pipe btw was sick AF. I could two shot mole rats and I could not engage enemies I could not before. I was having fun, and I could not put my controller down.
  7. R.U.S.E makes me love gaming every time I play it. It's not a perfect game, but it does a lot right. Especially since it's a console RTS released in 2010. Watch this video if you like war strategy AND VICTORIOUS DESTRUCTION!!
  8. If you're a Forza 6 player I would like to challenge you to beat my time on the full Nurburgring track (no night, no rain). To be considered for this challenge you have to post a screenshot of your race results as well as a screenshot of the assists you used. Here is the time to beat and the assists to use respectively: I recommend that you get rid of the drivatars for this. You can do this is the race options menu in the pick track and car screen. Also, you can use xboxclips.com (http://xboxclips.com/) to upload your screenshots. Just paste the URL of the PNG page. Feel free to ask any questions if you got em. Good luck!