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Yello Mit

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  1. So this is a good surprise in my opinion of recent MMO games. The initial launch was average at best, but after a lot of fixes, it "re-launched" and it is going very strong. I quite enjoy the game (although lack of end game content is minimal, but they're making more). The community at large is quite friendly and social, and David Brevik himself puts in A LOT of time and effort to make everyone as happy as possible. It is F2P, but does have micro-transactions.... But unlike most other F2P games, the stuff you can buy is obtainable in the game without having to grind to the point where you are like "it isn't worth it". Maybe that is just me. What are your thoughts on the game? Love it? Hate it?
  2. I'll totally play this when it comes out. I loved Dragon's Dogma, even with the flaws it had. If they can fix those in this online version, holy crap.
  3. Well to be fair, I doubt Jade had a huge fanbase, so it is no big loss. Hopefully we get old Johnny Cage. Crackin' nuts while he is 80 years old.
  4. Hey there everyone. My name is Yello Mit (you can call me Yello or Mit). I'm 25 and live in Australia. I've been a big fan of Angry Joe and the AJSA for a long time, but I decided to finally join the forums. I'm not much of a forum guy, but I'll try to stay active as much as possible. Feel free to add me on Steam or PSN.
  5. I've tried all 3 games listed in the poll and personally, I found DC Universe Online to easily be the most enjoyable and also the most social. CO and CoH are also good, but DCUO definitely puts time and effort (at least from what I've seen) into their game.