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  1. How do you not count the number of players ?? since the event must take account of wins of each player (except for the auto-resolved battle and the battles offline), so if these are the parameters to keep count is not possible that "7000+" players have made fewer victories of "1000+" players -.- '. Having said that you have to take to realize that this event is only an advertising move for their DLC.However DoW2 won with a gap of 0.3%, and for me and quite absurd, given that I have followed all last night the trend of percentages and how it was Attila was clearly ahead, then in the morning "DoW2" jumped in the head and then Attila was always behind little, but then when people in hubb Steam began to notice it and then get angry, the percentages have gone on equal -.- 'it stinks, if they wanted them to be transparent would show counting wins and not the percentages.
  2. 7000+ gamers on TW:Attila and 1000+ gamers on DoW2 , how is that possible "DoW2" is winning????? ----------------------------------------------- 152% TW:Attila (7000+ gamers) 152% DoW2 (1000+ gamers) http://www.makewarnotlove.com/results.php Here it stinks of rotten, I would like to see AJ pissed off. Greetings from Italy people!
  3. The game is beautiful and as has already said Orpo is better to play in a group.
  4. Se vuoi unirti a noi sei il benvenuto !!Il mio account steam è ☜☆♦Doktar♦☆☞ If you want to join us you are welcome !! My steam account is ☜☆♦Doktar♦☆☞
  5. Dear friends, we are searching for Life is Feudal players. My name is Doktar and I absolutely love Life is Feudal and these new Italian servers! Language is Italian, but they are open to anyone who wants to test the quality of these servers! USA players will find an impressive low ping for the best performance. You can find the Official Group on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LIFitalia/ To read news about the servers: http://life-is-feudal.org/server/3134/ Servers have two gameplay modes, a roleplaygame one and an action one (faster and perfect for PvP) After studying the successes and failures of other servers, Server Admins set up specific configurations and goals for the best gaming experience with Life is Feudal! - There are no Community zones- There are no pre-built structures- No help from the Admins that will be "unavailable"- Only one Goal: Just Survival! Please contact me for any questions, but don't forget, ingame you'll be alone xD Have a nice day!
  6. HI

    Hello everyone