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  1. So it's been a little over two weeks since I first posted this and I have been playing Infinity Wars quite a bit. I've had a couple of days where I played a lot and thus have put quite a few hours in the game and my first impressions still stand. (Bugs included, but those are not game-breaking.) It is a really fun game if you like TCGs and are looking for an alternative to Hearthstone that has a bit more depth and strategy. I have around 40 hours in the game and have so far not paid for in-game currency, yet I managed to get over 800 cards and found it possible to create decks with those free cards that allowed me to win. (The free cards are 'soulbound' so you can't trade them, but when you buy the cards they are free to trade with friends or on online forums.) The game also offers so-called 'weekly free decks', which are pre-built decks you can borrow and which allow you to compete quite well without creating a deck with your own cards. I'm at a point now where I feel the game offers enough fun for me to spend some money on it and that is why I wanted to write another post about the game. The community is still relatively small and that does mean it can take a few minutes for people to find a game in PvP, so it can use some word-of-mouth. I can explain more if anyone wants to learn more about the game. I think I understand it pretty well by now.
  2. As luck have it, I got a code today. I registered a while back because I really wanted to try it, but I doubt I will be able to play it much now and I would rather see someone else use it who can put in the time. Do you still need it?
  3. A few weeks ago a tried out Hearthstone for the first time and quite liked it. Easy to get into and quite addicting, but for some reason it felt a bit one-dimensional to me and easily unbalanced. So it got me thinking about these sort of Trading Card Games and I searched around a bit until I came across Infinity Wars by Lightmare Studios. Like Hearthstone it is free-to-play, but after playing it for a few days I find it far more compelling. Does anyone else here play it? It has its own unique type of gameplay, by using simultaneous turn. This means that you have to try and predict what your opponent's strategy is, which move they might make next and how you can prevent them from executing their strategy. The game also divides the board up into a control zone, support zone, defense zone and assault zone. So you can play cards to work specifically in one of those zones. I'm still getting to know the game, but so far I get the impression that clever strategies are far more important than having cards with really high stats. Even the training games put you up against cards with unrealistically high stats and show that through some clever combos you can wipe them off the board quite efficiently. The game also doesn't skimp on cards. It keeps throwing them at you. Even lost games are awarded with experience points and in-game currency, so there is constantly a feeling of progress. For those who haven't yet tried it, but do like strategic TCGs, I would highly recommend giving it a go. It is not as polished as Hearthstone and I have had some weird bugs to deal with, but overall the first impression is very positive.
  4. That story is great! Such depth! Seriously though, I'm having a lot of fun with that game whenever I want to play at a slow pace. I bought it on a whim, but haven't regretted it. To the OP: The Last of Us Remastered is a must-buy if you haven't played it yet and like a good story. I'm also loving Dying Light for some zombi bashing, but I'm probably the only person in existence who has never played a zombi game like that before. Diablo III runs very well for if you're into looting.
  5. *boom* YouTube comments section exploded… It's a great setup and wonderful to see the genuine excitement with Joe when he talks about it. This is more than just a setup, this is the tangible result of years of hard work and dedication to his chosen career. I never get tired of seeing others do well and feeling that indescribable feeling you can only get out of achieving a success you've invested years of your life in.
  6. There's been an update for PS3 and PS4 to improve stability. I understand X360 and X1 will get it too. Of course Rockstar being Rockstar, they added a few extra's like lowering the resale value of cars even more, because people will make a lot of money on heists… Right?
  7. The reviews so far have been very positive and my impression is that they went out of their way to essentially create Sim City the way people wanted it to be. The maximum size of the city is huge and if you have the hardware, you can even mod it to be bigger. I also like the way the city looks. Simple, but nice. And with all the possibilities to mod pretty much everything in the game, there are few limits. Too bad I have no hardware to run this. My Macbook has an older Intel 3000, which can't run the game. I'm hoping now that I will have an excuse to buy a new PC or laptop soon.
  8. Mine is/was actually Cities Skylines, which is of course not available on PS4, nor can I play it on my Macbook or PC. As for PS4… The Witcher 3 and the Devision certainly look promising and I am interested in Project Cars, which seems to be the only decent racing game this year. Maybe I will also check out Planetside 2. I did apply for the beta, but never got a code.
  9. Writing is a difficult process. The start is fun and it might seem as if everything is moving along quickly and that it will be done in a matter of months, but the process is long and painful. Especially in the last stages it can become a tedious process of spotting flaws in details. My advice would be to be prepared for that and know that the reward will come when you can finally touch the result of years of hard work. My guess is that for fiction it is essential to get the lore right. Even in a contemporary setting it will be important to sketch out the social and cultural background of the characters and the country in which the story is set, even when that background is not always explicitly mentioned in writing. When you know it, it will be translated in how you write your story and the readers will sense the depth that is there and the consistency it gives. I am not hugely experienced or anything like that. I finished a non-fiction monograph last year (my PhD dissertation) and am currently talking to a publisher how best to adapt it to a publishable book. I have also considered writing a work of fiction based on my research, but I always feel I fall short when it comes to the lore and will continue to do more research before I try writing it. Just my random thoughts. Most likely every writer will have their own preference on how to build up their work, so don't take it too seriously. Best of luck with your efforts!
  10. If not for Bloodborne, get it for the controller. I don't like playing on my PS3 anymore because the controller is crap compared to the new one.
  11. Bloodborne I don't really care about and I am not the type of person to like Dark Souls-type games. The Witcher 3 is something I am very interested in. I did not play the previous games because I switched to PS3, so this will be the first time that I can try it out. I expect a more mature story line and that is something I have been waiting for a long time. Too many AAA titles try to cater to a too wide demographic and end up watering down their games to become far too generic. I hope this game will be one of the exceptions Uncharted 4 is pretty much a given for me. I love Naughty Dog. They might be stretching the Uncharted franchise with this one, but I think they can be trusted to come up with a game that draws you in like only they can do. Hopefully that after that they will move on to something completely new like they did with The Last of Us. I think that is what most people really want, rather than The Last of Us 2 that so many people are asking for. It really needs to be something fresh and new.
  12. Same here. I've wanted to try out ESO for a long time, but the subs kept me from doing it. I play far too irregular to make it worth $15 a month. That's only interesting if you play a lot and really invest yourself in the game. At a first glance I like the new business model better. Buy the game, play it and if you want to get more out of it you can buy something extra or take on a premium sub.
  13. Currently playing Sniper Elite III on PS4. Quite a fun game when you enjoy sneaking around and picking off enemies one at a time, but even at the "elite" difficulty setting it is very easy to remain undetected. Thinking about getting Dying Light when it comes out tomorrow (disc version). Haven't played a zombie game other than The Last of Us, so it might be time I check one out and Dying Light seems like good fun.
  14. Essentially yes, except for his remarks about Evolve's marketing and poor communication towards customers being the biggest problem. I don't have a problem with this type of day-one dlc either, but to me the lack of a compelling core gameplay makes the whole discussion about the dlc redundant.
  15. I have played GTA online a lot and really enjoyed the anarchy and doing silly stuff for no other reason than being silly, but I think I have exhausted what this game can offer for me. I also seriously doubt the heists will be what people are expecting. Everything Rockstar has done to the game in recent months has been to discourage people from earning cash quickly. If a mission is popular, Rockstar will change it or even remove it altogether. And while they try to limit the cash a player can earn per hour of gameplay, they will continue to introduce new content that costs a premium in in-game cash. Solution? Buy shark cards. I feel Rockstar has been far too aggressive in pushing their shark cards that they will endanger the sales by introducing a good in-game money earner with the heists. Will they be fun to do instead? Let's hope so for the people who are still enjoying the game.