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  1. Next time im on ill be sure to do so, ive been a bit busy studying recently so its hard to find the time to game haha
  2. The thing is I wantted to tank but I just dont know how really haha I feel like a dumbass.
  3. Okay fellas big change of heart I noticed you can become a ninja and within 2 seconds of hearing that I changed my class to a pugalist got him to 15 then changed to rouge hahahaha biggest pain will be leveling a lancer to 37 for that blood for blood I think its called, oh the joy haha!
  4. I am playing as a gladiator which I am pretty sure goes into paladin as far as I know haha
  5. Thank you so much for the reply !
  6. So I finally started playing and I have chosen to be a tank so if anyone could give me any advice for tanking in FF I would be greatful, I really want to learn how to tank because I have always been to scared to start so if anyone could help me I would love you forever.
  7. Thank you so much ill be sure to message you if I download the game !
  8. Oh I didnt realize that sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. Kinda sad to hear the AJSA is kinda dead in this game. Thanks so much for your replies I really appreciate it!
  10. I really want to start playing this game but I am worried that I wont have anyone to play with, is there a solid group that get on and play together? I really want to start playing games in a group and i thought I would try get into an mmo and I have been looking at a few but this is by far the most appealing so yeah
  11. I wanna play the berserker but I dont want to drop cash into the game before I know its anygood haha.
  12. I am definitely going to play this game I am downloading it as we speak!
  13. I am also downloading skyforge now, hope its good haha
  14. I wanna join the guild I am on Jedi Covenant server and my character name is nooblord