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  1. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Foxx in Finally started playing   
    When exactly is a good time for people to start joining? Now, cause we can't rebuild the guild if no one is joining. This ball dosen't start rolling unless we start encouraging folks to participate. If we can help each other, even in a small part, then lets at least try.
  2. Wardo liked a post in a topic by WhiteSkyMage in Finally started playing   
    Wardo, PM me (Sky Mage) in game if you want an invite into AJSA FC, however, can't recommend you join right now...
  3. Wardo liked a post in a topic by HeroEightyTwo in Finally started playing   
    In the beginning for a Gladiator you just have to rotate a Flash to pick up the mobs initially, a couple strikes another flash then you should be good to just do your Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Halone on individual mobs. Throw in another Flash now and then to gain threat on all the mobs.
    Flash uses Mana which you don't have much of as a Glad/Pala. So if you replace Rage of Halone with Riot Blade it's additional effect will replenish a little mana. But doesn't increase your threat.
    At 22 you get Provoke which can instantly pull back a mob you've lost threat on but is on Cooldown for a minute or so.
    Later on you get a couple of interrupts like Shield Bash which also momentarily stuns a target a couple more DPS'y abilities.
    By the time you're 50+ you'll be well versed in the other abilities and the +50 abilities have some decent utility like a mana replenishing shield, a heal, DPS ability.
    Pala has numerous defence buffs as well for boss fighting all with long cooldowns. Basically it.
  4. Wardo liked a post in a topic by HeroEightyTwo in Finally started playing   
    Ah I could have given some advice on Paladin but not Ninja
    I have a Lvl 50 Dragoon as a DPS but not played him in a while.
  5. Wardo liked a post in a topic by HeroEightyTwo in Finally started playing   
    What class are you playing as?
  6. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Finally started playing   
    Anytime! I may not be the most experienced but I hope my advice will get you started on the right path. I was primarily a healer in the end game content in FF14 so I only know so much about tanks.
  7. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Finally started playing   
    Best advice would be to thoroughly learn your skills and proper rotations and what stats effect your the most. Learn how to see and how to dodge telegraphs. There are many mechanics in the game so it will take some time to properly understand the class well. I would recommend joining a free company that is friendly and try to absorb their knowledge.
    Most of all, don't rush. Just take your time and you will eventually be awesome at it.
  8. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Arreyanne in State of the Guild June 2015   
    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to give everyone an idea of whats going on in the ToR Division the past month.
    First there was a guild clean up. This was an attempt to see exactly what we had in the guild. Anyone that had not logged in the past 90 days was removed. Guild numbers went from 215 members to a low of 89. According to BW preferred and Subscriber accounts are the only ones that count towards guild bonuses, at the time of the clean up the guild was at 6.4 % reputation and 10% XP bonus.
    Guild membership has increased from the low of 89 after the cleanup to 95, good job on recruiting all. The reputation bonus also increased to 8%.
    Anyone who was member before the cleanup is of course welcome to rejoin just find us in TS or PM someone in the guild. All members have the ability to recruit at the moment.
    The guild ship was purchased. This is a huge step for the guild. It opens up planetary conquest and also gives us the ability to place the ship in orbit around a planet and provide bonuses to our members on that planet.
    The officer core has also seen come changes:
    Rain has accepted the position of PvP Officer
    Gilt agreed to become our Recruitment Officer
    I am still looking for an events officer, to lead and schedule events of all nature within the guild, if your interested send me a PM.
    Along those lines I am also in need of a PvE officer, to lead and train people for end game and generally schedule things for all levels so that all members can participate in guild lead events throughout the leveling process
    The guild bank at present has some blue and purple items in the Credit union tab that anyone may remove if they need this items, most of the items are modable and range from level 43 to 52. If you have an item that your believe someone else can use and do not wish to sell it place it in the bank for guild use
    Now let us talk about teamspeak. It has been mentioned to me that our presence in Teamspeak as a part of the AJSA is rather dismal. It was also suggest that might increase our participation. Meaning people that join TS will see someone might actually be playing and being social within the TS channels. I believe they had a valid point. So for the foreseeable future I would also ask if your in game please be in TS.
    Well thats it for this month if I missed something oh well.
    See you game
  9. Wardo liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    Skyforge is coming out in less than a week, Wildstar is going f2p this fall, and Blade and Soul is being released this winter.
    You could always try one of those.  Pretty sure there is a large AJSA presence in Wildstar already.
  10. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    You can go and try cabal 2 if you have played the first one. It recently entered open beta. I was dissapointed by it, but you may like it who knows.
  11. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in I really want to start playing but   
    This game is great and while there are great free companies (guilds) ours is currently lacking in active members. There are a few that are quite good and experienced but I don't want to misinform you. This game is a lot of fun and worth your time for sure. I played as a white mage in the end game content myself and enjoyed it immensely. We're trying to get more interested in FF14 and join our free company but it is difficult for those who are already invested in other groups. 
  12. zoterk liked a post in a topic by Wardo in Skyforge [new mmo rpg]   
    I wanna play the berserker but I dont want to drop cash into the game before I know its anygood haha.
  13. Wardo liked a post in a topic by zoterk in Skyforge [new mmo rpg]   
    I am really interested in this game.... so i am definitely going to play it .  And the class i will choose will be the mage  i really like the abilities he haves .
  14. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    Arreyane, the swtor game officer, has played and plays skyforge. Talk with her about it to get a detailed explanation of what it currently is.
  15. Wardo liked a post in a topic by MoVe in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    Skyforge releases on 16th (open beta with no more wipes). Its a new mmo that caught my eye, me agosparti vonryan and more ajsa members are going to play that. If you want you are welcome to join. Its free to play, but has 2 servers EU or US
  16. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    That can be an issue. Our most active community is Guild Wars 2 then ESO. Swtor comes next and then FF14 ARR. We just got our flagship in swtor so since the game is free to play why not check it out and see if the game is what you might want to play for awhile? I know we will be making another effort into Wildstar upon its launch into free to play come fall as well.
  17. Eiousx liked a post in a topic by Wardo in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    Installing star wars at the moment but something tells me ill end up going back to wow or trying FF out haha. I just need an MMO that is going to stay alive and have a group of people to play with but whenever I join the AJSA team speak barly anyones in it haha
  18. Wardo liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Looking for an mmo to play with people.   
    Because they all have something awesome in them to devour your wallet whole.