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  1. Thanks! I have 5 characters... I'll probably spend the gems at some point to transfer to the AA server. I haven't try WvW yet. From Joe's review, looks like it's a lot of fun... and yelling.
  2. My ID is Doji.7281, but I'm not on the Northern Shiverpeak server. I had joined the server that Angry Joe was playing on in his review (Henge of Denravi). It costs 1,800 gems to transfer. Ugh, but I'll consider it if it's the only way to join the AA on GW2. From reading the Guild wiki, it sounds like I can still join from Henge, just won't be able to play with people on the Northern Shiverpeak server. If I can still represent AA on the Henge of Denravi, I'd rather try that.
  3. Shoot... I picked the server where I saw Angry Joe playing on his review. Do I need to be on the Northern Shiverpeaks server to join AA? I have no problem always representing, but I'll have to check on the cost to transfer my account to another server. Can I represent the guild on a different server?
  4. I checked out Angry Joe's review of GW2, and decided to try it. I've really liked it so far. I have 4 characters at or over lvl 20 (I know, they aren't high level), and 1 just about to reach level 20. I'd like to join up with the Angry Army in GW2, but there doesn't appear to be any way to search for a guild, you have to actually be invited. I haven't been able to find anyone in the Angry Army running around to join. I'm also confused whether the guild is by account, by character, or it even seems I might be able to join multiple guilds and just pick the one I want to 'represent' at the time. Hope to join up for some good times in GW2 soon!