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  1. I was personally curious about everybody's past experiences with Mount & Blade and figured this was the best way to find out! Here you can post general info about you related to the game. Here is my intro which you can use as a template if you desire. Name & Rank: Cdt. Twinkie Experience: 4+ Months (November 2014 - Present) Regiments & Ranks Held: 5th Louisville Legion (5thLL) (Late November 2014 - Late December 2014) Active Roster Size: 20+ Total Roster Size: 40+ Highest Rank Held: Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol.) Roles Performed: Second-In-CommandRegimental Trainer (1 of 3 Trainers) 3rd Kentucky Infantry (3rdKY) (Late December 2014 - Present) Active Roster Size: 25+ Total Roster Size: 45+ Highest Rank Held: Sergeant (Sgt.) Roles Performed: Provost Marshal Adjutant - Second-In-Command of the Office of the Provost Marshal (OPM). A collection of officers selected to carry out the enforcement of rules detailed in a constitution designed to allow a secure environment to excel in M&B events. The OPM chain of command involved the Provost Marshal, the PM Adjutant and C.I.D. Supervisor, and four C.I.D. Investigators. While the C.I.D. Supervisor manages all four investigators, all members (below PM) answer to the PM Adjutant, who made sure all proceedings followed protocol.
  2. I still have to finish my full review but I found it kinda hard to get into this one as well. I liked how some parts in the campaign were changed but it wasn't enough to make up for the less enjoyable multiplayer.
  3. A Look at My Steam Library Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword Time Purchased: April 1st, 2015 Hours on Record: 32 Hours Release Date: May 4th, 2011 Price: $9.99 Price I Paid: $3* Game Overview This is a new addition to my library that I have been wanting to try since I was first introduced to the series. Like Warband before it, With Fire and Sword (WFaS) centers around playing the role of a wandering warrior doing his best to rise in the ranks of one of the five factions in the campaign. While doing so, a lot of time is spent raiding enemy caravans, looting villages, fending off bandits, and of course pitting your growing army against the other leaders within the game until you eventually reach a leadership role of your own. Unlike Warband, musketeers have also been implemented alongside the typical infantry and archers. This adds a new aspect to how a player's army is built throughout the game. Muskets operate the same way as those in Napoleonic Wars, but tweaks and improvements have been made to make shooting more practical (you can now actually MOVE while reloading a musket!). Various other tweaks have been made to the single player, so many that it is questionable if they are all positive changes. The game takes place a few decades after the time of Ivan the Terrible, despite being in a fictional world. Controls While the controls are generally the same, I felt that everything aside from shooting was clunky and difficult to use. Gesture blocking suddenly felt unreliable against the more advanced AI within the campaign. Polearms (Lances) felt nice to use in terms of the speed of thrusts but the hit detection was hit in miss, sometimes my spear would skewer my enemy and other times it would phase through like it was nothing. Horseback controls were improved to a degree as the horses felt more responsive when I wanted to make sharp turns. Art Design Many people have said that the art design is marginally better than Warband, but I really enjoyed the new style that came with the change in time period. The problem still remains of character models holding greater detail than the terrain, but the distance in quality has definitely shrunk. The characters actually look like they fit in with the environment now. I always love it when games have the arrows sticking out of a person's body when they are hit. Sound Quality There is actually noticeable music this time around but I still found it to be minimal at best. The ambiance once again comes from the sounds of men yelling and the explosions of muskets. It's awesome when you're in a battle but walking around the cities is a complete bore. I only walk the streets when I am required to because of a quest. The lack of interesting sound doesn't help. Progression Frustration doesn't even begin to describe how I felt during almost every single portion of this campaign. I spent more time chasing after contacts on the overworld map than I did in the battles! The game tries way too hard to be more than it is by making it difficult to find specific contacts that you need to meet to progress down the quest lines. I can understand the idea of people not knowing where another contact is if their on the opposite side of the map, but it really makes things unnecessarily tedious when the task itself is already mundane. Time has suddenly become scarce so I will finish this review in a little bit!
  4. As I'm sure many are aware, there is actually a Mount & Blade regiment within the Angry Army! If you wish to join the regiment, you can talk to one of the officers about you joining! I will list some helpful links to get started within the community! [AJSA] Mount and Blade Regiment Forum: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forum/137-mount-blade/ 3rd Kentucky Infantry Sign-Ups: (If you wish to join my regiment, feel free to add either me or Col. Musickman. My Steam ID: Twinkie (Sniper125) Musickman's Steam ID: Musickman101 Talewords Forums http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?board=310.0
  5. A Look at My Steam Library Time Purchased: November 2014 Hours on Record: 337 Hours Release Date: March 10th, 2010 (Main Game) April 19th, 2012 (NW DLC) Price: $19.99 (Main Game) $ 9.99 (NW DLC) Total Price: ~$30 Price I Paid: ~$8 Game Overview While the base game (referred to as "Native") does offer an extensive amount of content for its single player campaign, I will say right now that I almost exclusively play the multiplayer DLC called "Napoleonic Wars". The Native portion of the two involves the player becoming a knight in a world similar to that of medieval times. You spend most of your time travelling from settlement to settlement, fighting bandits, rival factions, and carrying out missions for the king of your own land. After a while, you hopefully obtain the resources to maintain a sizable army of your own possessing the ability to take on larger enemy armies. After winning large battles and gaining approval of the many leaders, you might be blessed with the opportunity to control a city of your own. What happens from then on if just like the beginning... it's up to you to decide what kind of knight you are. DLC Overview Napoleonic Wars (NW) is really only an add-on by name. Unlike the Native game, NW is a multiplayer-only DLC that changes combat from bows and maces to muskets and bayonets. The DLC adds multiple factions from the many countries involved in the wars the DLC gets its name from. Each faction has many pre-made units to be chosen from. Each one has accurate uniforms and different stats. The many unit classes involve Line Infantry, Riflemen, Cavalry, Artillery, and other special units with unique uses. Given the style of game play, a major part of the DLC is the extensive community which will be explained further into this review. Controls While the animations within the game are not very natural, the general movements and mouse controls do allow the average player to aim with relative accuracy. I personally had to go into the options and raise the mouse sensitivity, as the melee controls require distinguishable movements with the mouse. If you wish to use an up-attack, you must gesture upwards with your mouse. I initially felt that this mechanic was strange, but a few minutes of game play showed me that it works really well for bayonets and swords alike. Art Design While very low in detail in terms of landscaping and environmental objects, I found a nice amount of details in the characters designs. Native armor and clothing looks nice (though kind of lacking in variety), while NW units all have uniforms accurately based on the uniforms used by the actual regiments. Each unit has almost every detail down to the last button, and I personally love this attention to detail even if the environment isn't very pretty. I felt this screen-cap accurately shows the difference in details between the soldiers and the environment. Audio Quality/Ambience What can I say? In a server filled to capacity (generally 200 players), it sounds like you're in a war! The echoes of muskets firing in the distance and cannonballs exploding mere yards away greatly adds to the feeling of fighting for your life. That said, if you are simply wanting to play a few Deathmatch rounds with about 10 people, you'll likely notice a distinct lack of any sound whatsoever. Both games suffer from this lack of sound, but the issue mainly effects the NW portion. However, in NW, players do have the option to take up the drums, fife, trumpet, or bagpipes to add some flavor to the depressing echo of musket rounds. Progression I'll keep this section short by saying that you will not finish the story of Mount and Blade anytime soon. The single-player is likely considered a great part of the game by some, and a tedious grind fest by others. I am leaning towards the latter opinion, as while the initial game play mechanics seem interesting at first, the majority of your time is spent simply waiting as your army trudges across the overworld just to so you can talk to the same people over and over hoping they will need your help with something. The appeal of forging alliances and marrying into power quickly falls out of sight as you continue to forage for funds while making little progress towards a top position. Perhaps I just suck at the game, but I would give this mode a try to see if you find the appeal, if not, don't feel too much regret when you stick to the multiplayer community. Multiplayer Community The community of this game is a strong one. Many groups still exist to this day and finding one to play events with is not very difficult to do. I was playing for literally two days and I instantly found a group that I could easily get along with and play with each day. Many groups are constantly looking for new members to bolster their numbers and finding that one group that works for you is also part of the fun. Similar to the clans seen in other competitive team-based games, most groups take on the structures of actual regiments with chains of commands, ranks, and other military elements. Leaders of these regiments are usually seen as Colonels (or Generals in certain situations), and their members are each given a rank to show a proper chain-of-command. Of course, this is simply a general idea that most people follow. Some groups simply play together with no distinct chains of command. If you think this is a kind of group you want, most people would still love to have you at events so long as your group has a distinguishable name and the proper tags. My regiment had actually reach a point where we attended six events a week because there were so many openings to play. Despite the huge amount of fun I have with this community, I must warn you that this is all completely led by the player-base. The developer has almost no interaction with these events. I say this because that means almost everything is controlled by players that form their own rules for each event. Some events may be very lax where very few rules are enforced, while others may slay you for not being perfectly in line before you fire a volley. I don't want to scare off any new players, but you do need to make sure to check the rules of each event you attend. Overall Opinion/Score Did I Enjoy It?: I still play this game almost daily. I believe my hours played speaks for itself. Would I Buy it Again?: I would pay $8 for this game any day, but I would wait for the game to go down to at least $15 for both modules. I got my copies during the Black Friday sale, but the Summer sale is a safe bet. Who Should Check It Out?: Anybody who likes this era of warfare and large multiplayer battles need to buy it ASAP. The community is one of the best I have ever been a part of. Many community-made mods have also been made to cover other 19th century wars as well. Who Should Avoid It?: If you want anything else besides multiplayer, you should probably look elsewhere. The singleplayer campaign is the only real feature aside from multiplayer and that has limited appeal as well. Category Scores: Controls: 8/10 Art Design: 7/10 Audio Quality: 6/10 Single-Player: 5/10 Multi-Player: 9/10 Progression: 6/10 OVERALL SCORE: 8/10
  6. Well, here are the pages of the events currently being attended by the 3rd Kentucky if you want to check them out. I personally love the {FH} event every Thursday. The admins are pretty good and all regiments involved are nice people. Also I believe the FH Sunday event is full but in case any regiments drop out, I'll leave the link below! Forlorn Hope Thursdays **Line Battle**8PM EST[NA] Open http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=19627.0 The Super Top Secret Thundersnow Friday Linebattle Extravaganza[3yrs/Friday]OPeN http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=5037.msg164063#msg164063 Forlorn Hope Sunday Blood and Iron event 8:00pm EST http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=21694.0
  7. For any who like to look at the general tactics of M&B and to show some of their favorite formations. The 3rdKY often uses double ranks during our linebattles and because of this, we have to adapt to the restrictions that come with the extra numbers. This is a pretty basic way to perform the "Wing Formation" that actually makes it faster than with a single rank. This formation is pretty simple but it works rather well and it gives an example of what I'm talking about for this thread.
  8. Well have fun with that I guess?
  9. I've only been to two events so far but I was wondering if we will be participating in any full linebattles or if we'll focus on 1v1's.
  10. I helped develop the 5thLL from its creation and helped lead it until I saw an opportunity to advance my leadership skills in the 3rdKY. For the curious, I believe the 5thLL now operates under a different name though I can't remember their new tags
  11. A Look at My Steam Library: Here is a new series based around the various games within my Steam Library! Some of these games I play everyday while some I couldn't play for more than a few hours before switching off the computer. Because of this, I'll be adding some of my stats as well so that you can see how much I've played each game! With that said, lets start with one of the first games I ever bought online! (Note: This series will be a work-in-progress so future installments may not follow the same criteria.) Time Purchased: July 2013 Hours On Record: 77.3 Hours Release Date: Currently in Alpha (Early Access) Price: $29.99 Game Overview The title says it all. You are an architect/manager hired to create a private prison. You start off with a small amount of builders, supplies, and funds to build your prison from the ground up before the first batch of prisoners arrive. Once you set up basic accommodations and staff, the first group arrives and the income finally starts to flow. You then continue to build and add on to the prison to improve your prisoners' stay and maintain order as more inmates arrive. Hiring certain staff will unlock potential upgrades such as prisoner labor, heightened security, and the ability to purchase more land (among other bonuses) which helps managing all prisoners. Controls The controls center around menus and reports as you watch over the prison from a bird's eye view. The controls work well for the concept and it is very easy to accomplish most tasks with a few clicks. Art Design As of the Alpha 30 release, the full art design has yet to be fully realized. That said, the main style takes a very comic nature despite the darker setting that you bear witness to. It was amusing for me to watch the cute little prisoners get into riots and start beating each other and stealing knives from the cafeteria to shank their cellmates. Essentially, the basic art style works well in helping to diffuse the strains of management by making it interesting to watch as the little bodies scurry around as they go about their business. This theme would be brought down if the game utilized realistic models. Audio Quality/Ambience The audio is very impressive in how it adapts to what the people in your view are doing. If you zoom to the cafeteria during meal time, you can hear the chatter and clatter of forks. If you zoom to the showers like the weirdo you are, the rush of water from the faucets flood your speakers. I'm personally a fan of the sound of construction work and while it's simple, it's nice to listen to a worker drill and hammer away as he assembles a piece of wall or a vending machine in the break room. Overall, the sound quality is nice and is good at adapting to your position. I can appreciate this attention to detail when some might just play some music or a loop of construction sounds. Progression The progression is generally open ended. Few of the bonuses that can be researched are absolutely necessary unless you run out of space to build. I was able to manage everything without upgrades for a long time with some degree of ease, but that doesn't mean that the upgrades serve no purpose. Each upgrade unlocks new features that add new aspects to the overall game that can improve the look/cleanliness, make the overall prison more secure, and manage finances with more control. It's very satisfying to make these distinct improvements because no upgrade is pointless. Once all the upgrades are researched, the fun doesn't end as that simply means the responsibility to maintain order at that point is up to you now that all tools are at your disposal. The focus shifts back to the management section which so far hasn't gotten old for me. One playthrough can go on for 8+ hours if your prison doesn't fall into chaos by then. Overall Opinion/Score Did I Enjoy It?: I loved this game when I first got it and I still enjoy coming back to it to see what else has been added. Would I Buy It Again?: YES I bought this game on sale way back and at $30 I think that is high for any Early Access game. However, this game is already very well developed and it could be released right now and nobody would know it was incomplete. So much is constantly being fixed and added that this game could be released at $40 if they wanted. Anyways, $30 is a lot for a cheapo like me but the experience backs up such a price tag. Who Should Check It Out?: If you like management games, this is a simple concept that gradually progresses into a game that would challenge the best multi-taskers. People looking to try out simulation games should also try it as even if you lose, it's generally fun to watch the chaos ensue. Who Should Avoid It?: People looking for a quick game to pass the time should look elsewhere. It is possible to just make small additions to your prison when you have the time, but the full experience requires at least an hour or two to watch everything progress. Half the fun is watching the prisoners interact after all! Category Scores Controls: 8/10 Art Design: 8/10 Audio Quality: 9/10 Progression: 9/10 OVERALL: 9/10
  12. (Note: This review might leave out information of the previous games, edits will be made if any questions arise.) Introduction/Story Overview: Okay, I have a feeling that this series has worn out its welcome with many people and probably never had a warm introduction way back at the first game's release. I personally was a huge fan of the first installment mainly because it was the first game in a long time that was actually able to give me some sort of scare as I played it. I then waited in anticipation of a rumored sequel and was caught completely off guard by the release of FNaF 2 just a few months later. I was skeptical of the product's quality considering it had such a short time in development, but the sequel was still fun gameplay-wise even though the story had become a little convoluted. Now, we have Five Nights at Freddy's 3, a game that shared a similar development period as its predecessor despite in being mainly developed by one person. Like the games before it, you take the role of a security guard working the night shift while making sure to avoid the animatronics aiming to end your life. The main difference from the general story is that instead of having a pizzeria as the setting, you are employed at "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction", a horror house based on the previous incidents in the series which are explained to have taken place decades before hand. Audio/Ambience: While the game doesn't do anything wrong with the various electronic noises, clicking, and heavy breathing. They suffer the loss of quality that you always see in indie games with very little outside resources. Many audio bits are stock sounds and homemade screams, giggles, and voice acting. The voice is fine for what little there is of it but it's hardly at a professional level. Grade: 6/10 - Good for what it is. Gameplay Concepts/Controls: For the most part, the concept is the same as everybody remembers. You sit in your office with a some inexplicably easy way for the enemy to walk in and kill you. At your disposal is the now famous security monitor that grants you access to the many cameras scattered around the entire building. You use these cameras to keep tabs on the sole animatronic named Springtrap that roams the building (a contrast to the numerous robots from FNaF 2). A new feature that's introduced is the ability to play noises to attract Springtrap to nearby rooms, thus leading him away from your position. To help balance this feature, your appliances are now prone to malfunctioning; prompting you to use a new console that reboots the broken electronics. This console allows you to reboot the cameras, audio, and ventilation. On to the ventilation, the vents in this game now play a new role, as there are now three separate vents for Springtrap to crawl through and get the jump on you. Each vent has its own door that blocks off the route, but a malfunction will result in the doors opening. Overall, these new features add variety to the general game and definitely create a new series of strategies to survive the later nights. However, this style of game is basically one the simplest ways to program. If you break it down to the bare bones, you are mostly just clicking buttons and looking at 3D rendered stills. That's it. One other concept that has actually pissed me off is that Springtrap is technically not the only enemy you are facing. Many animatronics return in the form of "Phantom" varients. We'll be diving into those little buggers in the next section! Grade: 8/10 - Similar to the famous style with its own individuality. Story (Spoilers!): You don't matter. Of course I'm not saying you as a person don't matter but your character has almost no place in the overall story of this series. The main story of this game is actually told via mini-games that you play in between each night. The mini-games slowly tell the fate of the old animatronics that were seemingly scrapped for parts in order to build the new Springtrap. What makes this significant is that the person seen destroying the bots has been widely accepted as the killer that resulted in the hauntings of the various suits. Once Night 5 is completed, you bare witness to the young spirits trapping Purple Guy (He's purple and nameless so there) in a room with his new creation. Frightened by the ghosts, Purple Guy enters the suit for some reason and believes he can't be hurt (?). What he didn't realize was that the suit's unusually dangerous design broken by the hasty adornment, resulted in the many clasps and springs breaking, crushing Purple Guy in the process (This also likely attributes to Springtrap's namesake). His death likely helps explain why the new animatronic takes such hostile action and if a certain series of events take place (I won't explain to let you all figure it out on your own), the overall story reaches a happy-sad conclusion. The problem with this whole situation is that fact that everything explained above takes place OUT OF THE WORLD. You as the security guard have virtually no place in this story. You are just a guy having to deal with this robot constantly trying to rip your butthole out through your mouth. Even if you think of it as the guard playing the mini-game, it just means he's observing what happened, he isn't actually influencing the story with his actions. The story may be interesting but there is no point if playing the game to see it! The game should have just been about the Purple Guy or somebody else involved in the past at the time of his death. At least then you could say that you were a part of the story-line! Finally, don't think I forgot the "Phantom Fuckers" or better known as Phantom Freddy, Chica, Balloon Boy, Mangle, Foxy, and Puppet. These guys make up a variety of hallucinations that the night guard experiences throughout the night. These hallucinations serve as extra jumpscares that blacken the screen and cause general disarray for the player. The one thing they DON'T do is actually kill the player. This means that there is still only one deadly enemy and the rest exist just to piss you off. For me, the worst part is that it makes almost no sense for the guard to hallucinate these characters considering they were destroyed multiple decades ago. Chances are this guard has never actually seen these animatronics outside of brief pictures or some video. Another issue is that if one assumed the hallucinations were the child spirits still haunting the building, then why is there an ending where the spirits are put to rest? That would rule out the reason for them to haunt the new guard! Grade: 5/10 - Nice closing to the overall story but has no effect on your character and your character has no effect on it. Overall Grade (Not an Average): 6/10 - Average Did I Enjoy It?: Kinda The game play was fun but only entertains for a few hours at most before the new features grow stale.At its core, this is still the same point-n-click game that is famous for its simplicity.The general vibe is creepy which helps people think the new jumpscares are complex and scary when they really aren't at all. Would I Buy It?: No I would gladly pay $1-$2 for this quick, simple experience, but $8 is just too much for what you get.The game is roughly 2 hours long at best unless you are just terrible at it. I quickly got the general idea and easily skimmed through the final half of the game.Frankly, it should be experienced just like how many other people first discovered the series, on YouTube.
  13. On the fire thing, it doesn't really matter what starts the fire since the place was still prone to catching fire.
  14. Thanks to you both for the feedback! I'll answer your guys' questions in order. @baronrouker I do believe this is comparable to a mobile game. I would gladly pay up to $4 for this experience on my iPad but I don't see enough actual content to warrant anything more. It is an amazing mobile game but I'd still rather put the money towards an app like "The Room" series. Also, I personally believe that if your character isn't directly involved in the story, it's kinda pointless to be included at all. The other thing is that it isn't clarified if your character is aware of the situation at all. It's not explained how or why you are playing these inter-night mini-games. I had this issue with the mini-games in FNaF 2 as well. In the initial game you still weren't really a part of the story line but there were creative ways that Scott Cawthon dropped tidbits of info that the player had to find as they played. At least then you can say the main character likely knows the back-story of the game. @Kaz32 My answer kinda falls in with what I told Baron, nothing really indicates that your character did anything to influence the story, since the mini-games and endings actually take place before the events of when your character starts working. As for the building burning down, from what I saw the building burning down was caused by faulty wiring. The animatronics and other electronics were stated to be prone to catching fire, so chances are you just happened to live long enough for the robot to catch fire by itself. The end frame does hint that foul play might be possible but I would think that would have been more plausible if there was still a Custom Night option since that implies you mess with the wiring of the robot. I really like your idea on why you see the phantom characters. I'd find it more believable that Springtrap was also causing the hallucinations since in the past (sometimes?) the child spirits have been put to rest. This next part is just a random comment. I initially didn't like Springtrap, but his creepy design has grown on me just because he looks cool to me.
  15. I've never played Settles of Catan so I'll have to look into it but I wouldn't mind trying to play some board games next friday :3
  16. The mod really is a ton of fun and it really is a whole new experience.
  17. Hood Go Crazy by Tech N9ne feat. 2 CHAIIINZZ and B.o.B. https://soundcloud.com/strangemusicinc-official/tech-n9ne-hood-go-crazy-ft-2-chainz-bob
  18. I'm a member of a regiment that plays a mod called "Blood & Iron", a mod that takes place during the late 19th Century (Franco-Prussian War to be precise). The mod changes some of the mechanics of shooting and focuses more on long range shooting and cover-to-cover warfare due to the improved accuracy and range of the rifles. My regiment currently participates in an event hosted by the Forlorn Hope aka {FH} regiment on Sunday's at 7PM CST. This event is likely full but I believe the AJSA would enjoy this mod very much. If you would still like to look into this mod and the event, here are some links to learn more. Blood & Iron ModDB Page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-and-iron Blood & Iron TaleWorlds Page http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=265238.0 {FH} Blood & Iron Event Page http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=21694.0 If you have any questions feel free to message me on Steam (Steam ID: "Twinkie (Sniper125)") and I hope you consider helping expand the community for this mod!
  19. Will there be lines led by CO's or is it a simple siege? (new to AJSA xP)