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    Retired Mount & Blade Officer
  • Birthday 05/16/1996

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    Madmatt150 =AJSA=
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    My real name is Matthew and I was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK. I'm currently 19 years old and been playing games for over 8 years at least. I've been with the AJSA for only a couple of months now, mostly spending time on the M&B and Verdun groups. Though I'm new and still a noob I have my sights set on getting to sergeant.


    I have many games that I enjoy, my favorite at this moment in time have to be Verdun and a indie game called Stonehearth. Though I do enjoy a whole host of other ones.
    Am I a Xbox or PS fanboy? If I had to pick, I'd say Xbox, but my PC is where it's at now :p

    Hit me up on steam if you want to have a game, always willing to chat and play.

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  1. A friend of mine is currently doing a 24 hour steam for prosate cancer UK, this cancer has become the biggest cancer killer in the uk and all donations and support will be sent to help stop this dreadful disease. Two streamers are King_Kech and Ponty. Links below. https://www.twitch.tv/king_kech https://www.twitch.tv/mponty
  2. I think I will join in
  3. Personally my interest in this game is increasing, and I'm now more inclined after seeing the last few trailers to get the game. Sure they've left some cool things out that where in BF2 but I have to admit this does look pretty damn awesome.
  4. Falling out of the earth was no fun. Not fun at all.
  5. Nice, be great for tower offensives in the future.
  6. Hey Man, welcome to the AJSA.
  7. And only found on Planetside 2.
  8. Where to start with this game, this game is EPIC!!!!! This game is an RTS combined with a FPS. Yeah, sounds awesome already right? So the background is you are a company who wants this planet by any means necessary, so instead of peacefully talking they just send robots to kill each other. You start of with a base and an area that you can build in (not currently a way to expand) you research new units, building, weapons, security systems and so on along with getting iron deposits for resources. So currently this still sounds like any other RTS game, but here is the best bit. You can control almost every single unit in the game, want to be infantry charging into the enemy base, you can. Want to be a tank/jeep assaulting enemy units/deposits you can. Want to take to the skies in a fighter or a bomber you can. This game is one of the most awesome things I've played in a long time, and it needs some love. You can get the game here http://store.steampowered.com/app/331500/ But also watch this video.
  9. I've wanted to get back in SE, but hardly anyone I know plays it, so it is a yes from me.
  10. This operation is for PC. But as far as I am aware PS2 for the PS4 is up.
  11. Welcome to the AJSA Aryan.
  12. Damn I look sexy in that photo.
  13. Emerald server, Faction is TR
  14. Ever wanted to play Euro Truck Simulator, but it felt too European. Well some goods news, SCS Software, the people behind ETS2 are developing American Truck Simulator. Thoughts?
  15. AJSA Logistics Corps is looking for new faces to join it's ranks. Do you play Euro Truck Simulator 2? Why not join your fellow AJSA Members. When to meet up? We meet at Rotterdam's repair/service station on Friday's at 5pm EST/ 10pm GMT. How to join us! 1) Download the multiplayer mod here: http://ets2mp.com/index.php 2) You need to own your own truck 3) You need to have the Sade paint job, but chance the grey middle strip to white 4) Must be able to join the AJSA team speak 5) Have =AJSA= in front of your name (steam name) How does it work? Once we have all join the TS channel and are on the server, one of the convoy leaders will decides an overall route to go. Members will take cargo/loads in the general area. Once we have got jobs, the person with the close's job will lead the convoy and head to his drop off. After he has delivered his convoy the next close's truckers takes lead, and so on till everyone has finished. After you have delivered your load, you can either try and get another job to a city where the convoy will go, or tag along without a trailer. Chance to win 2 copies of ETS2/Going East DLC We are giving away 2 copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the going east DLC to anyone who wants to play this awesome game. All you have to do to enter is say in the comments if you want to have a chance in either winning the game or DLC. On Friday 26th June the competition will stop, and those people who have won, will have a message sent via the AJSA. Have any questions, comment down below. Leadership Leader: Sargefan19 Second in Command Madmatt150 Advisors Conan Crazykidsbite