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  1. I don't usually game on my mobile, but I've got a few plays. Crossy Road Street Fighter II Collection Zip--Zap Linelight
  2. Crappy music aside, I've got some hope for this movie since it was the same director behind the recent Macbeth film (also starring Michael Fassbender). I just hope the trailer music was a small fault from the marketing team.
  3. 1) Star Wars 7 2) Star Wars 7 3) Star Wars 7 4) Star Wars 7 5) Inside Out I didn't see much from this year, but the ones listed were incredibly enjoyable, especially Star Wars 7...
  4. I'm kinda interested, if any progress is to be made. Like I understand that a movie about the group may seem a little silly, but if you've got a good story to back it up it may be a worthwhile. Just make sure you've thought it through.
  5. If you are desperate for Anime, I'd recommend Akira, Ghost in the Shell & Dragonball Z since they are some top quality Japanese material. I... wouldn't recommend going deeper in the rabbit hole.
  6. Warhammer 40k: Fire Warrior (PC & PS2) I've got a soft spot for it, of course being set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and having, in my opinion, some great atmosphere that got me quite immersed the same way the video game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R did.
  7. I've always wanted an immersive Stone Age game, I hope this can be it or at least just enjoyable.
  8. Eeeuhhuhhuu, can you like, not nuke us, China. Uhuhuhhu.
  9. It doesn't take much resistance for something I couldn't give a care in the world about now, dude.
  10. Hey, I was just wondering if we could perhaps get some support for the game Armored Warfare, which Joe was recently streaming. Some members I know and myself was just wondering if we could get perhaps a TeamSpeak channel for it so it would be easier for us to join up and play with each other, since so far I'm really enjoying the game.
  11. I really wish I could, but the minimum specifications are a little too high for my current laptop and I am really low on money.
  12. I believed my previous work of Angry Army Soviet Poster was not done in full justice. So I revamped it. Inspired by the event on April the 1st. Enjoy, and remember: "HE'S A MAN, NOT A GOD, C'MON COMRADES!"
  13. Ok... this one I sorta lost the reason for making this one. Specifically, it's based off old Soviet Posters showcasing their progress during the Space Race and some of the abstract films created in Russia & Eastern Europe countries. Now, Angry Army's going Cheeki Breeki: