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  1. Hi Angry Army looking to join the GW2 guild my display name is JacobTheGreat.7654 .
  2. Yea when someone is drunk, they are still responsible for their actions. Hopefully, Twitch reported her to the police.
  3. Happened to me while I was in the middle playing of Wolfenstein. The only thing that kept me from going AWOL was that I ended up not hating it as much as everyone else seams to.
  4. This looks like it could be could be good, though it looks like it risks becoming mundane with not enough to do beyond don't let the zombies kill you. It doesn't help that the zombie apocalypse is an overcrowded style.
  5. I tried it. The pace was way too slow, and the heroes don't have very interesting and creative abilities. The card system and graphics were really good though. Its still a long ways away from a full release, and if they improve the pacing, then I might try to play it again.
  6. Halo should just be ended. It was an excellent series, but it had hit the end of its lifespan, and Microsoft's decision to drag it out like this isn't helping anyone.
  7. I've tried Fractured Space on a free weekend and it was pretty good. It is however on Early Access so be careful if you're looking to buy. Currently I'm enjoying Warframe quite a bit. From what I hear, it's better than Destiny.
  8. Honestly I think it will just end sharing Evolve's fate.
  9. So which server is the AJSA tribe on?
  10. Had potential, but I have heard less that satisfactory things about the game and it's devs, so I intend to avoid it.
  11. Really? DH is still trying?
  12. Downloading it right now. Wish I saw more Sci-Fi/Fantasy mixes beyond Shadowrun.
  13. Dirty Bomb is F2P and is by no means P2W. You were never required to pay anything, and the cards can be unlocked by simply playing the game. The game itself is actually pretty good. The only thing that bugs me about it so far is the objectives don't branch out very far beyond data deliveries, plant C4, and move the payload, and the fact that no one seams to want to communicate.
  14. They are currently working on the Beyond Earth DLC "Rising Tides." So not anytime soon.
  15. 100 signatures goal is extremely low, and even if you did reach a pretty large goal, we should all know by now that CoD makes too much money, and Activision's lack of ethics means that the petition would be ignored anyway. Either way, this is pointless an stupid.