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  1. I can lead the singing if someone leads the dungeon :3
  3. WoodenPotatoes has a good thoughtful video on it that cooled most of my annoyance. BUT NOTHING WILL QUENCH MY RAGE THAT HALLOWEEN STARTS THE SAME DAY AS THE EXPANSION. EEEEEEEEEVIL!
  4. *screaming sounds echo across Tyria as players check new posts* -some may have already grabbed their pitchforks and stormed reddit-
  5. This was such a delight to read!!! Thanks Senju!!!
  6. XioKigh.3809 (all characters are female) Sia Kreshe - Sylvari engineer (I consider this my main) Yuki of Mindelan - Human guardian (Dungeons/Fractals) Twyla Razormoon - Sylvari elementalist Valiant Song - Norn ranger Capt Capslocke - Human warrior (probs WvW, recruiting) Laurellei Razorwing - Human mesmer Corva Thunderwing - Charr thief Kiorstag - Sylvari warrior (inventory/crafting mule) [Lady Tuxedo - human guardian, key farming] [Deathblush Rose - Beta Sylvari Rev] [will be named variation of Mithrandir for actual release]
  7. Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun and it'll be great to get to know the new recruits ^^ (and thanks for the gold!!)
  8. The Event You’ve All Been Waiting For THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE WATER The Tequatl Quaggan Zerg Do you like Quaggans? Do you like Spoons and Karma? Then I strongly suggest you join in on September 6, 11:15pm server time [45 minutes before server reset Tequatl]! The idea is simple- we’re gonna do a quaggan zerg out of the water and onto the beach right before Teq lands for fun, coooOOOing all the way, and then we’ll join the main zerg and kill Tequatl! Feel free to invite your friends from other guilds, the more the merrier! Arrive early and stage on the opposite beach, and make sure you stay for the fight (no backing out because we don’t want to make a map fail, eh?) Contact XioKigh.3809 with your questions.
  9. I hope you get a functioning computer soon! How am I supposed to do dungeons without you!?