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  1. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Since you're copying and pasting as well...
    I can't believe that you too are taking responsibility when you don't want it! XD
    But what a wise person once said may be true. The best people in the leadership role would be the ones who doesn't want it the most, but finds they fit the role well.
    Congratulations on the promotion Goodnuff. If anything fails well. Blame Jeb.
    PS : meaning I have to shoulder responsibility in a more serious light
  2. Xio liked a post in a topic by Muzical in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Treeps wins
  3. Xio liked a post in a topic by Treeps in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Well, since you are copying and pasting speeches...
    " It's so weird to see you taking more responsabilities, but I'm happy to see the guild will have another co-leader we can trust. And don't worry: you know you can count on us. If things don't go as planned we can always blame Jeb.
    Congratulations on your promotion!  "
  4. Xio liked a post in a topic by Goodnuff in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Hello there o/. My name is Tyler Goodnuff (though you'll see me as vinhtyler.4613 Goodnuff.8392 or Eva Lumina Goodnuffthegreat/HarktheHeraldnuff on my main). *shakes hand*. I am replacing Toriko as the Co-Leader of the Angry Army along with Tyler. That said, not much will change really, business will be usual. More guild leader introductory stuff Jeb wants me to type, stuff stuff stuff, power, stuff stuff stuff, responsibility, stuff stuff stuff, respect, stuff stuff stuff. I hope to see you all out there.
  5. Xio liked a post in a topic by Muzical in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Ready your vocal cords, then! 
  6. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Yes there will be. I'll see to it that at least we try and do it once every week hopefully.
  7. Xio liked a post in a topic by jebby in RAIDING APPLYING CENTRE   
    if you want to raid with the guild we do have some requirements of people. these are
    the two of 3 rule:
    you have to have ascended accessories, back piece, rings and necklace (everyone must have at least this) but also you must have one of 2 of the sets below
    1) have full ascended armour
    2) have ascended weapons and ascended chest piece   
    we will need screenshot proof of gear, the proof should go like this 
    1) say chat all your gear and screenshot like this http://imgur.com/gy917FW
    2) inventory screen shot with your chest piece like this http://imgur.com/LkdpygW
    3) lastly a weapon screenshot like this (do not use the sigil I am using "night that is")  http://imgur.com/ASl1xcF
    that the requirements for applying 
    now if we get more than 10 apply there will be a vetting process to see who get higher on the list (this will like be in the form of a 50 fractal ) 
    our plan to to start raiding in  1 or 2 weeks 
    edit 1 : plz only post on this topic with applying with proof of gear, everyone but me and toriko have to apply for you to be looked at for raids.
    EDIT 2 : plz also put the role you want to fill and the class
  8. Xio liked a post in a topic by Treeps in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Mimimimimi..... Lalalalala.... What? I'm exercising my voice already. 
  9. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Quick Update on the Dungeon Runs Programme, with the special beginning this Saturday.
    We're down to either two styles of dungeons, into which it was either the dreaded Arah or the simple straightforward Caudecus Manor/Ascalonian Catacombs, and after a short debrief with points put out by Tyler, we decided that the special runs will be done at the easier ones, since it would be better for us to begin with a straightforward dungeon like AC or CM. Throwing you new lots into places like Arah would be an unpleasant and evil thing for us to do.
    Anyways, the idea of karaoke dungeon runs may or may not be implemented, or if you want the tutorial-type dungeon with the teaching and informative displays, you can go see Tyler - he is a beast at that. For me? I may run the crazy karaoke (Shadow, ready your pipes) runs. We'll see.
    We'll see you in the dungeons. 
    - Senju & Tyler
  10. Xio liked a post in a topic by jebby in NEW EVENT TIMETABLE STARTING ON THE 1ST OF DECEMBER   
    the new guild event timetable is now in a Google doc that will be updated as things change. also this time table will come into affect on the first of December (apart form inot event which is starting in November). it will likely be updated as i still have to speak to some people. 
    also guild missions are restarting as of this post on the normal time of 9pm server time on Sundays.   
  11. Xio liked a post in a topic by tarascon in Mastery Mystery   
    I think I finally figured out the problem; in the Story Journal I had to open the HoT tab and actually check off the Prologue tab which allows me to start that series. It's sort of annoying that nothing I read bothered to mention that simple fact.
  12. Xio liked a post in a topic by Ell in New GW2 Player   
    So while looking for MMORPGS and because i got bored playing Lord of the Rings Online, because my bestfriend doesn't play it, i decided to check out Guild Wars 2 to see if my bestfriend would like to play it with me (he's not interested in MMORPGS), and because its free to play (and sadly because i'm an F2P). I downloaded the game. With no little knowledge about Guild Wars 2, and also barely remembers Angry Joe's review of it, i played the game anyway.
    I created a human warrior named "Night Garalt" and a female Guardian named "Night Galadel", i decided to play the warrior more because i enjoy tanking and some other things related to that. The game is nice, the environments looks really great, and most of all my PC can handle it! (well, i get 30 fps, so maybe i have to set my settings to low or medium) , i spent half a day playing it and i feel like this is an MMORPG that i can fully commit to. Right now i'm a Level 9 Warrior
  13. Treeps liked a post in a topic by Xio in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    I can lead the singing if someone leads the dungeon :3
  14. Hashirama Senju liked a post in a topic by Xio in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
  15. Hashirama Senju liked a post in a topic by Xio in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
  16. Hashirama Senju liked a post in a topic by Xio in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
  17. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    it's bad enough that all paths lead to the fucking Giganticus Lupicus, the boss monster that I only defeated once with a PUG lol. It's worse when Arah is chock full of Risen and Risen and Risen and Risen...
  18. Xio liked a post in a topic by Muzical in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    *Cackle!*  XD
  19. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Senju: *response*
  20. Xio liked a post in a topic by Muzical in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Arah, all paths, one night
  21. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Updates on the Weekly Dungeon Runs.
    A time has been decided with discussions with me and Tyler (although I was told off about it from Tyler, hahaha, while Jeb was laughing in the background in TS), but in order to really see whether the time is acceptable, we thought that we'd left out the time for ourselves until we can actually launch Drunken Guy... I mean, Weekly Dungeon Runs officially. ahem.
    Anyways, if you guys feel like there's dungeons that we should focus in particular, let us know on the forums below. The plan for me is still the same, with us taking the easy dungeons on both story line and explorable for now, to focus on the completion and the achievements, as well as good loot and great time. 
    PS: I was also thinking of fun times with Silverwastes Runs as well as WvW Adventures, which suddenly went super fun. Although for the former, it was the shard that went really active that led Jeb, Tyler and myself to stick around for fun times and influence-burning from Jeb; and for the latter, it was more doing WvW with friends and just doing our thing - taking a tower and keeping it for ourselves while fending off enemies twice our number. DC would have been proud.
    - Senju
  22. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Weekly Dungeon Runs   
    Updates on the Weekly Dungeon Runs.
    For now, all is at a quietdrive, but I've decided that maybe we could do the whole runs right after Tequatl, after the guild mission day, which is on a Sunday. For now, I'm more than fine to run story dungeons on the easy dungeons (CM, AC, TA) on story mode and on explorable modes. Other dungeons like CoE, CoF, HotW, and the dreadeds SE and Arah will be done so at a Quaggan's pace.
    Anything, please let me know here or whenever I am online.
  23. Shaytaan liked a post in a topic by Xio in GW2 economy changes--thoughts?   
    WoodenPotatoes has a good thoughtful video on it that cooled most of my annoyance. BUT NOTHING WILL QUENCH MY RAGE THAT HALLOWEEN STARTS THE SAME DAY AS THE EXPANSION. EEEEEEEEEVIL!
  24. Xio liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Runaway Asura Bride   
    20, Season of the Colossus, 1328 AE - 18 October 2015 of the Gregorian
    One very fine day in Gendarran Fields would forever be remembered in the history of the people in the region – unless the history of Tyria would forget the memory of the scene. The vast fields were known for the settlements of Ascalon residents moving from the Fields of Ascalon to reside in the eastern regions that bordered Kryta and Ascalon. The lush fields were also the gateway into entering Snowden Drifts close to the homelands of the norn, Hoelbrak. The residents there in Gendarran Fields were used to the assaults of the centaur tribes that reside there – which would either be repelled by the Lionguards stationed there, the Vigil army close by at the Vigil Headquarters, or some passing heroes and guild members of various clans of Tyria – the most numerous would be The Angry Army stationed at First Haven Outpost.
    However, one fine day (where everything began with tentacle porn), a rather strange and rather funny scene would envelop the region, into which the residents would famously recount and remember the scenario with the term “Runaway Asuran Bride.”
    As the centaur tribes and the Lionguards were fighting and trying their best to take over Ascalon Settlements in Gendarran fields – the screams of the residents cowering and the shouts of both soldiers and centaurs clashing blades and shields and defending themselves, they were so into the whole fight, when a rather humorous scene happened that made everyone stop.
    “Leave me alone!!!”
    A sudden, mousey squeak that was as loud as any horn, emanated from one corner of the section.
    Both centaurs and soldiers looked at the source of the scene, only to find a diminutive and rather small female asura running and squeaking in terror, her small legs running as fast as she could. She was decked in a rather bright colored wedding attire as she was fleeing as best as she could, running to and fro from something that was chasing her.
    Behind her, an even stranger occurrence was going on. The asura was chased not by any creature, but by two rather cuddly, cute and adorable looking dolls, with one yelling “GIVE ME A HUG!!!” as they pursued the asura in the wedding dress.
    “Why are you running away from two, very cute, very adorable dolls?”
    “They are nightmare fuel!” The asuran squeaked, making her way off forward as fast as she could possibly take herself, shouting off profanities and curses. “They are the epitome of all that is evil! They are two of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse! They are the Herald and the Anti-Christ!”
    The whole scene managed to stump both armies silent and froze them in place. Residents, centaurs and Lionguards stood still and watched the asura squealed and shouted to get away and squealing like a skritt on drugs as the two Christmas themed dolls gave chase. They ducked, they fled, the pursued each other around the settlements, ducking under centaur hooves and human legs as they chased each other around, before the asura went off towards the gates and exited herself – with the two doll giving chase.
    You could swear the whole town went drop dead silent, you could drop a needle on the ground and hear it fall, for a full minute.
    “You know what, human…” One centaur managed to say quietly, as he dropped his arms and lowered his weapons. “I think I don’t want to fight anymore…”
    “Yeah.” The Lionguard said in reply, face sullen and blank as he did the same with his sword and shield. “I think I had enough for the day. Let’s call it off for now…”
    The centaur army did just that, lowering their weapons just as the guards did the same, before dispersing away from the settlement – feeling a little bit puzzled, a little jaded and very confused and befuddled as to what had went on earlier on.
    Why was an asura running away from two dolls?
    I guess no one would actually find an explanation as to why that was happening. Legends and word of mouth say that the event happened all around the Gendarran Fields, where most people would say the exact same thing; that an asura wearing a wedding dress was running away from two Christmas toys. Some say that the happening occurred due to a gathering of the usual guild at First Haven and the craziness began there at the fort. Some say that the asura was getting married in an arranged fashion, shotgun style and was not having any of it.
    No one would ever know about Runaway Asura Bride.
  25. Xio liked a post in a topic by Muzical in Runaway Asura Bride   
    Stalker (jk!!!)