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  1. Seems like a lot of people are sitting watching to see how the latest sov changes are going to 'shake out', myself included. I was playing a lot of Guns of Icarus until fairly recently as well... now i'm ashamed to say I reinstalled DotA2 (just to play with some RL friends)... though I've been spending most of my time on single-player games and work iRL... but now I'm considering joining a corp in EVE... anyone know if there's an Angry Army corp running? or a grouping of members? Suggestions? There are plenty of good existing corps to choose from though, and not everyone has the same goals or play style. if anyone wants to join me, post here, and/or send a PM: I have my own little personal corp. just for safety in casual highsec play right now, but I am looking into joining a Provi group maybe to dip my toes back into zero-zero, and keep things NRDS as that is more my philosophy these days... and has usually been my style (defensive warfare focus; even when I was heavy into PvP in EVE). I am mainly +1 UTC these days though my schedule is variable, send a forum message with character and we can connect in-game or something.
  2. Kead
  3. I play. I've played for a long time, however, I have played "hardcore" only for 2-3 years, and the rest has been mainly offline skilltraining or casual play where I made isk in relative safety. As opposed to the insane hardcore nullsec alliance life I was caught up in for 2-3 years where it was responsibility and running out of money all the time, sort of like the other guy said the reason he quit. __________ There's some truth to that issue, but there are plenty of ways around it now. You CAN make enough to play and fight all the time, it's a matter of just saying "I will not fly 5 T2 badass ships because it's the cool thing to do and it's the absolute best ship I can fly, and instead I will fly 50 T1, T2 fitted ships which are 90% as effective and one fifth the cost (or less)." Or something like that. ____________ Even in the nullsec hardcore PvP life, you don't HAVE to do anything just because an FC says to- I was an FC for years in a zero-zero alliance, I played 14 hours+ a day for most of that time and spent almost all of it leading gangs around, I have thousands of kill involvements, so I know what it's like. __________________________ The game has changed a great deal over its lifespan. No less so in the last year, and the upcoming changes are going to be some of the biggest ever, possibly some of the best imho. Many people are intimidated by the "time based skill training" let me assure you, IT DOES NOT MATTER. I have an insane amount of time spent training, and the only advantage I really have is that I can choose a greater variety of things to do. With a few cheap implants and focused training you can be really good at things in no time at all. Or you can buy a character with some of the basic training (stuff every ship will need for example) finished already. ________________________ Piloting skill is 90% of EVE-Online. Period. Full stop. Ask around, look it up, try the game, whatever. I promise this is truth. ___________________ Another thing many people might not realize is that EVE is really a social/team game. You can certainly make money by yourself, but if you want to do PvP, you will want to do it with at least one other person most of the time. You CAN ABSOLUTELY PVP BY YOURSELF, but it's not nearly as fun, versatile or effective as having at least one wingman. The PvP in EVE-Online is the most fun I have had in any PvP game aside from real life paintball. The rush of going into battle risking ships that you likely spent hours to get, and the elation of winning against opponents who you know also did, is unlike anything I've ever experienced in ANY GAME. _____________________________ And I've been playing PvP games online for about the last 16 years or so? I'm somewhere between 29 and 35 now so that should tell you something. I got high speed internet around the time Everquest was starting knock holes in UO's playerbase. Saw the rise of WoW, ganked people in Lineage 1 & 2 just to name a few mmorpgs... not even going to mention all the FPS games. By the way, I was reading about EVE before closed beta, I got into the closed beta, played that and open beta, then got an account 3-4 months after release and have had it since. So yeah, here we are, see the other thread maybe eh? http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25149-eve-online/?p=286551 ____________________________ P.S. I don't work for them or anyone/anything remotely related, I'm just a bit of a CCP fanboy, but they have EARNED my fanaticism, and they are pretty much the ONLY game company I can wholeheartedly, without reservation, endorse as relatively competent, of the players, by the players, for the players.
  4. I'd be down to start/join an EVE-O Angry Army. I keep my account(s) training and log in here and there. Haven't played "seriously" for years though since oh... 2005-2008 ish. For now I do a bit of highsec 'carebearing', mining, build a few ships from BPC, buy low, sell high, and some scavenging. All solo corp or rarely with a local neighbor, but I'm watching the field and waiting for the right moment to jump back into the nullsec alliance scene. Maybe the next big thing this Summer will be the time, not sure.