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    Eliminating N-Gons one vertex at a time.
  1. Roadwyrm Title: New Member RTP Limit: 478,000 3 Characters, 2 Open slots Ultramarine Total: 478,000 RTP Founder for over a year. Referral Code: EC-KM5NLEPB5N7FU
  2. Darkest Dungeon has many great reviews, Im sure Ill regret not grabbing it on the sale.
  3. Id personally try the scan agian. If that fails go to plan B.
  4. Shouted out for ya, saw you in chat but no reply. Maybe next time... what area, if any is base camp?
  5. But demographics prove that FPS and red high heels are what people pay for, what could go wrong?!? Oh, he isnt wearing the red high heels!
  6. I have over 320 hours in with Skyrim according to steam but only actually played about 20 hours.
  7. Steam Server.. I could only find it ingame now because iv played it
  8. Im in, ill call out for you ingame.
  9. Wait for it to load up most, if not all servers..it takes awial... than scroll past all of the symbols and numbers. Many start with a period and its almost not noticable, you need to scroll past those.
  10. From Torozor in this post
  11. I was going to join AJSA but it appears that all three armies are full. Any chance that a fourth one will be made or if there is going to be a purge to release non active members?
  12. 1. I get bored too easily. 2. I get in the habit of trying to find bugs and wander off doing things I dont expect other players to try. 3. In games that I can use a mic I tend to whisper or not speak at all, this has more to do with living arrangements more than a habit. 4. As many that have posted here I too horde useless inventory.
  13. Looks great, Ill check out more after work today. May have to settle for the rifleman tier as mony is short these days here. Congratz on reaching your goal BTW!
  14. Did Joe get around to making his own server yet? EDIT: To answer my own question: Yes!