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  1. That's a real shame, I'm so excited for this game and I was really happy to get a key Looking forward to when they can get us new keys! Thanks Joe!
  2. Nice to see fellow Canadians in the Army! Welcome dude.
  3. I've had my PS4 since the midnight launch and have no problems except for the controller (the thumbsticks wore out really quickly). The warranty would have covered you had anything gone wrong. With a new system there are MANY things that can go wrong, you may have prevented one but you have left yourself without the financial protection of a warranty should anything else go wrong. Never void the warranty. If you want to open your console wait until the warranty expires.
  4. Killzone, Knack, NBA 2k14, Madden, FIFA, AC IV, CoD, BF4, Marvel Lego, Injustice (+ any I've forgotten) + the free to plays. Yeh I think we have a solid launch lineup and I can wait till January. Christmas is usually a busy personal time anyway.
  5. nice job! This game looks like it's going to be good!
  6. Had it since launch, so far no problems whatsoever and I love the console!
  7. I don't mean to be preachy but before posting a new thread you should always search to see if there is a similar thread already posted in the forum.
  8. Totally agree with you. I have a PS4, but I will get an Xbox One down the line. I will be a Gold member so I would be paying anyway but I have no idea why MS used that bs pay wall. It's such a bad policy and it probably turns a lot of people off the console.
  9. I have heard that they will be back in stock at some retailers by January, though that is just hearsay. I think your best bet is to call your local game store or Walmart-like place and ask them when they are coming back in stock and see if you can reserve yourself one. Best of luck with it. It really is an awesome gaming machine.
  10. I think the graphics are good, but the single player story isn't very good. It was boring and repetitive. However, the multiplayer is awesome and I've been playing that a lot, especially as Battlefield 4 doesn't work. It's worth getting just for the multiplayer in my opinion.
  11. Worth a watch if you're on the fence as to which console suits you. Note: This is not a console wars post, please do not use thread to throw around unresearched opinions as to which console is better. This is purely for people who want to buy one console or the other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIZiA_qzYA4
  12. I'm a PS4 owner but want an Xbox One too. Animosity to the Xbox is largely foolish. People have their reasons but there is a lot of sheep mentality going on right now. The Xbox One looks like it's going to be a fun system to own!
  13. I got my PS4 on launch night here in Canada. While I've been hearing a lot about problems with the system I have not had a single one (yet, fingers crossed), nor have I heard of anyone I know personally having any problems. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the hearsay about problems. Anyway, now onto the games. Killzone is an OK launch title, the single story isn't very good in my opinion however the multiplayer is a BLAST. I love it and am really surprised by how much fun I'm having on it. Battlefield 4 is amazing...when it works...which it isn't very well right now. EA and DICE promised to have it fixed by next week but who knows. I've been able to play on multiplayer a bit and it looks amazing and is a lot of fun. FIFA 14 is much improved from the last gen version, with the gameplay being more fluid, the stadiums are more alive and the presentation is more realistic. There is a slight graphical improvement, mainly noticeable in the players kits and the crowd in the stadiums. I'm hopefully picking up NBA 2k14 this week and AC IV sometime next week. PM me if you like and I can let you know how they are when I get them. My honest opinion is, I'm really glad I got the PS4 at launch. It's a great console, the UI is smooth, fast and simple. The free to play games of Blacklight and Warframe are high quality and the share function is really good (I never thought I'd use it as much as I am!). At the end of the day though, it's up to you whether you wait or get one straight away!
  14. This is the main reason PS+ is a requirement for online play now. They need to make money somewhere on the consoles.
  15. How can you say this without owning a PS4? I own a PS4 and a PS3 and I definitely wouldn't say it's PS3 8.0. The improvements to PSN are drastic, first and foremost being the download and install times. The UI has been redone with the crappy XMB gone and replaced with a smooth, easy to navigate UI that's simple. Seriously people who have no idea what they are talking about should keep quiet because you will send out the wrong information to people. If you don't own the console, don't comment on it.