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    Gaming, Sword Practice, Reading good books, Watching Documentaries, Ancient History, drinking coffee, fiddling with cards/dice/whatever is on hand while idle, the undead (more of a fascination really) and reading up on things I don't understand well.
  1. HO Jesus that was close.
  2. Marauder IIC Pain Train!
  3. Still made it happen.
  4. I'M ALIVE! (Roughly 25% left)
  5. I was there also. Was rather annoying.
  6. Greetings from the North West. I've watched the show for a bit, but didn't actually know this was a thing until earlier today. So, I decided to sign up. I've gotten back into some older games like Warcraft III and Baldur's Gate, but I also play a lot of Warframe and Darkest Dungeon. I'm a hopeful recruit with a darker sense of humor and hoping to be a good addition to the community.
  7. I'm down for this, especially on friday the 13 of all dates.