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  1. Will try to keep this short as on a very low battery tablet! Am curious as to whether anyone here has ever come across gaming glasses before. I often spend more than half a given day staring at screens for work and play and I just became curious today as to whether something existed to make this less stressful (and potentially damaging) on my eyes. Turns out yes there is! Gaming glasses! Apparently they help cut the 'blue light' from tvs, monitors, phones and all sorts. I found two companies in particular which I've linked below and am interested to know if anyone has come across these before. If they actually do what they say they do I'd certainly consider buying a pair so check out these websites and see what you think and please share any opinions or experiences you may have! NoScope https://www.noscopeglasses.com Gunnar Optiks http://www.gunnar-optiks.eu
  2. Hi folks, am still finding my feet here and browsing through the various forums looking for mention of games I enjoy/enjoyed and was reminded of this franchise. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War. These are probably anywhere up to 10 years old now (11 apparently!) but I really enjoyed them as a good take on a recognisable license. Of course they're base building games first and foremost but it always feels good to roll out dreadnoughts and summon Daemons and such so it still feels like a real battle, particularly in the middle of each encounter. One of the best parts of the first iteration of Dawn of War (1, Dark Crusade, Winter Assault, Soulstorm) was the campaign map which retained a decent tactical overlay to the individual missions. Now I have no idea how this worked in multiplayer as I only ever played a few skirmishes with a friend of mine where we either walked all over the computer AI or got hammered in minutes. Never quite found the balance! If anyone else out there has these games and fancies revisiting them though I'd love to get back into them (assuming servers still exist that is...) Give me a shout if you want to give it a try or just to voice your opinions on these games. [i have DoW2 as well which was another great (albeit very different) game. Not sure if there was multiplayer due to the nature of the game but probably?!]
  3. Not sure if there's a better place I could've posted this so apologies if there is and of course feel free to move it! The topic at hand here is of course what everyone thinks of the Assassin's Creed franchise right now. Has Ubisoft learnt their lesson after releasing a pisspoor example in Unity? Or will they keep licking their investors boots and shooting off multiple titles every year regardless of how crap they are? Is this the beginning of a developmental enlightenment for their studios or is it the beginning of the inevitable downfall of one of their most well known and profitable series? I actually came to this franchise through an old girlfriend of mine who pulled the whole 'I'm a gamer like you' thing. Turned out to be a complete lie and was fairly transparent from the get go but then so was she I guess Anyway, I tried AC and loved it. Then moved onto the Ezio trilogy which was AMAZING! I didn't play AC3 for a long time because of all the hate it got and after I finally did I found myself to have a great many issues with it but they were all to do with the characters and storyline (yes I'll help you defeat the English who are murdering my people and raise an American flag in their forts for some reason...) I never had any issues with controls, gameplay, bugs or any of the really nasty bits. I was always going to pre-order AC4 because I lurve pirates and I still enjoyed the AC franchise so why the hell not eh? It was a great game the whole way through with a similar level of quality and improvements across the board. Then we got Unity... Even after several delays it was clearly rushed out the door and they were co-developing Rogue at the same time (which released to applause I believe didn't it?) Everything they did and every statement they made clearly showed how much more interested they were in pleasing their investors than the gamers who would actually play this game. If the initial release wasn't bad enough, the patches just compounded the issue as it seemed they had no idea what they were doing. Every time they fixed one thing they broke two others nd for the life of me I can't figure out what happened after patch 4 went live. IT's as if the entire community just stopped caring... Why? Why does the fourth patch allow Ubisoft to somehow get off the hook when it still doesn't fix the piss poor quality of the game? The framerate is still awful which is a real killer in a stealth/parkour/combat title. Timing is crucial for all these things and laggy stuttery visuals do nothing to help this game out. I still haven't even bothered attempting the co-op parts of this game as I imagine they'll be awful but I will one day. I think the biggest issue with this whole debacle is actually much larger than Assassin's Creed or Ubisoft as it reflects on the whole gaming industry as a whole. How many times in the last year or so have we been promised these amazing games which simply fail to deliver? Watch_Dogs, Unity, Aliens:CM... Can we return them to the shop? Can we get our money back? Can we get our TIME back? Do the devs and studios even really care enough to apologise? I mean GENUINELY apologise? No, they just blame everybody else and pretend it never happened. And we, the gamers, just let them do it. If this was ANY other industry, these people would be held accountable for their actions but because of what it is noone seems to care and they just get away with it over and over again. Pre-ordering these days is turning into a real Russian Roulette! I guess the last paragraph probably deserves a topic of it's own (and may well already have one!) but what about AC? We already know we're getting Victory next year and have they confirmed a second title like this year? I'm all for frequent releases but I'd much rather they spent 2 years making one truly remarkable game than one year making two mediocre ones. IT would've been very easy to make Unity an amazing experience but they blew it and I'm afraid this might just be the beginning of a new trend in Ubisoft HQ. What do you think?
  4. Seems like a pretty fair assessment. I'm not really a big fan of Edward though so I do have to disagree there. I found him to be really quite dull with no over-arcing story (except the 'I'm a pirate and will do as I please' one) He never seemed invested in anything and wasn't really an assassin (as demonstrated by his first mate leaving) so I always felt he was an odd choice of lead. I guess in the end it was more about playing a pirate than playing an assassin in Black Flag. A part of me does think they could have done just as well by dropping the AC title from the game and just flat out making a pirate game instead. Haven't had a good one for a while so would've still sold brilliantly and all the most well-received parts of BF were new introductions anyway (which fans were then upset to see missing from Unity) Just a thought.
  5. I've been running f.lux for a few days now and while I don't notice it much in the day time I certainly do at night when the natural light has gone. The contrast between my monitor screens and the relatively poorly lit room I'm in is far less severe than it was and it's helping an awful lot. I'm actually finding that now in the evenings I get physically tired rather than just having 'tired eyes'. Hopefully this will be a free solution to my issues, will update as necessary Thanks for the suggestion trooper, so far so good!
  6. Ooh does DragonQuest count? Number 8 I think. Borrowed it for the PS2 from my local library and quickly bought my own copy! Still not finished it though as I got stuck at a boring grinding point last year and haven't had the conviction to push through it... What about Phantasy Star? I'm pretty sure that's what it's called... That was a JRPG wasn't it? I used to see it all over the place but never played it. In fact, I think the first time I saw it was in the library when I rented DQVIII! Never played it thouigh so could be wrong
  7. It's probably pretty cheap now isn't it? It was a while ago I played no.2 but I thoroughly enjoyed the main game and I think the first expansion was good too. Always intended to get the other one too but never did for some reason. I'd suggest you keep an eye out for a 'special edition' or something with all games included. I bet it'll be almost the same price as just buying the main game separately! Funnily enough I haven't logged in for a while and seeing this topic again makes me realise I've found some DoW players but still not actually played DoW... Must go do so right now!
  8. Don't do it man, the PS4 will do nothing but get cheaper. In the meantime you can still have plenty of fun on the PS3 by playing all the games everyone else is selling for a dollar a piece Next gen is massively overrated and never worth the Day One price.
  9. I agree with everyone in this topic except chimtastic. Just because mods make Skyrim better, that doesn't mean the base game can't still be good. It was an excellent game in so many ways but I ran mine with plenty of mods for plenty of different things. One of these is the civil war mod that AS linked to as I think Aragorn is quite right about this practically invisible civil war. I mean seriously, by the time you've levelled up you don't even need to take sides, just kill them all and take Skyrim for yourself Good point, and good mod
  10. Looking good reptile! Were these made in creative? I like the exodus, is that a triangular solar panel??
  11. Yeah the first game is a nice blank canvas. Don't expect a whole lot of features (shops, interiors, NPCs etc) but also don't expect that to make it a less enjoyable game. I thought it was a solid start to the series so hopefully you'll enjoy it too. And when (if) you do decide to go onto AC2 you can expect a whole lot more content so let us know what you think
  12. How did he get so strong? Joe must've died sooo many times lol And how come he never took out the bodyguards to make it easier? Or tried to lead him away from the outposts to fight 1 on 1? Once he did that at the end it was easy. Could've probably saved a fair few deaths there
  13. Ha so true. I remember the Duke Nukem 3D demo that gave you a third of the game as well I think. Right up to the first big boss! We need more of that please
  14. Don't remember any glitches with the original or any of the Ezio trilogy. I'd highly recommend you try those, the Ezio ones being by far the strongest in the series (though in the same way that Morrowind is the best Elder scrolls if you played it BEFORE Skyrim so you may disagree as you've played Black Flag first but I digress!) AC3 was nothing remarkable and certainly not an improvement over Ezio's escapades so you aren't missing much there and Unity is fairly dull and still appallingly optimised but don't let that put you off the other excellent titles in the franchise. Have you played Freedoms Cry and Liberation? The former is a direct extension of the Black Flag scenario (though not really connected) and the latter lets you play an assassinette and both were short but very enjoyable experiences imo
  15. Hey Max welcome to the army I'm only a ferry away from you and by the sound of it we share a dislike for things of the undead variety so if you ever fancy a game with someone in your timezone you're most welcome to add me on steam! I just searched for your profile but got no results for some reason. Seems to happen a lot on these forums, people can't find me, I can't find them. Very wierd If you can find me though, we should totally go kill all sonsabitches someday ;D Edit : Found you, your Steam name is actually Z0MB13K1LL3R but I see you already edited it and added me as a friend so this is a redundant edit XD
  16. True, I hadn't even considered piracy as a cause of this delay but it does make sense. Not that it makes us forgive them of course. I think Laserrifle is quite right that there are much better ways to stop piracy than forcing multiple DRM on us (which is not an issue for experienced pirates anyway!) Didn't warcraft 2 do something funny with sheep in pirated copies or something? I know it was one of the RTS from that sort of era... Simply hardcoding something funny and gamebreaking into the code would take a lot more beating (and hopefully be impossible) HOWEVER, I think a big problem with PC gaming in the last decade is the total disappearance of demo software... Now we have to watch devs playing early access or E3 when we decide to buy these new games and those are usually quite different to what we end up getting (and significantly better in recent years!) Otherwise we wait until after the release to see what other people think but we have NO options to allow us to try a game these days so no way to know if we'll enjoy it enough to warrant dropping $60 on release day... I assume we don't discuss piracy here but I happen to know someone who treats TPB like a demo repository. Try before you buy. Just, it's a little less official than actual demos. We don't get those anymore though. Of course the reason we don't get demos anymore is because games are being released earlier and earlier in development. Thanks to Steam greenlight and open Betas these companies don't even need to finish their games to make money anymore. There's a whole lot of shit wrong with pc games development right now...
  17. A pc convert, good man lol Welcome to the world of moddable, upgradable gaming fun You sound like a busy guy, respect to you. Too many lazy gamers these days ;D
  18. Hi Jens, nice to have you I have a friend who wants me to get DayZ but I'm skint right now so I guess I'll have to wait a while before we can game together! Do you have any other co-op/mp games on your steam?
  19. How can you possibly consider AC4 one of the best AC games ever if it's the only one you've ever played? If you have only played one of the titles then you're clearly not in a position to compare it to the other titles! And why do you think Unity is not worth it? What's the basis for that claim? I can't stand it when uninformed gamers hate on games they've never played...
  20. Hi Gert, fellow European here what sort of stuff do you have on steam? Play much co-op or multiplayer? Try to add your steam name to your profile when you can and welcome to the forums
  21. I actually quite liked the larger story arc in the present day but it's never been done particularly well which is certainly part of the problem. The whole Templar vs Assassins has always seemed a bit hazy to me, despite the fact that abstergo and the templars are clearly meant to be the 'bad guys'. The games frequently feel like the people you're assassinating aren't actually doing that much harm. Hell, in the original it turns out we're basically working for a badguy the whole time but since he isn't labelled as a templar we don't seem to feel bad about the people we murdered for him... Unity was a horrible title for any gamers with a conscience as Arno was a wreckless and incredibly unlikable character. Right from the first scene as a child he's unable to obey his father and 'sit in that chaor for ten minutes'. Later his inability to deliver a letter gets his adoptive father murdered and essentially brings war to the whole city (possibly even causing the revolution itself though I didn't really understand the events in unity anyway...) As the game goes on Arno is banished from the order for being a dick and as far as I can tell repeatedly murdering people who were sympathetic to him, his father and the greater goal of peace between the orders. He always shoots first and asks questions later, he's no less of a villain than any one of his targets... They really need to get their shit together if they insist on continuing this franchise. New writers would be good too. Giving more of a shit about the gamers than the dickhead shareholders...
  22. I've built my last few computers myself and I found it easy as well as enjoyable so I'd recommend that. Packages are neither as cheap or flexible as something you can put together yourself. It seems you'll have no trouble finding advice here either, or just google if you can't wait for a response I'm probably due an upgrade or two myself by now (the joy of desktop gaming!) so I'm a little out of touch with current hardware but I'd definitely suggest going down the self-build route. Other advice would be to get plenty of cooling and a PSU that will last you a long time. My current one could run twice what's currently attached to it but that was kind of the point. Try to find a quiet one too, fan noise is one of the worst things we have to suffer as pc gamers Also, consider a motherboard that will accomodate 2 GPUs at a later date. It tends to be cheaper to buy a top of the range card right away and then get another one a year or two later when the price has gone down rather than constantly trying to upgrade to a single top-of-the-line card.
  23. What was the one called with the Espers? A google suggests it's FF6 (the epic one with Kefka, one of the best) I played this maaaaany years ago on an emulator so I'm not sure if this is the one I'm thinking of or not. Did you get Esper stones or something? I remember they were items that you equipped to each character and as they gained exp. they would also learn the spells (summons?) of the attached esper. MY firend and I spent forever on our respective games grinding away to create a team of fully powered legends! Other notable titles I remember include Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun so I guess I enjoyed them too given I remember the names. However I remember nothing about them at all so they can't have been that amazing I guess... I had a hard time accepting the change to 3D in Final Fantasy, felt like the end of an era to me so haven't played the later ones really...
  24. Are you a farcry fan? It's obviously a far cry from Skyrim (sorry!) but I really enjoyed 2,3,4 very much and it has a lot of the open world feel that Elder Scroll games have. Also, how into beautiful modern graphics are you? If you can concentrate on substance over window dressing I would strongly suggest you go further back than oblivion and play Morrowind first (TES3) It hasn't aged that badly and is a really incredible game with some great quests and storylines.
  25. Nope, it'll be the same game so it would be the same review. Besides the original review was great and everything that was true then is still true now. Just because Rockstar has finally decided to give us a pc release (something that was ALWAYS going to happen eventually) doesn't mean they care about pc gamers. It just means they've finally stopped making money off the console releases so now they're going to cash in on a port. I'm very excited to finally get a chance to play GTAV but if rockstar really cared they woukd've released the pc version along with the console on day one. The gap between the console and pc releases is getting longer and longer for a reason known only to rockstar at this point. We're likely to see no.6 about the same time as 7 releases to consoles if this trend continues...