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  1. RTSfan16 liked a post in a topic by Munty in Anyone still play Dawn of War?   
    Hi folks, am still finding my feet here and browsing through the various forums looking for mention of games I enjoy/enjoyed and was reminded of this franchise. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War.
    These are probably anywhere up to 10 years old now (11 apparently!) but I really enjoyed them as a good take on a recognisable license. Of course they're base building games first and foremost but it always feels good to roll out dreadnoughts and summon Daemons and such so it still feels like a real battle, particularly in the middle of each encounter.
    One of the best parts of the first iteration of Dawn of War (1, Dark Crusade, Winter Assault, Soulstorm) was the campaign map which retained a decent tactical overlay to the individual missions.
    Now I have no idea how this worked in multiplayer as I only ever played a few skirmishes with a friend of mine where we either walked all over the computer AI or got hammered in minutes. Never quite found the balance! If anyone else out there has these games and fancies revisiting them though I'd love to get back into them (assuming servers still exist that is...) Give me a shout if you want to give it a try or just to voice your opinions on these games.
    [i have DoW2 as well which was another great (albeit very different) game. Not sure if there was multiplayer due to the nature of the game but probably?!]
  2. Neon Gopher liked a post in a topic by Munty in Best JRPG   
    What was the one called with the Espers? A google suggests it's FF6 (the epic one with Kefka, one of the best) I played this maaaaany years ago on an emulator so I'm not sure if this is the one I'm thinking of or not. Did you get Esper stones or something? I remember they were items that you equipped to each character and as they gained exp. they would also learn the spells (summons?) of the attached esper. MY firend and I spent forever on our respective games grinding away to create a team of fully powered legends! 
    Other notable titles I remember include Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun so I guess I enjoyed them too given I remember the names. However I remember nothing about them at all so they can't have been that amazing I guess... I had a hard time accepting the change to 3D in Final Fantasy, felt like the end of an era to me so haven't played the later ones really... 
  3. Trooper liked a post in a topic by Munty in Gaming Glasses - any good?   
    I've been running f.lux for a few days now and while I don't notice it much in the day time I certainly do at night when the natural light has gone. The contrast between my monitor screens and the relatively poorly lit room I'm in is far less severe than it was and it's helping an awful lot. I'm actually finding that now in the evenings I get physically tired rather than just having 'tired eyes'.
    Hopefully this will be a free solution to my issues, will update as necessary Thanks for the suggestion trooper, so far so good!
  4. Munty liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Elder Scrolls Series   
    Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are all great! Start with Morrowind if you don't mind outdated graphics and then with Oblivion and then Skyrim but it doesn't  really make much of a difference since the time skips are pretty big but if you like to play in order, that's how you should do it then.
  5. Munty liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in My biggest problem with Skyrim   
    With mods, the game is what it should have been since many mods added something other games like Skyrim have/have not and made it 20x better. Also mods which fixed 100s of bugs that Bethesda failed too.
    The default game is great but with mods it's majestic.
  6. Munty liked a post in a topic by Aragorn195 in My biggest problem with Skyrim   
    Light up your torches, sharpen your pitchforks, because I am gonna complain about something in Skyrim.
    Okay, now with the little fun intro thing out of the way, lets get down to business. Skyrim, I'll start out with saying that I dont hate it I do like it, its just... the most fun I had in the game was attacking/defending Whiterun. Its the civil war quest line that interest me most. But its so one-sided. You take/hold Whiterun and then you take a few forts before you take Solitude/Windhelm. The End. And yes, I know you got the blackmail and messanger things aswell, but they are minor things.
    I want more out of it. They could've added a strategic element to it. Where to attack, where to focus on defence. Having to defend forts. Just taken a fort and preparing to take another? Oh dear, it seems like your new won prize is under attack. There could've been a tug of war, 2 forts were attacked at the same time, gotta decide which one is worth the most to save. Maybe even resources, gold from gold mines. Ores and ingots for crafting from other mines. Upgrade your troops with better equipments.
    And the biggest annoyance I have is, it the FIRST thing introduced to us in the game. "Ulfric Stormcloak? You're the leader of the Rebellion" "General Tulius, the military governor". These are the first characters to be introduced to us. They are the biggest characters in the Civil War. They are introduced BEFORE the dragon is. One of the first quests you get when getting out of Helgen is to join the Stormcloaks/Legion. Wasnt the Civil War supposed to be visible in Skyrim. Unless you follow the quest line, all you'll see is patrols or prisoner escorts.
    And dont get me wrong, I like the main quest line, its just I like taking the forts and fighting other people in a war more than I like hacking away at the feet/wing/tail/head of a dragon with it not even reacting to it.
    Now that I've said what I had to say I'll just step in this shower for some tar and feather. I started on a joke, I'll end it on a joke.
  7. Z0MB13K1LL3R liked a post in a topic by Munty in Hello All!   
    Hey Max welcome to the army I'm only a ferry away from you and by the sound of it we share a dislike for things of the undead variety so if you ever fancy a game with someone in your timezone you're most welcome to add me on steam! I just searched for your profile but got no results for some reason. Seems to happen a lot on these forums, people can't find me, I can't find them. Very wierd If you can find me though, we should totally go kill all sonsabitches someday ;D
    Edit : Found you, your Steam name is actually Z0MB13K1LL3R but I see you already edited it and added me as a friend so this is a redundant edit XD
  8. Lhouraii liked a post in a topic by Munty in Going through withdrawal...   
    Are you a farcry fan? It's obviously a far cry from Skyrim (sorry!) but I really enjoyed 2,3,4 very much and it has a lot of the open world feel that Elder Scroll games have.
    Also, how into beautiful modern graphics are you? If you can concentrate on substance over window dressing I would strongly suggest you go further back than oblivion and play Morrowind first (TES3) It hasn't aged that badly and is a really incredible game with some great quests and storylines.
  9. Munty liked a post in a topic by Rocharules in Assassin's Creed - General consensus? (post unity!)   
    To me I used to adore the Assassins Creed franchise. The first one in my eyes had so much potential what the story was trying to do, then Assassins Creed 2 was the peak! Assassins Creed 2 was so fun, i enjoyed the characters and it improved on so much on what the first game failed to do. BrotherHood was good and Revelations had a nice finish to it. But now here is when I started getting mad with the series. 
    Assassins Creed 3, seriously, what the hell happened, story was disappointing, characters were non interesting and annoying (DESMOND SERIOUSLY QUIT YOUR BITCHING! AND CONNER HAVE SOME EMOTION!) I saw the decline coming. I started getting bored with the missions and i thought the ending would make the game worth it, but no, the game was a big disappointment for me. I played Black Flag and i like that they introduced new gameplay with the ship battles and such but the characters and the story was lazy once again. I knew that this game wasn't going to be good, I knew time would get to the franchise and it did. I played Unity at my friends house, it was nothing but dull, boring, and unbearable. I wish they would take time off these games but the series has ran it's course. It's time to hang up the towel. I just don't care for it anymore 
  10. Munty liked a post in a topic by Draconic25 in We can finally breath friends   
    Munty is in no way trying to drive people away from the server. I made a personal choice of my own accord to relocate to a singleplayer world that BloodMoon and Munty could join if they like. I understand that the owner of the server [whoever that is] has made restrictions like no creative/no password/etc. Munty is NOT trying to sabotage the server, and he isn't the one that told me to not play on it. It's just that my own singleplayer world is a better experience than the server, and if a whole two people made a choice to play in my world rather than on the server I see no problem with it.
  11. Munty liked a post in a topic by Tmacster1 in We can finally breath friends   
    At least the server is up and running again. 
    As for this situation here I believe all members of this community have the right to bring up problems with any AJSA server in a respectful manner. Also they should be given a reasonable time frame when the server will be up or if there will be any delays getting the server up. But, yea to continue on about the server being down or trying to push people off a server isn't right. At least everything is up and running for you guys and hopefully I can buy this game soon. 
  12. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Munty in If Samsung were to buy out AMD - your thoughts?   
    I've been running AMD GPUs for at least my last two complete overhauls so that's probably a good 6-7 years by now. I've never had a problem with the cards but I'll be damned if I understand how to clock the things using the CCC or whatever other program is needed. Figured it's probably best to leave it alone and just drop in a second card when they're cheaper! The BIG problem I have being an AMD gamer is that Nvidia seems to be actively sabotaging games in development so they run distinctly better on their own architecture and practically fail completely on AMD. If you're a pc gamer you'll probably know what I mean, it's been a growing controversy throught the end of 2014! Can't remember what the big title was that did this but it's possible it was AC:Unity which was one of the biggest releases (and disappointments) of the year. Whether or not I'm thinking of the right game, they always go out on release day with boatloads of errors on AMD chips due to the way Nvidia ties the developers to their software and development kis while not allowing AMD to have any say on the integral coding of these games. It's always going to end badly for AMD on such an eneven playing field. Samsung buying out MD MIGHT be a good thing but the problem is more political than financial in the NVidia seem to have a disproportionate say in the development process right now.
    This is NOT a fanboy rant by the way, I have no massive love of AMD or overriding hatred of NVidia, I'm just comfortable with what I know and recent Radeon cards have been better suited to my machine and wallet lately
  13. Munty liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in We can finally breath friends   
    I have been waiting for this since the start of space engineers


  14. ViralBunny liked a post in a topic by Munty in Warhammer 40k Space hulk : DEATHWING   
    Also a shame that FPS doesn't suit Space Hulk. At all... Space Hulk was always a very slow, tactical game and FPS are anything but that. Multiplayer in my opinion would only serve to ruin it further. Of course that's not to say it can't be a great game, but it isn't really Space Hulk. A different name would work much better... It's like how XCom declassified (The Bureau) wasn't really XCom... Devs need to start thinking about the source material a bit more before they start messing around with them. Maybe if the process began with an original idea rather than bastardising pre-existing, well known names we wouldn't keep seeing such daft moves...
    On a positive note, did anyone play the (fairly) recent Space Hulk? THAT was a good Space Hulk game, just like playing the boardgame but with less tidying up and better looking miniatures
    Also, for what it's worth, it'll still be really great to see hi-def Genestealers and such, I just have a stick up my ass when it comes to naming conventions I guess
  15. KianThePersian liked a post in a topic by Munty in Anyone still play Dawn of War?   
    Yay!!! Would love to but can't find you on Steam! None of the IDs in your info seem to exist although there ARE two Clonetrooper501s on there, neither of them look like they're you (and I'm aware that that isn't what you list your steam ID as anyway!) Might want to check your info and try adding me if you can find me. My profile pic is the same as the one I'm using here to make things easier! We can definitely have a game of this! I'm excited  
  16. KianThePersian liked a post in a topic by Munty in Warhammer 40000 DoW series for the AJSA   
    So good to see all this DoW stuff happening just after I asked about it myself! Looks like I might have ample opportunities to get some 40k gaming in sometime soon
  17. Sonorrow liked a post in a topic by Munty in Sonorrow ready for orders   
    Hi Sonorrow welcome to the party Are you a pc gamer? You should try adding your gaming credentials when you get a sec like your steam name and such. I hope I've already done that for myself or anyone reading this is going to laugh What other RTS games do you have? If we share any games maybe we could blow some stuff up together sometime