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  1. The link to the new stream team news article! http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/home/articles/frontpage/stream-team-news-2-r830/
  2. Blur, we'll be discussing that at our next stream team meeting.
  3. Stream Team News #2

    Hello there, once again! Brandykins here, AJSA member and Stream Team Captain, the mouthpiece for all the news that is stream-team related. Thank you to everyone who came out for our first big stream team event, the AJSA Jackbox Games night! In spite of the technical issues, things went off without a hitch, and we are glad you all enjoyed yourselves. On Monday, April 17th, at 9:30PM Eastern/8:30PM Central, Tons0Fun and other members of the AJSA stream team will be playing a game called Deep Rock Galactic. What is Deep Rock Galactic, you may be wondering? According to their website: “Deep Rock Galactic is a procedurally generated first person co-op shooter for up to 4 players, developed in Unreal Engine 4. As a team of veteran dwarven space miners, you must go on missions for your corporate overlords and venture into the deepest, most dangerous cave systems of the most hostile planet ever discovered. Experience teamwork as you’ve never experienced it in a co-op game before. Complete missions and gather ever more riches. Expand your roster of class-based skills, unlock new gear and weapons, and take on the worst monsters the galaxy has to offer.” This game will be available on Steam later this year as an early access title, so if you want to get a sneak peek at this game, be sure to tune in to http://www.twitch.tv/the_tons0fun on Monday at 9:30PM Eastern/8:30PM Central! Also, our dear Jaysons_Rage will be doing a birthday stream on May 5th on the AJSA Gaming Channel! And--what a coincidence--it is also the release date of Prey, which he will be streaming! Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday on that day and show him your support by watching his stream on that day at http://www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming Again, if you have clips that you’ve clipped from your favorite stream team members’ streams, get with Jaysons_Rage, the main video man of the AJSA. We want to put together compilation videos of these clips so you all can see our best, and most embarrassing moments. See everyone, again, in two weeks!
  4. Are you talking about when a streamer chooses to stream on the AJSA Gaming Channel, Wade? If so, that is a good idea. I have members from the stream team sign up for a day and since it's done in advance that would definitely give me time to do an article. And Blurmania 53, thank you for your patience on the matter of stream team apps. Our next meeting is going to involve some discussion about the process and how we want to go forward with it, so no new news involving that as of yet (our next meeting is April 29th).
  5. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/home/articles/frontpage/introducing-ajsa-stream-team-news-r821/ I will be posting a biweekly article for the AJSA to keep in the know about Stream Team events/Stream Team news. Here is the link to the first ever Stream Team News article!
  6. Introducing AJSA Stream Team News!

    Hello there! It is your friendly neighborhood Brandykins, AJSA member and Stream Team Captain, the mouthpiece for all the news that is stream-team related. We had our first meeting on March 25th, and we are excited to share all of what we have planned and coming up for the month of April! First off, our first BIG team event will be a Jackbox Games night on April 8th, starting at 5PM Eastern/4PM Central. The AJSA stream team will have a battle of the wits and see who will come out on top in various Jackbox games from the infamous Party Packs. AJSA can participate as well, in the audience! So bring yourselves, bring your computers/tablets/mobile devices, and be prepared for a few hours of fun! Also, the AJSA Gaming Channel will feature a streamer from the AJSA stream team once a month. What does this mean? Well, each AJSA stream team member will sign up for a slot, and they will do their stream on the AJSA gaming channel. This way, you can get to know all of the stream team a little better. Future things that we have planned involve an AJSA Stream Team Rocket League Tournament, where stream team’s communities will go head to head for glory and bragging rights, as well as a possible League of Legends tournament! One last note for you AJSAers: if you have clips that you’ve clipped from your favorite stream team members’ streams, get with Jaysons_Rage, the main video man of the AJSA. We want to put together compilation videos of these clips so you all can see our best, and most embarrassing moments. See you all in two weeks with more Stream Team news!
  7. Speaking from the position of the new Stream Team Captain (itsa me! ): Haven't nailed down all the logistics of things yet, but once those get straightened out, then I will let you know when recruitment opens up again!
  8. Do you stream off of wireless internet? I had huge problems with that in the past when I tried to stream using wireless internet.
  9. Yep, I do the polls asking what viewers want to play with me every Monday, and sometimes I do the "choose my decisions". I should do that a little more often.
  10. Hi there! I've been streaming for about a year and a half, and have an awesome community. We do Multiplayer Monday every Monday, where I play games with my viewers and followers. I also have playthrough weeks, where I play single player games. For example, I'm currently playing through Mass Effect 3. What I am looking for are ways to get my community involved whenever I am playing a single player game (voting on major decisions, etc.). I was wondering what my fellow Twitch streamers do when it comes to getting their communities involved during single player games. Thank you!
  11. I would be interested in playing this with other members of the AJSA. I'm streaming/playing this game an hour during every stream in May!
  12. Hi Maghorn! As far as OBS set up, I used this guide and a few Youtube tutorials to help me out: http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1262922-open-broadcaster-software When it comes to general streaming tips, our forum has a few guides on that: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/160-tips-guides/ I can answer questions if needed, as long as they're super specific. My brain doesn't want to work for me lately.
  13. Personally, I didn't even put up a donation button until I got a question about it in chat. But you just have to do what feels right for you.
  14. It comes with learning the game, I think, AJSA_Wa1ker. And having synergy with the team that you're on. Which is why I would highly recommend playing with friends.
  15. I am super-psyched for this game. I have been playing the open beta, and I have my complaints: certain characters, such as Phoebe, are WAY too OP. ISIC can get OP at times, but I'm going to play the devil's advocate here. Because I like playing as ISIC sooooo much. The respawn timers I think are also too long. 30 seconds? At the very least, cut it in half. Make it 15 seconds. Missions take 30 minutes if you're playing with 5 people. And there are NO MICROTRANSACTIONS. Which I love. You can purchase things like loot packs with in-game credits that you earn.