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  1. I hate you for that post. Why the hell would you spoil that?
  2. Really? I played it and appart from being a good game it was perfectly fine. What problems did you have?
  3. So I wanted to see which choices did everyone make in the game, since we had a huge discussion with friends about the final choice in the end. (making Clem shoot Lee or make her run away). I personally made her run away. Because in my opinion, throughout the whole game I was trying to keep her safe and not destroy her completely as a child. She was literally the only pure thing in the game so I didn't want to kill her innocence like that. I made her leave Lee. Also I chose to leave Lilly behind. But that was a rushed choice because I was pissed off. NO ONE KILLS CARLEY LIKE THAT. I shot Duck, I tried to revive Larry, I saved Ben when needed and generally I killed the less people possible. Also what did you chose in 400 days? I actually managed to take all the survivors to the camp. Anyway I loved this game and I can't wait for the second season and for the future projects of telltale.
  4. Hey guys I just got my hands on a steam key for this game. Anyone want it I am able to trade it with another steam game. Right now I am looking for Stanley Parable, Scribblenauts ultimate edition or unmasked, borderlands 2, audiosurf 2, Outlast, Back to the future, but I am open to other suggestions too. Anyone interested just post your offer! Cheers and Hail the Angry Army
  5. By broken I usually mean, full of problems. Like crashes, undeveloped gameplay, terrible framerate and being unable to launch is a criteria for me.
  6. And the game was given to this guy. *fireworks*
  7. I like fallout 3 too. On pc though it didn't have any problem at all. Appart that it made a profile offline and a profile online and when I was playing I had a 50-50 chance for it to load one of them.
  8. So I keep having trouble with games and I wanted to see if others have similar issues too. So what are the most broken games you've ever played? Mine are: Anna, Lucius and unfortunately Skyrim. The third one breaks my heart cause I love it.
  9. Hello there angry army. So I bought a small bundle from indiegala and kept 2 of the 3 games I wanted. And now I have this, but I don't feel good selling it, cause I bought it really cheap. So I'll give it away to the first person who posts and actually wants the game. Cheers!
  10. And that's exactly how I'd like it to be! Possibly sounds jerky-ish but yeah, who wouldn't want that?
  11. 1. Boogie2988 2. TotalBiscuit 3. AngryJoeShow 4. PressheartToContinue 5. Machinima (I know they are not good at game criticism but they make a lot of funny stuff)
  12. The last of us The wolf Among us Saints Row IV (though it's quite broken) Rayman Legends The walking dead 500 days I haven't played anything else that I like from this year
  13. I'd go to an island. somehow. It would be the best choice. Generally wilderness is the best deal. You hunt for food, water is there and you're far from cities.
  14. Battlefield 4. IT WAS AWESOME
  15. The last of Us Skyrim Brutal Legend