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    State of Qatar - Doha
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    Helping the show to be a magnificent show ever
    Hobbies: falconry hunting . horse riding . Psn . One piece .
  1. Don't forget dbz exonverse
  2. Will I tried it I didn't like more than dragon dogma because every boss battles it's so much epic
  3. And there is a missing 300 to
  4. Nah I don't want anything I just want to help man
  5. Will just I said Joe deserve the support hhhh
  6. Will there an events here and this a gaming community as shagger said but myself I focus in dbz exonverse
  7. Joe deserve support for his hard work and I will be happy to support him
  8. Yeah I know what u r saying and I said my opinion hhhh
  9. Both of them r good but The release in capcom is different than ninja theory It's like a challenge between capcom and ninja theory It's said capcom r gonna release devil may cry 4 special edition and soon they gonna release devil may cry 5 Ninja theory said they have a different story for Dante and still we don't know what they gonna do about him in the future after he discovered his new inner devil. So As we saw its like we gonna wait who's gonna be better capcom or ninja theory??
  10. PS4 PS3 Arcade games and RBG PSN: shadow-power
  11. I'm the same to and I'm hoping for a satisfied story fixing too
  12. Joe deserves more than that
  13. Hi everyone I would like to discuss about DMC and how ninja theory will change the history of devil may cry and as I saw a topic before for devil may cry : 1- the story's that released from capcom its self are gonna release a new devil may cry 5 as Nero. 2- ninja theory said DMC story's r different than devil may cry it's self and they said are gonna change the history of devil may cry of what Dante is actually is and what gonna do about his childhood and his new power as half demon and half angel . Do you think the story's between those two companies are in challenge in the future?
  14. Hi everyone I'm newbie here in AJSA I would like to introduce myself here I'm shadow-power and I'm from Qatar and I would like to support angry Joe show in anyways and I would like to let him reach to an official game reviewer
  15. But I know joe deserve more than that for his hard work and I will help him to become an official game reviewer