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  1. Invite megastorm
  2. If you guys are still around, I wouldn't mind joining. Send me a message. IGN: Riknav or Ibeji
  3. I have 7 years of wow under my belt. I can't even imagine how many hours though. My next biggest, but not even close, would be warframe with about 2k hours. Edited: I know I have sunk a lot of hours into Unreal Championship for the original xbox, GTA Online, Rift, Star Wars TOR, Marvel Heroes, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, Battlefield 2 and BC2, DCUO, and midnight club 3 dub edition.
  4. Would you think about having an alliance? I would like to join but I put a lot of resources into my dojo to just give it up.
  5. Hello, I use to be apart of this guild. Currently I am on gates of madness. I am willing to transfer for wvwvw stuff. My acount name is mega.7816.
  6. Hello, I actually like the game. The improvements they made since beta are a welcome treat. The most gamebreaking problem I had with the game is either I was getting 5 fps for like 20 seconds every other minute. Or the game would just crash, constantly. I crashed about 4-6 times an hour. Now the game is great. There is definitely room for improvement. But the game is running better. Their are more than enough characters to enjoy. Lots of events that constantly goes on. And many updates and changes to bring characters new quality of life tweaks. Also the community is not bad, as it could be much worse. The devs play with the players every now and again. And the ability to play on the test server to test content before its released. MH's has shaped up to be a pretty good game, if you are into arpgs.