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    Gaming of course. Old school RPG's like Baldur's Gate are my favorite other than that sports, chess, life.
  1. Sorry guys the Lawyer moved up our appointment so I wont be making it. I'll try and play some ranked this weekend to make up for it. Again sorry team.
  2. Hey to the NA team leaders here. This Wed I'll only have time for one game or so due to meeting with a lawyer about the house I'm buying. Also next Wed I'll be in Iowa on a work trip. If we could move practice to next Mon I wouldn't have anything interfering.
  3. I like the Arcon Thantos, Bloodfire Hades, and Convention 2012
  4. For those of you awesome enough to remember the old Baldur's Gate Games. It's done by the people who made that. It's fantastic, and probably harder than Dark Souls.
  5. I liked fallout 3 more, but New Vegas was more technically sound
  6. yea that was some bad matchmaking
  7. If you like ranked play one v one joust and you don't have to worry about it lol. I don't play ranked conquest for that reason.
  8. Man this game is getting hammered. It's sad to see really. I'm not sure if it will be declared Ryse Son of Rome bad, but it's not good. Right now it's at a 65 Meta rating and Ryse is at a 61
  9. Hades is weird because he's listed as a guardian, but he's more of a mage. http://tiermonster.com/god/14/hades These are the top pro builds for him. Late game he can get wrecked because he's fairly easy to kill near the end of the game.
  10. Try out different characters. See which ones you like
  11. I think labels are dumb. Considering that the only two reasons people seem to use them is to A. Market to them more. Or B. To be used as some fake status symbol garbage that they use to degrade another gamer.
  12. Nah not really. I didn't love it as much as everyone else.
  13. What time Sat I would be free for some of it.
  14. The only time I could do it Friday would be on 6pmest or sun 430pm eat.
  15. Just other plater I guess.