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  1. Ive really enhoyed it its a far along alpha? beta? i cant remember obviously has its buggs but they very few, needs polish (hitboxes are off sometimes) but has the potential to be awesome. Have already had major siege battles and some pretty big wars (mostly while drunk) but gawd damn was good times. My boysd and myself started our own server because we kept coming across terrible admins who would admin exploit to gain the upper hand (meaning spawning in gear/items). Think minecraft/chiv you you enjoyed both you will have a blast in this game just need to find the right group of people. If anyone is interested and AJSA doesnt have their own server you are all welcome to join us. We havnt populated it yet so most of the land is up for claim. its a semi RP server (game is really fun from a RP perspective and this is from someone who doesnt do it often) search Cooks server is "too many cooks RP"
  2. see you in beta bud
  3. good idea, have had trouble finding poeple to play with for that. -North Amercia JTF #1847 I have i think 3 more keys for anyone who wants em just contact me.