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  1. SpikyHairedDude liked a post in a topic by RuneX in UK Xbox one Events?   
    We have a Game Sergeant, Awakeningrager1 (Blurmania 53 on the forums), who has recently been promoted to help out with not only Halo: MCC efforts but also help coordinating EU events in the future. ShaggerAJSA also helps out with EU issues as well.
    At the moment the Halo events have been slightly altered to start earlier than most of our regular events. We've seen an uptick in non-NA participation but we understand not every non-NA member has Halo.
    My suggestion would be to coordinate with Awakeningrager. Do I think we should have EU/UK friendly event times in the future? Yes. How we can make it a reality is another issue. I'll like to see it come about one day.
  2. RuneX liked a post in a topic by SpikyHairedDude in Xbox One AJSA Mailing List Sign Up Thread   
    SpikyHairedDude  SpikyHairedDude