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    Gaming, Archery, Drawing, Biking, Marksmanship, anything with a blade.
  1. What are these channels that have an EXP tag next to the enter button?
  2. I'm coming back to the game, and everything is reset so what server are we on?
  3. Could I get an invite, thanks.
  4. Ok I'm in and char name is KriegKrahe, with family name Reclusiarch
  5. I am finally able to get back into Skyforge, and I noticed when coming to check the forums about goings on that the forum page is gone....... So has it been dropped?
  6. First is my Necro, and second is my Warrior..... who has duel swords for some reason. And by the way the advanced uploader doesn't work, it just gives error406.
  7. Odd I accepted but nothing happened and after I left the hall i could not get back in. Could I get another one?
  8. Had to stop playing for a while but I'm rearing to start back up and would love to join. Eateroftheworld.1498
  9. Nidhoggr Malicetaker
  10. Ok I deleted my old char and moved to NS. Eateroftheworld.1498