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  1. I never felt emotionally invested in MGSV, it simply didn't grab me like the Witcher did at times, especially with the bloody baron. Witcher was just such a shining example of how adult and mature gaming can be, which a lot of people really loved. Metal Gear is Metal Gear, its a bit too loony to grab me and emotionally invest me, especially with some of its bizarre justifications for things *cough* Quiet *Cough*. Not that is a bad thing for doing that, just there's a million examples of games that don't try to be adult with their stories and characters, so the rarity and how well Witcher pulls it off makes it that much more enjoyable for me.
  2. Considering Joe kind of did a video describing the M&B games this feels a bit redundant, but this goes into a bit more detail than his brief description. tl;dr: Medieval Lord simulator with dated graphics, give it a go if chivalry or total war is your sort of thing.
  3. I don't use it because A. I'm Australian so the amount of games being played where ping isn't an issue is miniscule, and B. because even then most games that can be played with high ping are rarely played with by others. Mind you B is a destructive cycle, no one goes on cuz no one is on cuz no one goes on. >.<
  4. The old battlefront didn't seem to be too innovative. I mean the newer one doesn't seem to be either, but hopefully we might get pleasantly surprised with it.
  5. Hey AJSA! I'm new to this video making thing, and I feel like I can improve soo much more than what I am doing currently. If you guys could give opinions on how I can improve my content that would be greatly appreciated
  6. Honestly the Witcher 3 would just about make this year better than last alone, I really can't name anything I loved off the top of my head that came out last year... maybe hearthstone but that barely counts
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent/ Anyone else thinking of Horse Armour for Oblivion when they see this? <.< Only valve could get away with "DLC" this bad
  8. So I'm new with this whole making videos thing, I have little experience and am really making baby steps at the moment, if anyone could offer some critique and insight into how I can improve that'd be great. Thanks in advance!
  9. Well, I wasn't going to get it but... some plucky modders have gotten GTAV to work with the Occulus Rift, so hell I'll spend another $80 just to make my purchase of an Occulus Valid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJI53DbFQ1Q
  10. I love any SW media that has the Imperials as the protagonists they are definitely more interesting/cool than the rebels/new republic, hope we see the good side of the empire in the new starwars film this year
  11. Im curious as to how they justify Jensen taking any action, as the governments are corrupt/controlled, he works for Sarif Industries which is a tech company and not a PMC, and these enemies he kills include police. Last game he it was justified in him tracking down the source behind his companies misfortune but that was resolved in the previous game, unless they are going to do the same shit again?
  12. Ohh I like the video, definitely informative and enjoyable to listen to quite like the format and quality, you might've earned yourself a subscriber good sir
  13. apparently nothing carries over from Deus Ex HR, all the endings are non canon. Source: http://au.ign.com/articles/2015/04/07/deus-ex-mankind-divided-leak-suggests-xbox-one-ps4-pc honestly I'm grateful for this, as those endings were atrociously bad, probably the weakest part of the game for me. "ohh hey we couldn't be assed making your choices during the game more meaningful so here, choose your own ending that you can just save-scum to watch all different versions of to ruin replayability/meaningfulness!"
  14. Soo iffy about this, the first stardrive was left unfinished with some features left blatantly unfinished in the release version. I was burnt once by the dev, I'd 100% encourage people to not jump on this game before a number of reviews comes out.